Best Pressure Washer Pump: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 | By: Grady Galvez

We all are aware of the pressure washer and its abilities and utilities. They are certainly remarkable when put to use. Though uncommon but, if out of order can leave you in a fix and especially when you require them at priority.

Replacements are not simple and require your time effort and money. They are your best cleaning partners and should be chosen and used wisely. Choosing the right type may confuse though, but you can do it simply by doing a bit of research.

7+ Best Pressure Washer Pump

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Best Pressure Washer Replacement Pumps

1. AR Annovi Reverberi, 2400 PSI

The Annovi Reverberi pump is one of the popular for the powerful pressure washers. This is a triplex pump that is durable to use. This is a plunger pump and can be mounted in different configurations.

The gas engine units that are vertical are best suited for these pumps. The long legs of the pump flange support a three-bolt pattern. If we talk about the domestic models of pressure washers then these are best suited for washers that feature a 7/8- inch shaft.

The gas pressure washers are what we are referring here.

An output of 2400 PSI (water) is what this pump is capable of delivering. The maximum water flow that would reach will be of 2.2 GPM. Aluminum alloy (die-cast) is used to make the body of the pump while hardened and tempered steel is used for the pistons.

So much quality is sure to give you a durable product that will last for years to come. This pump has the capability of fitting with the OEM carts, most of them. The coupling of this can be done with many different motors.

The Pistons are supported by wash plate mechanism for operating. It also features a built-in pressure control valve and a chemical injection system (downstream). This features an intel thread is ¾”.

The Good

  • The pump is a Triplex plunger pump.

  • This can deliver a maximum PSI of 2400.

  • The maximum water flow can reach to 2.2 GPM.

  • 140-degree F is the maximum temperature.

The Bad

  • No cons as such.

2. Annovi Reverberi AR Replacement Pump Kit

The Annovi Reverberi 2600 PSI is another pump that is supposed to be a great pressure washer pump. These are manufactured in America and the company boasts of producing the best for 3 decades. A successful company and its products being appreciated all over the world.

This pump is again the one that is designed for gas pressure washers, that are vertical driven units. The pump features a pressure control valve (built-in). This is also equipped with a downstream chemical injection system along with an EZ start and a thermal relief valve.

The SRMW22G26-EZ-SX is a triplex plunger pump that is 2,600 PSI and can be mounted in different configurations (2 ways). This spins at 3,400 RPM and is 2.2 GPM and can be easily coupled to different types of motors.

This can be used for cleaning units as has 3-piston volumetric pumps (alternating). This is also equipped with an optional detergent suction pump and die-cast aluminum alloy is used for the construction of the pump body.

It can be conveniently connected to gas engines (4-7 HP) that are vertical and the mounted flange can also be connected to 7/8” diameter (shaft). The rear facing connections are also available.

The Good

  • This is a Triplex plunger pump.

  • Made of quality material of die-cast aluminum alloy.

  • Should have an optional detergent suction system.

  • This provides 2.2 GPM at 2600 PSI.

The Bad

  • The plastic hose coupler is not good.

3. Vertical Pressure Washer Pump Replacement

The Vertical Pressure Pump is a wonderful pump that can be fitted with any pressure washer brands. Though this one shows compatibility with all but ensure to enter your model number before you invest in this. Be it the Husky, Ryobi, Stratton, Briggs and others you can fit them with any.

Your search for a vertical axial pump ends right here. A genuine (OEM) pump that can be replaced easily. As said above this is a vertically mounted pump and is capable to fit an engine shaft of 7/8-inch.

Commonly, in vertical pressure pumps a triangular pattern is seen and the mounting is done on a flange of three-point pattern. This is usually found in most of the pumps that are of this type. A PSI of 2700 is huge to create a great pressure for cleaning almost everything with pressure.

These pumps are better than the wobble plates. A sturdy and durable pump that is constructed using quality materials and metals and that add more years to it. The thermal release valve is absent though, so it advised to buy separately, or any older can be reused.

The Good

  • A genuine OEM pressure washer pump and can be easily replaced.

