Best Porch and Floor Paint Reviews And Buying Guide 2023

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Paint your porch with your imagination!

Are you fed up of your porch that has weathered away with time? Then go for a complete makeover and make your neighbors feel jealous.

Then you are reading right as the best porch paints are here that will add beauty and style to your porch or deck. The qualities they exhibit are beyond compare, and the ease of applying them makes them more lovable. Let us slide into the best enamels that will leave your wooden or concrete spaces to look fantastic.

If you choose the right paints, that will surely leave your surfaces looking bright.

The Best Porch Paint, According To DIYers

     ★ Best Overall ★       

KILZ L573611

porch paint colors

Extra Smooth

Easy To Clean

Highly Durable

     ★ Best value ★       

RTG Deck Anti-Slip Paint

best paint for wooden porch floor

Fast Drying

Eco Friendly

Easy To Apply

     ★ Premium ★       

In The Swim Porch Paint

best porch floor paint

Best Quality

Non Slip Coating

Marvelous Work

Top 4 Paints for Wooden & Concrete Porch Floor

1. KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Enamel Porch Paint

When you want your wooden floor to look brand new, use the latex exterior porch,patio or deck paint by KILZ. This is undoubtedly a fantastic paint that is resistant to any kind of scuffing, peeling, fading, or cracks.

The color has the ability to withstand variable weather conditions and features a mildew resistant-film too. Enamel with a decent low-luster that is specially made to enhance your porch, patio, floors, or decks with a beautiful finish.

The KILZ L573611 is suitable for surfaces that are previously primed or painted. Wood and masonry can also be treated with this amazing paint. You can cover your trims and sidings, and theses spread evenly and smoothly on all kinds of surfaces.

Once applied, the drying time takes just 1 hour, and the recoats can be done after 4 hours roughly. The 1-gallon can be used with a nap roller cover of 3/8 to 1/2-inch. An airless sprayer or a nylon| polyester brush is recommended for usage. This color can cover smooth surfaces of 200-300 square feet and rough surfaces of 300-400 square feet.

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The Good

  • KILZ brand is another name for quality.

  • A highly durable, easy to clean and apply paint.

  • Features a low-luster enamel surface.

  • Apply it on smooth surfaces of 300-400 square feet with ease.

  • This can be used on previously primed or painted surfaces.

The Bad

  • The coverage is less by 1-gallon can.

2. RTG Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint

An anti-slip paint with unbeatable features that will leave your porch or deck looks beautiful. You can renew your outdoor decks, ramps, floors, etc. and provide them with adequate protection. Even if the surfaces are wet, they prevent any slips, and the stairs of wood masonry or concrete can also be given a fresh look.

Be it the tender paws or the bare feet, you can use them confidently, and the application of 1-3 coats will be sufficient to turn the wooden surfaces that are damaged and weathered with time. Also, It is used to Restore a Weathered Deck .

The products by RTG are durable, long-lasting, and capable enough to stand the harsh heat rays, heavy showers, slushy snow, kids and pets running, and more. The furniture cab also is rearranged by you as and when you like.

The need for hiding any stains or spots is not required at all if you cover your favorite outdoor spaces with this beautiful paint. Just match the color with your exteriors and design your porch with style and creativity using stones and diamonds.

The Good

  • A durable paint which is water-based polyurethane formula.

  • A fast-drying and an anti-slip formula.

  • Make your porch look cozy and comfy with this beautiful paint.

  • An Eco-friendly, low VOC formula with very less odor.

  • Easy to apply with a brush or roller and can be cleaned with a soap and water solution easily.

  • A great product from the United States.

The Bad

  • May bubble up after rains.

3. In The Swim Porch Patio and Deck Paint Granite (1 Gallon)

If you are a party lover and have an above-ground or in-ground pool near your patio or deck, then you seriously need a non-slip coating to keep your wooden surfaces in the best condition. One gallon of In The Swim covers an area of about 100 to 125 square feet, on applying a coat of one gallon.

Concrete surfaces, wooden decks, porch, patios, pavers, etc. this paint works marvelously. The color is specially formulated for keeping your outdoor spaces in a well-maintained condition. Your slips and falls will become minimum if you use this porch or patio paint, as it possesses anti-slip and non-skid qualities.

The tools before you apply this should be perfect for implementing this. Before one starts the job, a paint roller should be used for covering large areas. For the hard surfaces, it gives ideal restoration leaving a non-slip finish after it dries.

You can apply it on a damp surface, and on the initial application, two coats work well. This is a quality product and proves suitable for all outdoor environments.

The Good

  • An excellent paint for restoration of concrete surfaces.

