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Cars are precious to buy and own. They usually encounter the toughest weather conditions and need to be taken well care of from the harmful outside elements. Keeping it clean is your duty and it helps in maintaining the integrity of your car.

We all love to have a sparkling car rather than a one with deposits of dust and grime. Uhhh! The car should be washed regularly and in routine to keep it well in shape and add longevity. Bird droppings, tree bark saps, contaminants, dust, grime, and what not just stick to your car.

Some of the best pressure washers of cars are listed here:

The Best Car Pressure Washer 2023

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8 Best Power Washer For Cars Reviewed

1. Sun Joe SPX3000

can you pressure wash a car

Sun Joe is an example of power, performance, and versatility. This is an amazing powerful pressure washer that can tackle varied cleaning tasks of your trucks, cars, buildings, driveways, patios, RV’s, lawn equipment, buildings, homes, and more. It also boasts of 1800 watt/14.5-amp motor.

This has the efficiency to generate a water pressure of 2030 PSI and provides a water flow of 1.76 GPM, which helps in effective cleaning. It can clean oil stains, rust, mildew stains, caked mud on equipment, and any other sort of tough, grime, or gunk.

This has a facility to work with two different pressure washer detergents simultaneously, as is constructed with a dual detergent tank. This becomes so convenient for the user to switch from one type of detergent to another and just blast the most stubborn dust and grime.

The spray can be extended to about 34-inch and the easy maneuverability, due to rear wheels, helps in reaching the hard-to-reach places with ease. The building stories, automobile’s underside, or any lawn equipment can be reached with ease. The quick spray nozzles help in pressure cleaning.

The automatic stop system makes it a unique one. It is adorned with accessories like a 35-foot power cord, garden hose, adapter, TSS trigger, etc.


  • A powerful motor that can generate a PSI of 2030.

  • This is versatile and can be used for various cleaning tasks such as homes, buildings, boats, trucks, patios, driveways, and more.

  • This is rated maximum as per CSA standards.

  • This comes with a warranty and customer promise.

  • Features an automatic stop system and a TSS trigger.


  • Some leakage or durability issues might occur.

2. Karcher K5 Premium

pressure washer car wash

This high pressure car washer performs any sort of tough cleaning tasks. This is equipped with a pressurized hose reel, that helps in protecting and storing the hose.

This also features a water-cooled induction motor that can increase life up to 5 times. This one delivers the best with its dirt blaster wands and is efficient enough to tackle all kinds of cleaning needs (outdoors). This one is equipped with a detergent tank and performs at 2000 PSI as has a Vario power spray wand.

This is one of the most powerful car cleaning tools that are of 13.07 inches x 16.77 inches x 34.33 inches and the weight is 32 pounds. It also features an electric cord of 35 ft. along with a trigger gun holder.

The water outlet and inlet help in settling a quick connect and the water inlet temp is 104-degree F. Karcher K5 pressure washer pump is durable, non-corrosive, and maintenance-free. It works at a power supply (V/Hz) – 120/60. A product that cleans quickly and efficiently.

This is just designed for you, for providing peak performance. An onboard detergent tank helps in keeping the detergent intact and ready for supply.


  • This is a cool, rugged and a modern design power washer.

  • This works and cleans the surfaces 50% faster than others.

  • Works quietly and consumes minimum energy.

  • This is durable and comes with easy maintenance.

  • It also has a rapid 2-year exchange program.


  • An expensive one.

  • A bit heavy at 32 pounds.

3. Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

best pressure washer for cars

The Ivation is the best electric washer for home car wash that can also suit to any other home cleaning purposes. This performs the job efficiently and can make your dirty sidings, greasy cement floors, decks, and more just sparkle.

This features TSS (total stop system), that helps in preserving energy and power, thereby increasing the life of the machine. A very portable pressure washer to use in routine.

This is another machine that exhibits power and cleans with amazing pressure. It boasts of a force of 1520 PSI and is 1.32 GPM. All kinds of tough cleaning jobs can be performed by this with ease. It also includes a soap bottle that acts as a soap foam and can clean tough and dirty surfaces with ease.