  • Shows compatibility with many brands Husky, Homelite and more.

  • A sturdy and durable pump made with quality materials.

  • A PSI of 2700.

  • Three-point flange pattern as is a vertical built design.

  • This is better than the wobble plates.

The Cons

  • The thermal release valve is missing, can buy or use old.

4. Universal Pressure Washer Pump 2800 PSI

The Universal -Pressure Washer Pump is another great one that has a PSI of 2800 and provide a flow ranging between 2.4 to 2.5 GPI (gallons per minute). This one comes pre filled with oil and can be used readily.

The entire construction of this pump is done with quality material, metal and is durable enough to last for years. This also features a brass head adds to its durability. This won’t fit shafts of 7/8” as other types of motors are required for this.

The Universal is compatible with Honda GCV135, GX140, GCV160. This can also fit with engines of Briggs, Kohler that have a diameter of 7/8 inch. After the mounting is done, the outlet will be pointing towards the opposite direction similar to the spark plug. This one is not suitable for horizontal engines. The spacing between the mounting bolts is 7 11/16″ – 6 3/16″ – 6 7/16″.

This comes with a thermal relief valve and the installation has to be done opposite the inlet fitting. The company provides a free shipping on the orders that are placed before 12PM (EST). This is a brand- new washer pump and is of superior quality.

The Good

  • A quality pump that has a 2800 PSI.

  • Can provide a flow of 2.5 gallons per minute.

  • Features a shaft of 7/8” and is compatible with many models including Honda, GCV160, GX140 etc..

  • Includes a thermal valve and is should be installed with an opposite inlet fitting.

The Bad

  • According to price not a quality pump

5. OEM HIMORE 309515003 Pressure Washer Pump

This is another quality pump that is designed and manufactured by OEM technologies. The OEM HIMORE is a brand-new pressure pump that is made for 3000 PSI. This one is suitable for lightweight pressure washers of different makes and models.

Has the capability to provide a GPM of 2.5 maximum and that creates a good flow. The HIMORE is compatible with shafts of ¾” only and not 7/8” shaft. The excel units of Honda can be easily fitted with this one. The product includes a thermal release valve and also a chemical injector.

The pump is made of quality materials and metals and has a brass heads pump that makes it more durable and stronger. The mounting should be done in four bolt patterns for this when we talk about flange.

The product is made with premium quality die-cast aluminum, sealed adonized crank case and shows anti-corrosion qualities. Your worries about an over heated pump are over ruled as this comes with thermal release valve. Horizontal mounting can be easily done with this. The hole distances are 2 5/8″ and the outer holes are 1 7/8” (center shaft hole to outer hole).

The Good

  • A powerful axial pump.

  • This is made with quality material and metals and is sturdy and durable.

  • Compatible with shafts of ¾”.

  • Works at 3000 PSI and provides a flow of 2.5 GPM.

  • This includes a thermal release valve.

The Bad

  • Oil changing issues as the pump is sealed.

  • All features not disclosed by the company.

6. Universal 3000 PSI, Pressure Washer Water Pump

The Universal is designed specially for mounting horizontally. Though, this is compatible with many but you have to ensure that it fits your model number. A great pump that has a PSI range of 2800 to 3000 PSI and has the ability to create a huge pressure of 2.4 GPM to 2.5 GPM (maximum).

This pump works perfectly for models of Honda, Husky, Generac and more commercial pressure washer engines which are similar to these. The shaft of ¾ inch is what this one supports properly and perfectly. For the flange a square pattern of four bolts is required.

The body of the pump is constructed using materials of supreme quality and metals and has a brass head that can make this pump last for years to come. The customer should be sure about the part sizes for a perfect fit otherwise the company is ready to support and help.

The OEM part number should be verified. The compatibility is not a guarantee so the OEM number is the best to verify with. Same models that have the same make and the year too might have part numbers that are different, so confirm everything before buying.

The Good

  • The model number should be ensured by you before fitting.

  • This has a PSI of 3000.

  • Can create a GPM of 2.5 max.

  • Features a horizontal brass head pump of ¾” shaft.

