5+ Best Pressure Wet Sandblasting Kits – (Reviews 2024)

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Blast The Dust And Rust!

When some caked-on rust, layers of old paint, grease or dust appear on your car surfaces or the floors, and you seriously want to get rid of it. Then sandblasting with pressure is the best thing on earth you can do to make your surfaces look clean and fresh.

Sandblasting isn’t a costly affair, and this can make you save dollars. Easy cleaning chores can be handled by you if you choose the right type of pressure washer sandblasting kit. With the help of this kind of vapor blasting, you can save a lot of your time and effort by pressure washing.

The article covers everything from the best products to cleaning methodology, precautions, assembling the kit, and more. We have also focussed on the benefits of wet sandblasting as compared to the dry sandblasting.

Just get started with the best pressure washer and blast the dust and rust with ease and comfort.

Top Rated Wet Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

1. Tool Daily 5000 PSI Sandblasting Kit

For daily cleaning purposes if you want to perform the tasks with ease then the Tool Daily will provide you with utmost comfort.

This is a sandblaster which is suction-fed injection enabling you to have wonderful pressure washer cleaning. The sandblaster washer attachment is up to 2500 PSI when working with pressure and the temperature is up to 140°F/60℃.

If the pressure washer is higher than 2500 PSI then you should opt for the other product with a PSI of 5000.

The materials used to make this aren’t of very good quality, but can be used on a daily basis for routine cleaning. The product comes with attachments and such as a 10′ hose, 16″ pressure washer wand and 10″ sand wand with a permanent nozzle for output.

The sand wand is for sand input and constructed with sturdy plastic material with a design that doesn’t support any jamming and gives maximum cleaning. You can perform abrasive cleaning and this is great for removing paint, graffiti, rust, or grease. This can connect to any pressure washer connector of ¼ inch.

What we liked

  • Wet sand blaster for pressure washing.
  • The attachment is up to 2500 PSI.
  • Works perfectly for removing graffiti, paint, rust, baked on grease.
  • A long hose of 10 inches.
  • Protective eye glasses come with the product.

What we didn’t like

  • The sand wand is made of plastic.


The DUSICHIN is an affordable product and will suit your pocket. The sandblaster has a working pressure of 1000 to 2600 PSI and this comes with a brass nozzle tip of top quality.

The quick connectors are ¼ “and this establishes an easy connection with both gas and electric pressure washer for a good washing. Tapered plastic is used to make the sand wand and this work to prevent jamming while ensuring a good feed.

The length of the pressure washer wand is 17 inches and the sand wand is 7.2 inches in length. For best results you can use baking soda to remove any kind of rust, paint, or stubborn dirt. One issue attached to this is, the sandblaster may get worn out quickly. The customer support provided by the company is amazing and for any queries, you can always contact them.

What we liked

  • Working pressure is 1000 PSI to 2600 PSI.
  • The sand blaster is made of quality brass nozzle.
  • Quick connectors of ¼” also come with this.
  • An affordable product.
  • The pressure washer wand is of 17-inch.

What we didn’t like

  • Quality issues attached with the brass nozzle.

3. M MINGLE Power Washer Sandblaster Kit

Another good product which is mid-range in price and fits most of the pressure washers of 1/4″. This is capable to fit the K series pressure washers such as the K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 and the adapter comes attached to it.

By the process of suction, the pressure washer sandblaster attachment injects sand into the water system. The maximum pressure of wet sandblaster with which it performs for the pressure washer is of 2500 PSI.

The temperature which it supports is 140°F/60℃ and the pressure washer is perfect for abrasive and tough cleaning. You can remove any sort of graffiti, rust, paint, or baked-on grease.

The suitable attachments for brilliant outcomes that should be used are baking soda, dry silica sand, washed, and dried river sand. A good deal as you get a pair of protective eyewear with this. The kit includes Karcher adapter of 10′ hose, pressure washer wand of 16″, 10″ sand wand, nozzle, and a goggle. The materials used for its construction are sturdy.

What we liked

  • Ability to fit most of the pressure washers of ¼” quick connect at the end of the gun.
  • Comes with a K series Karcher adapter.
  • Features a ceramic nozzle tip.
  • Ideal device for tough cleaning.
  • The maximum pressure which it can handle is 2500 PSI.
  • Removes paint, rust, baked on grease or graffiti.

What we didn’t like

  • The sand wand is made of plastic.

4. Tool Daily 5000 PSI Sandblasting Kit

Another pressure washer by Tool Daily is suction-fed injection of sand into water system. It has the capacities to handle up to 5000 PSI and the product is high on ratings. The temperature it supports is 140°F/60℃.