The spray wand comes with an easily adjustable feature and excludes the need of 5 colored nozzles. You have to just twist one, and there isn’t any need to change nozzles as it is integrated into one. That just rules out the worry to lose any.

This is safe and features an automatic stop system. This comes with a 20-foot hose, 25-foot power cord, optional self-suction, and a soap dispenser. This has a customer support facility and a 1-year warranty.


  • This one is compact and a powerful power washer.

  • A safe product as features automatic TSS.

  • Integrated and adjustable spray wand that requires no change of nozzles.

  • An affordable option that the others in this category.

  • Designed with brilliance and can clean varied surfaces.


  • The PSI of 1520 might be insufficient for some tasks.

  • It might have leakage or durability issues.

4. AR Blue Clean, AR383 1,900 PSI

pressure washers for washing your car

The AR Blue Clean is a great automotive pressure washer that can be used with ease for auto detailing and gives brilliant cleaning results. You can just kick away dirt, mold, moss, grease, or grime and make your outdoor surfaces breathe fresh and look new.

Be it your patio, sidings, driveways, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, RV’s or ATV’s, it just cleans all tirelessly. This electric pressure washer is manufactured by Annovi Reverberi, a company that is a pioneer in manufacturing diaphragm (agriculture) and piston (agricultural) pumps.

This is certainly a powerful, durable, and reliable electric pressure washer.

This includes attachments such as a pressure washer gun, pressure washer wands, a pressure hose of 20 ft, detergent bottle of 14 oz. and wands that are fit to do pressure wash and have variable nozzles. The diameter hose is .25 inch and is environmentally friendly.

This consumes very less water (80%) and has more power (40%), in comparison with a garden hose of a standard size. This is quieter in operation than the other gas engine models. This comes with an easy assembly and what you have to do is, pull out, insert the hose reel, and later attach the handle.

Later on, the high-pressure hose and garden hose has to be connected and the trigger has to be pulled for cleaning.


  • This comes with an amazing deal and has a PSI of 1900.

  • Light in weight, compact and can handle plenty of water.

  • This is a versatile product that comes with various accessories and attachments.

  • Comes with easy assembly.

  • This consumes less water (80%) and is more powerful (40%) than others.


  • This has leakage issues.

  • Consistency issues might occur.

5. Greenworks 1950 PSI

pressure washer for car cleaning

The Greenworks offer you a range, and you can choose between the corded and the cordless ones. This one boasts of its innovative design and is a lawn system that is a corded one.

This is featured with a variety of tools that makes the work output quick and efficient. An economical, reliable, and powerful electric pressure washer to use. There are no gas hassles or high costs attached to this pressure washer.

You can just start it in no time and can easily choose from chainsaws, lawn mowers, pressure washers, detachers, and trimmers.

The Green Work boasts of its induction motor of 13 amp, which is water-resistant and adds to its life and consistent power. Efficient enough to deliver 1.2 gallons of water per minute. It is an ideal medium for the heavy-duty pressure washer and cleans your sidings, fences, decks, and driveways with perfection.

This just makes your surfaces look clean, fresh, and new. This has a PSI of 1950, 1.2 GPM, and has the ability to remove stains effortlessly.

A pressure hose of 25 ft. and 35 ft. cable (electric) helps in reaching longer places. This features dual built-in tanks.


  • This comes in a compact design with wheels, cable holder and hose reel.

  • Easy to store and transport.

  • Easy assembly and a right choice for DIY users.

  • A versatile one with quick connecting nozzles.

  • Quick, efficient and a reliable pressure washer.


  • This can be used vertically only due to its design.

  • Expensive according to features.

6. Stanley SHP2150

pressure washer for car cleaning

The Stanley SHP2150 is an exceptionally electric power washer that delivers amazing. This compact and light-weight mobile detailing pressure washer come with a force so very powerful to clean your sidings decks, patios, outdoor furniture, trucks, RV’S, ATV’s, animal cages, garbage cans and more.