  • Shows compatibility but OEM part number should be checked.

The Bad

  • Customer support issues.

  • Doesn’t fit properly (parts).

7. OEM Technologies Horizontal Axial Cam Pump Kit

The Horizontal Axial by OEM technologies is a pump that excels in efficiency. This helps in reducing the load of engine to the minimum without affecting the performance. They have the ability to provide peak performance and the warranty of the product limits to 1-year.

This one is equipped with pistons of stainless steel and the seal life is great. The best part is that they are maintenance free. The high-pressure seals are double and so is the performance by the amazing pump of OEM.

This one has a PSI of 3100 and can create a pressure of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). It also features a M22 male connection that is threaded. As it is double sealed so any kinds of leaks are prevented. This is featured with a stainless-steel loader (integrated) and boasts of an easy-start up system.

The Thermal relief protection controls the overheating of the pump. The radial ball bearings are oversized and dual and enable it for better wear and friction resistance. This one remains rust free as made of anodized die cast aluminum. The gas engine flange is suitable to fit most of the engines.

The Good

  • An efficient pump that reduces the work load of engine.

  • It has a PSI of 3100 at 2.5 GPM.

  • Features a M22 male connection.

  • This one features double seal system that prevents water leaks.

  • Has the ability to fit most of the engines.

  • The source type is gas powered.

The Bad

  • The issues relating to the product durability.

8. Troy bilt 020344 Power Washer Water Pump

The Troy bilt is an axial pump that is best suited for any kind of vertical installation. This is an affordable pressure washer pump and has the ability to fit with many other pressure washers that have specifications similar to Troy-Bilt 020344 and 020344-0 make or models.

Your electric pressure washer might have the ability of running between 2500 and 2800 PSI with a water flow of 2.3 GPM, and you are thinking of replacement then this is the best option to go for.

The Troy is designed for an engine crankshaft of 7/8 inch. The product is mounted vertically and has a three-point triangular flange with a vertical mounting. The model is designed and constructed with metal of heavy-duty be it the body or the head the entire construction is excellent that lasts for a long time and is durable.

In case of any failure in one year the warranty covers it up. A thermal bypass valve is also a part of this pump. The company urges to its customers to ensure the compatibility before hand as the returns are always painful either-side.

If the case is of any insecurities then you are free to get any kind of ready assistance from the company.

The Good

  • A pump that is suited for any kind of vertical installation.

  • Shows compatibility with many kinds of pressure washers (should be checked before-hand).

  • A pump of 2800 PSI and a 2.3 GPM performance.

  • Suitable for vertical mounting.

  • The hose connection is 22 MM x 14 MM.

The Bad

  • The issues related to its fit.

The Time To Replace Your Pressure Pump!!

The pressure washer is an essential part of any pump, and if it fails, too much trouble I guess!!

Be it cleaning or use of pressure washing anywhere the pump should be in proper working condition, otherwise the waster will fail to reach with pressure at heights that are required. The pressure washer needs to replaced with immediate affect otherwise hassles are left for any of us. In case of the pump failure you will come to know before hand only.

power washer pumps

The Pump Failure And It’s Reasons

The life expectancy of a pump is usually something we are aware of before-hand. The models that are cheaper versions may deliver about 200 hours of trouble-free performance while the quality pressure washers that are used by commercial units may go as long as 5000 hours of endless output. The ratings are pre-defined but may not be done by some manufacturers. It is recommended to follow the manual for this.

Furthermore, the pressure pump might not fail due to the normal way of depreciation or wear and tear. There might be some serious underlying reasons for the same. You should find out the apt reason and then cure it accordingly. The issues may arise due to cavitation, overheating or in case of no pressure relief. Let us ponder some of the important factors related to it

i. The Cavitation

Due to any of the reasons the bubbles may form or air and vapor-filled cavities may be a potent reason of any low-pressure formation or blockage. As the pressure of water may change at a rapid rate then the desired flow might be insufficient leading to lack of water supply. The term for this kind of trouble is cavitation and this causes lot of irritation sometimes.