Many of the cleaning tasks are not possible at home such as removal of old paint, scraping the layers or caked-on rust from your car.

A product which is not high-priced and the sand blaster comes with a sand wand of stainless-steel and measures 17-inch.

The sand handling power of this pressure washer is amazing, and the nozzle is made up brass with ceramic tips which are replaceable. The clamps keep the hose secure, and you can detach and make it dry whenever you want after putting it to effective use. The pressure washer is compatible with any standard size quick connector of ¼ inch. A product which offers durability along with versatility.

What we liked

  • A sand blaster of good quality, is suction-fed injection of sand into water system.
  • The attachments have a 10″ hose, protective eye-wear, pressure washer wand of 16″, and a sand wand 17″ and has two hose clamps.
  • This can handle a pressure of 5000 PSI, with a temperature 140°F/60℃.
  • Helps in removing tough stains like graffiti, rust, paint, baked on grease.
  • The attachments use dry silica, washed and dried river sand or baking soda.

What we didn’t like

  • Hose requires tight and secure connection.

5. AgiiMan Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

This is again an excellent domestic kit which comes with a fair price rate. This sandblasting kit is constructed with durable material that is reliable, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and possesses stable characteristics.

The maximum pressure is 3.200 PSI and the ideal temperature is 140°F/60℃. This shows compatibility with any standard quick connect of ¼ inch. This also fits any Karcher K series pressure washers and the adapter comes attached with this.

Plastic, steel, and brass are used for constructing this. The sandblasting kit is the perfect solution for removing any kind of old paint, rust, varnish or hard dirt, and more. The nozzle tip is constructed with ceramic and any kind of abrasive cleaning is possible with this sandblasting kit.

Rust, paint, graffiti, or any other thing can be removed with this along with the attachments such as baking soda, dry silica sand or washed, dried river sand. The customer service provided by the company is amazing.

What we liked

  • The sandblasting kit is made of durable, reliable and anti-corrosion material.
  • This includes Karcher K series adapter and is compatible with K series.
  • Features a multi-purpose sandblasting nozzle.
  • This is ideal for any abrasive cleaning.
  • Capacity to handle 3,200 PSI.
  • Return or refund possible by the company, in case of dissatisfaction.

What we didn’t like

  • The sand wand is made of plastic.

6. Valley Industries SBK-400 Wet Kit

The wet sandblast by Valley industries is a bit costlier and a highly durable product. This is constructed using sturdy material, and the pressure that can be handled is 3500 PSI and can reach up to 4000 PSI, along with a GPM rate of 10 gallons.

This features a ¼” main plug inlet which helps in establishing connections to your pressure washing wand. A tungsten carbide nozzle keeps the product more durable and reliable.

The sand wand is equipped with two tubes, one for the sand and the other for the airflow which establishes a perfect combination for the sand flow and keeps it even and smooth. A product that is worth the investment, and has the ability to strip paint, graffiti, stains, and removes rust. The suction hose is 18 ft, long and mesh reinforced.

What we liked

  • Easily strips off paint, removes rust, stains and graffiti.
  • This can reach up to 4,000 PSI with a rate of 10 GPM.
  • Comes with a main plug of ¼” that makes connection to your pressure washing.
  • A superior quality tungsten carbide nozzle for more durability.
  • The suction hose is 18 ft. long and mesh reinforced.

What we didn’t like

  • The pressure washer wand is short in size.

7. Interstate Pneumatics PW5301

If you are looking out for a product that may last for years and pressure washes many projects then the Interstate Pneumatics is the best option.

This is available at a steep price, and the PW5301 can handle a water pressure of about 3500 PSI and the GPM rate is 10 gallons per minute.

A product that is strong, durable, and capable enough to handle domestic projects. The sand hose is 18 ft. long and is compatible with any quick connector of standard size (1/4 inch).

The two pipes of the sand wand work perfectly for sand output and airflow simultaneously. This maintains the appropriate pressure while you clean your surfaces or deal with any domestic projects.

The measurements are tip: 0°, hose I.D.: 0.25″, hose O.D.: 0.625″ and the temperature is 140 °F maximum. Sturdy materials are used for its construction such as brass nozzle and sand wand of stainless-steel.

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What we liked

  • The hose is 18 ft. long and the material is PVC.
  • Sturdy materials are used for its construction, brass nozzle and a sand wand of steel.
  • This can handle a pressure of 3500 PSI.
  • The maximum flow is 10 GPM and the temperature is 140 °F.
  • Features an inlet plug of ¼”.
  • A product that will last for years.