This one features leak-proof connections of 22 mm and has a brass garden hose connector of professional grade. This is a choice of many professionals worldwide.

This is equipped with a pressure foam, and a detergent bottle, specially designed to fight away the tough and stubborn stains. Many attachments are a part of this like pressure washer wand and gun, the high-pressure hose of 25 ft, detergent tank with foam cannon, nozzles to connect, and O-ring replacement kit.

This is the best match for a versatile, compact, and effective pressure washer. It has a PSI rating of 2150 and a GPM of 1.4 and is 25.6 pounds in weight. Wonderful customer support and 2-year warranty come with this product. This one works quietly and efficiently.

A versatile pressure washer that provides 80% savings on the consumption of water.


  • The Stanley is lightweight, compact and easy to transport.

  • Provides 80% savings on water consumption.

  • This does powerful cleaning and works perfectly for pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, RV’s and more.

  • This comes with leak-proof connections.

  • Many accessories and attachments make it a choice of many professionals.

  • Has good customer support and warranty.


  • This is of a plastic body.

  • Quite expensive and doesn’t have a detergent tank.

7. Briggs & Stratton 20680

car wash pressure washer

The Briggs & Stratton is not only an electric pressure washer but a powerful weapon, that is versatile and is a great one to clean many grueling projects. As the outdoor spaces are threatened by dirt, debris and much more, this 1800 MAX PSI enables any stubborn or tough cleaning.

A detergent tank along with 3 quick nozzles clean perfectly to bring freshness and sparkle to cars, boats, fences, outdoor furniture, etc. This has a durable design and comes with an easily foldable feature that can keep your hassles away.

This is certified by a PWMA (Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association).

This comes with a good 900 PSI rating and 1800 MAX PSI at 1.1 GPM, and flow 1.2 (GPM) that are tested and verified in the lab, for best performance. It has a tough welded steel frame that provides a lot of protection. The cleaning power can be increased by adding soap to the integrated detergent tank.

It features a flexible hose of 20 ft, that can work hard and with pressure. The turbo nozzle helps it to work faster and clean quicker as much as 40%. The nozzle has a warranty of 12 months.


  • This is simply a power weapon.

  • Is efficient enough to clean many projects.

  • A durable and easy foldable electric pressure washer.

  • The turbo nozzle helps it to work faster and quicker for best cleaning results.

  • This features a great PSI and GPM.


  • It has to be a pause to avoid an overheating motor.

  • An expensive product.

8. Generac Speedwash

home car wash system

The Generac speed wash is a pressure washer system that is powered by gas and exhibits the best cleaning power. A uniquely designed pressure washer system that is equipped with many different attachments for cleaning such as power broom, turbo nozzle, and soap blaster, providing maximum cleaning in less time.

It also features a power broom attachment that has pressure nozzles that can clean effectively almost 4 times faster. Tough stains, stubborn dirt, and grime can be removed by the turbo nozzle attachment that comes with a rotating pinpoint stream.

This works 30 % faster than the other standard nozzles. The soap blaster attachment just penetrates into the stains (tough ones), to just remove them 3 times faster and farther.

It has an ergonomic spray gun with a power dial that has the ability to switch over to tasks in between. It can clean cars, wood, and concrete simultaneously. This has an engine as powerful as 196cc OHV for delivering peak performance.

Its starting type is manual or recoil and also includes a flex hose of 30 ft (kink resistant). You can just change the nozzles as they are available in varying degrees as 0, 25 and 40 degrees and soap.


  • This is simply a power weapon.

  • Is efficient enough to clean many projects.

  • A durable and easy foldable electric pressure washer.

  • The turbo nozzle helps it to work faster and quicker for best cleaning results.

  • This features a great PSI and GPM.


  • It has to be a pause to avoid an overheating motor.

  • An expensive product.

Safe Pressure Washer PSI For Car Wash Without Causing Any Damages To The Car Paint

A pressure washer cleans your car easily with less water and quicker approach. You can-do hassle-free cleaning with the help of it. But as it cleans thoroughly, it might hurt or damage your paint.