The instability, vibration or water surging pressure while you are spraying then it may be the reason that cavitation has happened.

The latent cause to this is supply of water that is insufficient and the washer requires more pressure may be. The required GPM (gallons per minute) rating may not be supported by the water pump. Due to fluctuations and disturbed supply patterns the pressure pump might fail leading to a lot of trouble. We can take an example here, the pressure washer with 3 GPM and at 2.8 is less but will still cause immense issues for the water outflow. You can see slight discrepancies may also turn huge sometimes.

You need to check your water faucet functioning and speed, then fill up a water bucket of 5-gallons directly from it and note the time consumed. The supply of water must be higher for every minute, more than the rating mentioned on the washer.

replacement pressure washer pump

ii. The Bypass water – Overheating

The pressure can build-up anytime in a washer or a hose while using or without using . The organised tools are a must then as you may be called to fix up things in emergency situations. If you are not squeezing the nozzle trigger then there are chances that there will be release of no pressure at all. The pressure that is build-up may be difficult for the washer to handle. Once the trigger is stopped of your equipment, then it isn’t the unrelieved pressure that may be create trouble.

Let’s understand, more:

Every pump has a thermal release valve (unloader valve) and that handles the built-up pressure and activates by enabling the water to be through by a bypass. This way the depressurizing of water takes place and is sent back to the pump and the circulation of it takes place till it is gradually released. The entire bypass system provides security to your pump, but should b used carefully without making it run for too long.

There is a crankcase responsible for heat generation and by the constant and consistent flow of the cold or fresh water it is reduced though (heat-up). Water is cycled, the same one and gets warm again.

The rule of the thumb is that if this water is over-heated then it may let your pump fail. The temperature here shouldn’t exceed much, a bit above 60 degrees Fahrenheit is the safest, and beyond this might be trouble some for sure. It is recommended by the company also that the water should not pass a bypass for more than 2 minutes.

It should be noted here that the nozzle squeezing should be done for sure before releasing water, but not more than 45 seconds. It is always wise to turn off first and then again restart your machine. This will provide more life and durability to your equipment.

triplex pump pressure washer

Pressure Washer Pump Types

Seriously! A myriad of pressure pumps is available these days ranging from bulky, powerful units used for commercial purposes and some compact, weak and portable makes too. They exhibit completely different features as have a performance rate that differs immensely. From the pump starting, the pressure and the flow of water, massive dissimilarities might be there. They are of three types

  1. The Wobble Plate
  2. The Axial Cam Pump
  3. The Triplex Pump

1. The Wobble Plate

The fixed pistons need to be pushed to get the required water pressure along with suction. A wobbling plate is used by the pump for pushing the pistons.

These are nothing complicated but basic that are used by the pumps to pressure washing. A PSI of 2500 or low at a GPM rate of 2 is used by the wobble plates. If we talk about domestic usage then these work for about 200 to 400 hours, being sufficient for that. If we take an average of this on a daily basis, then 3 hours per day and for 2 years or more. This is an apt average, and these pumps don’t require maintenance also as come sealed.

They are low cost pumps, so preferred by most of the people to replace rather then get repaired, when required.

pressure washer pump type

2. The Axial Cam Pump

The Axial Cam pump has also same functioning as that of a wobble plate. Around the plates the pistons rotate while the pump is working. The pump acts as an oil reservoir and this helps in increasing the life of the power source of this pump. This small modification pump can serve you for years and has the ability to work for 500 to 800 hours.

The Axial Cam is a powerful alternative and 3500 PSI pressure washers can also be used for this.

The plate angle can also be adjusted and the water flow too. These are available at a reasonable cost so mostly people prefer to replace them rather than spending a huge amount on their repairs in case of failure.

3. The Triplex Pump

As we have mentioned in the article about the pressure washer pumps, most of them are triplex pumps. They are the most powerful of all and have three pistons to supply the water, and at very high rates as compared to the other pumps.

These pumps are expensive as compared to the others in this category and the life span is also unlimited. A very low maintenance as of just oil change is required for keeping them in proper shape. They have the efficiency to give an output of 3000 PSI and more.