What we didn’t like

  • Overall an expensive product.

What Does Sand Blasting Mean?

As the name sounds so is the effect of the pressure cleaning which it provides. There are many simple jobs which you must be getting it done by spending a lot of money. But now you will realize that you can just blast sand from any surface with ease and comfort with simple DIY methods.

Not only for domestic purposes but even for professional tasks the industries are using the best pressure washers. They can be put to multiple cleanings such as removing any caked-up rust, stripping the paint, grease, settled dirt, graffiti, and more.

Effective and efficient cleaning can be done by sandblasting including surfaces of airplanes, cars, boats, and other vehicles.

sandblaster tip

For making the entire process a success, you will need a proper tool such as an air compressor or a pressure washer. Sanding media or a bag of sand along with a good sandblasting kit is also required. the ones we have mentioned above make use of attachments like silica sand, builder’s sand, baking soda, river sand-purifies, and even crushed shells of walnuts.

The pressurized washer is forced to the surfaces with the help of a perfect pressure washer that prevents jamming also. The perfect combination of sand with water results in the best output with minimal efforts.

Dry Vs Wet Sandblasting

As mentioned above also the tools you use are an air compressor or a sandblaster and that entirely depends on the project you are going to deal with while cleaning. Though, both the types of procedures you undergo are great and the major difference between the dry or wet sandblasting is here:

A. Material

The surfaces which are supposed to be treated, decide the type of method you choose. If any wooden surface or object of wood is to be cleaned, then dry sandblasting is a better option. The reason behind this is that wooden surfaces may get damaged with excess water or moisture and may bend with the water pressure.

Many plastic surfaces have to be dealt with deep cleaning and heat may make them lose their shape. Using wet blasting is the best and most effective way to deal with this type of cleaning.

The metal or masonry surfaces can be cleaned with either of the methods, both will prove good. In case treating a metal surface exclusively, then opt for a product that possesses anti-corrosion qualities.

wet sand blasting kit

B. Dust

If the professionals have to clean open areas that have more population then they prefer wet blasting, as this will prevent clouds of dust that may fly around. Locations such as office buildings, areas near schools, or homes, then wet blasting will prove beneficial.

This is a major issue when you use a dry blast as the pieces of sand shatter and fly and tend to settle back on the surface, which makes it look messier. These several pieces of dust may get enveloped on the surface and more safety may be required by you to have. A respiratory mask and eye protection paramount are a must when you treat surfaces with a dry blast.

Wet sandblasting is environmentally friendly and doesn’t let any dust fly, rather makes them settle down and the sand cleans by the pressure wet blast and makes it drop away. This is safe for the people around and the air remains dust-free to breathe. Extra precautions such as the mask on the mouth or nose aren’t required.

sandblaster kits

C. Affordability

This is a potent factor that should always be considered, as it your the hard-earned money that you are going to spend. If you are planning to buy one and don’t have any then, wet sandblasting is a much affordable option than the dry blast that is pretty expensive.

Air-compressors are expensive than the tools that are water-based. A wet sandblasting with a lesser PSI will also help you do your regular pressure-washing domestic tasks. Furthermore, the professionals may require an air-compressor for commercial use.

Advantages Of Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kits

The benefits of the power washing kits will help you decide better if you are still unsure. Lets us plunge in the details:

Removes Caked-On Layers

Big muscles or a bunch of elbow grease isn’t required if you have to remove rust, that too a bit of it. You can remove caked-on rust, grime, old paint, grease, stubborn stains, and more with a pressure washer sandblaster. This is super easy to use, and the least of efforts without any back or shoulder pain can be executed. Even any chewing gum or chocolate can be removed from the concrete surfaces outside your house. You won’t find anything taxing, or stressful while cleaning any surfaces.

Powerful And Affordable

These kits come with an affordable price tag, as they are made of simple plastic hose and metal. The sandbags can be bought by you with ease from any nearby store, that too for a few bucks. As mentioned earlier the pressure washers are cheaper than any air compressor and after purchasing one good one you can start your cleaning task with ease.

No Dust

Any operation done by a dry sandblast can make you inhale a lot of dust and this may prove dangerous. So, buying a wet pressure washer sandblaster is the best alternative. While performing cleaning tasks at home, you don’t even need a mask to wear.

sandblasting tip

The dust particles fall down along with the water droplets; thus, the wet sandblaster is safe for any project you choose to treat. Unlike, dry blasting it is eco-friendly too.