  • Leaves a non-slip and anti-skid finish when dry.

  • On the initial application, two coats are required.

  • Apply it with ease on a damp surface.

  • The area of about 100 to 125 square feet can be covered with ease (depending on the surface porosity).

The Bad

  • Fewer color options.

4. Anvil Deck-A-New Resurfacer Paint

The Anvil Deck-A-New can be used to rejuvenate your wooden surfaces and bring life to the ones that have weathered away, damaged, or are surfaces of concrete. You can put them on any surfaces of wood, composite decks, walkaway steps, porches, pool decks, and more.

They will help you in covering the spaces with perfection and preserve them for a long time. The paint has excellent qualities such as slip-resistant, chip-resistant, peel, and scuff-resistant too. Add more protection and life to your wooden or concrete surfaces, and cover any vertical or horizontal and interior or exterior surfaces both.

A coating of this paint will give a long-lasting finish and also provide a smooth texture. Any kind of splinters repels or cracks are filled by this paint (1/4-inch cracks are filled). Deck-A-New is barefoot friendly, available in five reliable color options with 100% acrylic durability. Nylon-loop textured roller is best to apply this, and a water and soap solution works great to clean the surfaces.

The Good

  • You can rejuvenate, repair and protect your deck or porch with this paint.

  • Available in 5 solid color options.

  • A crack and peel resistant formula.

  • Harsh weather conditions or foot traffic doesn’t affect it much.

  • Per gallon covers 120 to 160 square feet.

The Bad

  • Peeling issues.

  • Covers less area.

Porch Paint – Application and Care

We all are well versed with one thing that the floors be it the porches, patios, or the decks, have a lot of foot traffic. Hence, a paint that gives a durable finish and shows resistance against cracks, peels, scuffs, or blistering proves to be the best of all. One gallon of porch paint can be used to cover an area of about 300 square feet. Even the hard floors like concrete can be covered to keep them in the best shape.

behr porch and patio paint

We Have a Few Tips For You to Apply And Take Care of Your Porches

➽ While you are sanding or painting, wearing a paint respirator mask is mandatory.

➽ Any uneven areas, residues, lumps, or splatters should be treated with a scraper before you apply the porch paint.

➽ A scrubbing brush, degreaser, or water should be used for removing any kind of leftover oil residue from the concrete.

➽ The area should make to dry completely, and any leftover debris should be cleared prior.

➽ Any cracks should be filled in the wood or concrete floor, and more coats need to be applied to cover this.

➽ The patches to be appropriately sealed and dried up before-hand.

➽ A paint roller brush to be used for applying it evenly on the surface after primer.

➽ The edges and corners should be captured by the paintbrush nicely.

➽ In case you require a sealant, then apply it between the coats.

➽ There is a requirement of multiple coats for the best outcome.

➽ Adequate drying time should be given in-between coats.

porch and floor paint reviews

Special Tip:

To keep your surfaces sparkling clean, use a solution of heavy-duty soap and water for giving a fresher feel. Let the soap sit for a few minutes before you hose off.

The Best Porch Paint – Your Buying Guide

Picking Up The Right Paint

A variety that’s huge and choosing from them may be a daunting task for you. Go for a quality brand, see the product details and research before you decide. The surface has to be treated, and the features of the paint should match correctly. Whether outdoor or indoors, good color is the one that has weather resistant qualities.

Color Options

If you are a person who loves style and aesthetics, then paint with color options is a must. Select the one that goes with your interiors or exteriors as an unmatchable color may look odd later.

concrete porch paint


Painting is something that can not be done regularly. A durable paint will always stay there for long without putting you into trouble of repainting often. Soap and water solutions are enough to clean the surfaces later.

Anti-Slip or Anti-Skid Quality

The porch or patio paints should be bare feet friendly and show resistance against slipping. Kids, friends, family, or pets should feel the ultimate luxury and comfort while they walk on them. This feature is of potential importance as the one who walks feels safe and confident.

porch floor paint

Textured Finish

After applying paint, if the surface doesn’t look good, then it is of no use. A smooth and quality textured finish is of great value. The finish decides the credibility of good paint.

Your Budget

Buy a one that doesn’t become a burden on your pocket. With a variety of paints and the different price tags, much flexibility, you have to decide and invest for the best.

Lastly, to mention that the ultimate choice is yours, what you choose? Select a product that lives up to the best of your desires and adds adequate aesthetic too. Perfect paint selection will give you peace of mind too. Don’t forget to follow our guide and the points that should be taken care of while applying the paint. We hope you cherished reading our article that states true facts only.

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