The specific parts can be replaced if mal-functioning or any parts fail. They are expensive so replacement is done only if necessary.

oem technologies axial cam pump

Pressure Washer Pump – The Best Guide

Choosing the right type might be a little difficult. Everyone wants to have a pump that is ready to use when bought and that too without too any modifications. Many aspects should be dealt with before buying the right thing.

1. The Suitable Pump Type

The compatibility of your pressure washer has to be checked before buying the pump. Wobble or Axial pump are used for domestic purposes and the commercial ones use more powerful pumps like the triplex. They have varied features from one another, so should be studied and researched properly prior. The construction, built and features of all pumps don’t match with each other. The type and purpose you want should be decided before-hand.

If your pressure washer’s manual is missing then the casing can be opened and the attachments and looked for properly. The cylinders directly spin the driveshaft in an axial pump and then the turning takes place towards the brass valve. While the crankshaft connects to the brass valve and the driveshaft runs next to the valves in a triplex pump. The diameter of the shaft should also be measured.

2. The Flange – Shaft Connection

Secondly, you should check that the pump is mounted to the pressure washer in which pattern. Some are attached vertically and some horizontally, the flange should be inspected properly for establishing the proper connection to its motor.

The dimensions, distances and the number of bolts should also be considered. If the pump you buy can be directly attached to your pressure washer, this is the best thing everyone wants. No modifications, no complications so easy to install with proper fitting.

Some of the pressure washers utilize crankshaft of ¾” and some of 7/8”. This becomes very important to measure your shaft before fitting the pump to the washer.

3. GPM And PSI Should Match

The GPM (gallons per minute) and PSI (pounds per square inch) should be matched before buying a pressure washer pump. While you buy or replace a pump, that means you should follow the same capacity as a higher-rated pump may lead to nozzle bursting or damage the washer. So, it is recommended to match PSI and GPM properly. Ultimately, they are responsible for creating pressure of water that is used for cleaning or pressure washing. The right pressure will keep your pump and pressure washer in the right shape and will prevent damages or routine maintenance.

pressure washer replacement pumps

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’S

Q1. What is the life of a pressure washer pump?

Ans1. The life of your pressure washer pump is directly linked to the pump type you choose and invest in. The wobble plate lasts less (500 hours) while the axial pumps (900 hours) are more durable than them. But the triplex pumps (1000-1500 hours) that are most powerful of all have the longest life span.

Q2. What is the reason of a pressure pump failure?

Ans 2. The pressure pumps may not fail due to wear and tear but some important factors any be the reason. Cavitation (formation of bubbles or vapor) and bypass water overheating are the major factors due to which the pump can fail or get damaged. You can refer to the article for details.

Q3. How can I upgrade my pressure washer pump?

Ans 3. If you want to upgrade your pressure washer pump then this can be done in very less time. Replacing the entire thing may be expensive. So, you can upgrade it but should do it properly and match the shaft size, PSI and GPM too. The flange should fit properly and the bolts should also be tightened perfectly.

Q4. For commercial use which is the best pressure pump?

Ans4. The Triplex pump is best suited for commercial use. They have three pistons for supplying the water and can do it with efficiency and speed. These pumps have a longer life span than the other pressure washer pumps. The durability and robustness of these pumps is extraordinary and can be used for heavy-duty use.

Q5. If the pressure washer pump gets busted, then do you need to buy new?

Ans5. Since the wobble plates and avail pumps are not so expensive, so you can replace them in case of any damage as the repairs might be costly. The Triplex pump can be repaired as they are expensive to buy. But if the repairs are more or costlier then replacement is a better option.

The Concluding Words

You can keep your yard, house, car and more sparkling clean with the help of a pressure washer and the pump is of incredible importance for enabling it to have apt pressure. A wrong or mal-functioned pump can damage your pressure washer equipment. You may have to spend a lot of dollars for its replacement.

Henceforth, it will be a wise decision that you invest in a pump that is of good quality and that will prevent day-to-day hassles. Hope that the complete article and the buying guide helps you in choosing the right and the best washer pump.