Easily Tackle Nooks And Crannies

There could be many tight spaces with stubborn and irritating nooks and crannies. Pointing them with a pressure washer can help you get rid of them, unlike the sandpaper. Even, cleaning the crevices becomes extremely simple and hassle-free.

The Surface Stays Cool

The heat tends to bend, get d-shaped, or discolored if the surfaces are made of plastic or thin metal. The heat can leave unpleasant effects that are irreversible on materials sometimes.

Henceforth, whenever we clean surfaces with a sandblaster the surfaces remain cool and don’t get over-heated.

wet sandblasting

Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit – Buying Guide

Whichever surfaces you are targeting to clean, the pressure washer you invest in should show compatibility. The best cleaning outcomes are visible only after we use and choose the right product. The factors are mentioned in detail after performing practical tests with the best pressure washers.

1. PSI And GPM Ratings

The PSI is a term that is used to measure the pressure levels which any product can create while working. The pressure washers which you use for domestic purposes have a capacity of 800 to 2000 PSI, and this is significant enough. There are some gas-powered models also and the PSI they offer maybe about 8000 PSI.

The GPM is a term that is used for making you aware that how much the water is poured out and that is gallons per minute. You can know the exact amount of power of your pressure washer, by knowing the ratings of these two factors.

Later on, you need to have components such as the nozzle and water band, as they will help in letting the water out. A sandblasting kit of low ratings won’t provide you satisfaction.

sandblasting kits

A. Nozzle Tip Material

This is an extremely important part of a power washer, as the maximum effect of water pressure is felt by these and their strength plays a key role. As these sandblasters put so much force while cleaning old paint, or removing the rust off the metal. So, choose a product that has the ability to withstand pressure and toughness. With time, the nozzle tips tend to get worn out, so choose a one that needs the least replacement.

1. Carbide

Carbon and metals in a compound form make the sturdiest materials. The tools and equipment made of carbide are the strongest.
If the nozzle is made of this material, then it will remain durable and this will provide you with a tip that remains rust-free. You can get a valuable pressure washer nozzle tip of in your sandblasting kit.

They may increase the costs, but in the end, you get a durable product that will serve you for long without regular replacement hassles.

2. Ceramic

The most common material used for the sandblasting nozzle tips is the ceramic. Natural materials are used to make tips of ceramic and they are durable and come at an affordable price.

The nozzle tips are strong and abrasion-resistant too. Unlike the carbide nozzle tips, these are not that strong but are quite affordable with a price that is too less.

3. Steel

The steel is a great material for other parts of sandblasting but as far the nozzle tips are concerned these don’t work well. The water with pressure makes them wear off and they corrode rapidly. They don’t prove to be useful when used as a pressure washer tip and don’t work like the carbide or the ceramic materials.

pressure washer sandblasting kit

B. Sand Intake

The sandblasting kit comprises two major parts such as the wand and the hose.

1. Hose

These are normally made of rubber or plastic (rarely of metal) and help in transferring the sand and the water to the tip of the nozzle. Later on, when the water and the sand get mixed up, they are sprayed with pressure. They are not very complicated and aren’t affected by any abrasive damage. Even if the pressure washer works with a low PSI, you can maintain a reasonable distance for the best cleaning outcomes. These hoses are usually 20 feet or more in length and the sand intake should be adequate while transferring it from the hose.

2. Wand

This is the other end of the hose which is put into the sand container, from where it takes the sand and takes in for the hose to carry further. Now, you can see that the wand should be sturdy enough to perform nicely. Now the wands also need some budget planning and quality material like the hard-plastic or stainless-steel for longevity.

wet sandblasting kit reviews

Setting Up The Sandblasting Kit

It is no complicated chemistry, to set up your sandblasting kit. You can just set up and get started, let’s dive in the steps:

Always Set-up In An Open Space

There should be a drain nearby, for the water outlet. If the drain isn’t near, a grass field or a land with dry sand can also be used. The worries relating to the environment should be kept aside as the substances that are used are chemical-free and jus plain water and sand. You can silica sand too and it is a safe option.

1. Things You Need

➽ A bag of abrasive media – silica sand, crushed walnut shells or corn cobs, baking soda

➽ A pressure washer – an ideal value is over 2000 PSI

➽ Sandblasting kits

➽ A large tarp or similar water-resistant material to collect sand

➽ Protective equipment such as Protective eyeglasses and clothes, a respiratory mask

2. Setting Up

As you are just starting to clean tough areas along with removing dust and rust so a proper set-up is required. Following systematic steps will make you execute things without any hassles.