Awareness becomes potent when it comes to cleaning cars and knowing the delicate areas not to harm the paint. A pressure washer performs light to medium cleaning jobs with ease and comfort.

Before you start cleaning your car, the PSI range should be kept in an ideal range. A PSI of 1200 to 1900 along with a GPM of 1.4 to 1.6 is sufficient. As discussed above also, these washers provide powerful cleaning, and if you use the gas power washers then you have to be extra careful as they work more powerfully.

It is better to use the gas-powered pressure washers for lawn or farm equipment. They are absolutely safe for use to clean your cars on a regular basis, ensuring that you tend to have the right pressure washer on the wand in order to prevent any damages.

So, the rule of the thumb is to be careful while considering your water pressure for car wash.

pressure washer car wash attachment

The Advantages Of Using Pressure Washer To Wash Cars

Pressure washers are an amazing invention of modern times. They wash thoroughly, save your time, and are cost-effective and loaded with many benefits. As you keep yourself, your home or other things spic and span, the same rule goes for your car. A clean car adds on to your personality and social status too. You can impress your wife or girlfriend with a sparkling car. Just take a look at their advantages:

Saves Time

Each one of us remains busy in our daily lives, and these pressure washers can help you clean everything in a few minutes. We can just stay clean and tidy while using these pressure washers. Pressure washers can leave all surfaces looking sparkling clean be it your cars, driveways, or the house.

home car washers

Can Clean Tough Filth

Stains are tougher and so are these pressure washers, and I would just like to mention one of my experiences here. One fine day I was about to leave for my office and noticed a good amount of filth on the underside of my car, and it took me more than an hour to clean it with a standard garden hose.

When my neighbor saw me doing this, he insisted I use his pressure washer, and to my surprise, within 15 minutes all filth was gone. These pressure washers make the tough cleaning possible in no time.

A Cost-Effective Way

We all know that taking your car to the garage or a workshop for deep cleaning will cost a good amount of money. But once you invest in the best pressure washer for car washingbits pressure and perform then you can remain at peace. And a one-time investment will surely help you in saving your money.

Easy To Store And Transport

You can store your pressure washer for the car conveniently, as they are compact and some feature lightweight and are easy to fold. They are equipped with wheels too for easy transport and in-house movement.

They have in-built storage also and the accessories or attachments will have no chance to get lost. Quite safe and easy to store in your garage without occupying much space.

can you pressure wash a car

Taking Care

When we clean the things with a DIY method, we are sure to do it carefully, and especially when it comes to dealing with delicate parts, no hired professional can take care of the way we can do on our own.

Easy To Buy

Once you have decided to buy a pressure washer, then you can buy from an online website or a store at your convenience.

Key Factors To Be Considered Before Doing One-Time Investment For The Best Pressure Washer For Car

Before buying a pressure washer for your car, you should do research about different types of factors attached to it. This detailed study will help you in deciding right.

A Pressure Washer That Is Suitable For Your Car

Different pressure washers with different features and different purposes are available in the market these days. You should be absolutely clear in your mind before investing in the right type of pressure washer.

The purpose you are going to buy it for. A light-duty machine (1300 to 2000 PSI) is sufficient for cleaning a small-sized car. If you want to clean your large SUV then a medium-duty machine (2000 to 2800 PSI) will be required than the light-duty one.

For heavy and larger vehicles a heavy-duty machine (2900 to 3000 PSI) pressure washer will work brilliantly.

If your neighbors are sensitive enough and you don’t want to lead to any arguments, then the electric model is a good option.

The Power Source Of The Pressure Washer Has To Be Determined

1. Electric Motor – These are usually connected with the support of an electric outlet and in some cases can be attached to a power generator.

2. Petrol Or Gas Engine – They might exhaust some fumes and are more useful for commercial or industrial purposes.

3. Diesel Engine- They are suitable for outdoor use and they run on diesel engines.

4. Nozzles – adjustable or replaceable

The adjustable nozzles come with an easy twisting feature that just switches to a different type with ease. These integrated nozzles are very useful for performing pressure cleaning tasks with ease and convenience.