A. The Surface

Be it your car, a panel or wheelbarrow (old), you need to have a perfect setup to ensure proper cleaning. As mentioned above, you need to have a drain, a grass field, or a piece of land with mud that can soak water. Electricity along with water for your pressure washer is required.

Some store for reuse and a tarp is required in that case, for collecting sand. You can spread the tarp; the sand will fall on it and then it can be dried up for future use. There may be some pieces of plastic, paint, or rust that may damage the next project. These pieces may be tough, so always ensure that the sand dries up and then run it through a sieve to remove unwanted waste.

B. Assembling The Kit

Assembling and preparing of the equipment is required at this step. Firstly, check the water pressure and make it run smoothly. The metal wand (sandblaster kit) should be connected to the pressure washer band. Establish a perfect connection. The metal tube at the end of the hose should probe into the sand or any other media.

The sand should be poured in a bucket where there should be no entry of water. In the markets, you can easily get a bucket with a lid or to save the sand you can put an umbrella.

Ensure that the sand you use is completely dry, otherwise it may obstruct the hose. The sand wand can be put in the bucket and the tip should be made to reach the bucket bottom. The wand tip should be left out in order to have a bit of air. Some of the people do this directly into the bag of sand and carry on pressure washing. This is not wrong but can engulf air at times.

The washer wand should always be made to sit under the sand wand. The water won’t enter the sand hose and it will prevent jamming. You should stand a few feet away from the surface which has to be cleaned.

3. Safety During Handling

Good control and patience are always required when you have to handle sandblasting. We recommend you to follow some simple rules for this.

A. How To Start Blasting

How you hold the pressure washer, plays a key role. Always hold it an make it point downwards. A reasonable distance should be maintained by you when you are sandblasting as the high-pressure may lead to damages. Getting closer may prove risky.

B. Protective Equipment

Protection of every sort is required, as this will keep you safe from getting wet and the kickback of water won’t let the sand enter your nose. For your personal safety just follow a few things:

Protective eyewear and mask: This will keep your eyes and face safe while you are sandblasting.

Breathing Mask: Disease like silicosis may affect your breathing, though wet sandblasting is much safer. But precautions are always necessary.

Waterproof clothing: So much water can make the surfaces slippery, and wearing waterproof clothes and shoes are a must-have as this will prevent you from drenching in water.

Hearing protection: Make use of earplugs or earmuffs, as you are dealing with powerful pressure washing, which makes the sound louder.

FAQs – Sandblasting Kits

Q1. Is it safe to use pressure washer sandblasting kits?

Ans1. It is safe to use a sandblasting kit, provided you follow the instructions given the manufacturer properly. Using a pressure washer is not a child’s play. You need to take some precautions, and they are mentioned in the article above. Use the necessary equipment to keep yourself safe while sandblasting.

Q2. Which is the ideal sand for a pressure washer?

Ans2. This entirely depends on the surfaces you are going to clean. You can first test a fine one and then the coarser one if the former doesn’t work properly. Be careful as the hard things like crushed walnut shells and glass may be harsh on your tender surfaces. The sand you choose should match your surface requirements of all kinds.

Q3. What is the ideal pressure while sandblasting?

Ans3. An output of 1500 PSI or above is the right amount of pressure required for sandblasting. The intensity of dirt, paint, or rust you will be removing also lets you decide so. Initially, start-up with low pressure and then make it high according to your needs. Keeping everything in good control also matters a lot.

Q4. If the water enters the sand hose, what should I do?

And4. The sandblaster should always be held above the water wand and this will prevent water to enter the hose. If still it happens due to any of the reasons, then solve this issue by turning off and disassembling the sandblaster. The sand wand should be removed, cleaned, and dried (models with gun trigger should be opened). The hose should be separated and after proper drying, the cleaning process should be continued.

Summing Up:

We have tried you to provide the best information which is completely true and reliable. The wet pressure washer sandblasting kits are a much better and safer option than the dry sandblasts. Any of your surfaces can be dealt with ease and comfort while you clean them. The ones we have discussed in the article are the topmost products of renowned brands, and you can easily choose the one which suits your needs.

Domestic cleaning chores feel like a breeze when you use the right type of pressure washer. These are not expensive, and you don’t need any extra tools too. Wet sandblast kits keep your health in the best condition than the dry blasts. Each and every aspect should be followed with sincerity for the best outcomes. You can also go through the customer reviews in case of any doubts.