You just have to twist for changing spray width or pressure before cleaning. While the replaceable nozzles can make you clean with different angles, so you are left with more options. It entirely depends on the type of cleaning or stains; grime you are supposed to remove.

best pressure washer for car detailing

The Wand

The wand can be attached to your spray gun at the end which can make you work with ease, flexibility, and versatility. Car wash bands if coming with a bendable feature then they can prove a lot more beneficial to you for cleaning your car.

You can just reach the areas that are not-so-easy to reach and can help in pressure cleaning. This allows easy maneuvering while you clean and give your car a good wash. The wand facilitates spraying in different and difficult areas.

The non-bendable wands might damage your car or might bend due to use. The wand should be able to spray conveniently.

Detergent Or Soap Tank

As we have read above, the pressure washers are equipped with a detergent tank and some also have a soap attachment. If the foam is made with the help of a tank attachment then it becomes very convenient for you and saves time too.

This way you needn’t make a soap foam separately to clean your car, as will be produced automatically while cleaning.

Thermal Relief And Unloaders

In case you are using your machine for a longer time, then there are chances that it gets heated up or the pressure build-up is more. Their thermal relief and unloaders help in managing the excessive heat of the system.

It helps in reducing any major problems that might occur due to excessive heating of the unit.

Storing Cord And Tools

The easy to store compartments add to the value of the pressure washer system you buy. You will be more organized as the storage of tools will help you save time while you have to put them to use. Before purchasing just look for the cord and tool storage facility.

This way your accessories will remain maintained for a longer time.

car power washer

Avoid These Mistakes Before Buying a Pressure Washer Specifically For Your Cars

Before buying a pressure washer you should keep the following points in mind:

1. Buy a pressure washer that is suitable for your cleaning purpose

2. The PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) of you pressure washer should be appropriate for your car or vehicle

3. A PSI of 1300 to 1800 and a GPM of 1.5 is used by electric pressure washers and that is sufficient for light cleaning purposes for your car

4. A PSI of 2000 to 3000 PSI and a GPM of 2.5 is sufficient for cleaning heavy vehicles such as SUV’s

5. Avoid buying a pressure washer without wheels as it becomes difficult to move it

6. A car pressure washer with storage compartments is beneficial as you can easily store cords and tools without losing them

7. On-board storage is extremely helpful

8. The carrying handles should be comfortable for you to make it move, just look for a handy and a compact pressure washer

9. Before buying a pressure washer consider its weight also, as this is something you have to manage and a heavyweight pressure washer will create trouble for you

10. Try to buy a pressure washer that can be easily stored and occupies less space in your garage for organizing benefits

11. Check it before using, as it should not damage the car paint

car wash pressure washer psi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Cost Of An Electric Pressure Washer Of A Car?

Ans1. The cost of an electric pressure washer may vary due to its features. They may range somewhere between 100 dollars to 200 dollars. They are available with a higher price tag then this also. It is recommended to choose the one that suits your needs.

Q2. What Is The Life Of A Car Pressure Washer?

Ans2. This is entirely linked with your usage of the pressure washer. The no. of hours you tend to use matters a lot. If you keep them well maintained then they might work for you for 10 years or so. For example, if you use 60 hours a year and that makes 6000 hours in 10 years, so they stay for long.

Q3. Can Car Pressure Washers Be Used For Other Cleaning Chores?

Ans3. Yes, pressure washers have the ability to manage light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning. After cleaning your car, you can clean your driveways, decks, patios, and more. They provide powerful cleaning and make your surfaces look new and sparkling clean. Many household cleaning tasks can be performed with a pressure washer.

In The Last

Pressure washer for car detailing is the best way to keep them clean, tidy and hygienic. As you have gone through the article by now, you can easily figure out that the pressure washers that are designed with uniqueness and brilliance are so convenient to use, store, and transport.

You can choose one that suits your needs and requirements and use it on a regular basis for effective performance and make your neighbors feel jealous. Ha ha..

Let your car breathe with ease!