Best Paint Stripper For Wood In 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide

When you want your already painted surfaces to shine and have a new look, then a paint stripper is required for it. Your wooden spaces may deteriorate and the paint may go dull, bubbly, and cracked with time.

It would be highly unprofessional if you repaint a surface without stripping or removing the previous peeled layers of paint, isn’t it! Go for the best quality paint stripper for your wooden spaces and turn them into brand new ones.

We have tried to list the best paint strippers that will work perfectly and make your extremely comfier. We are introducing you to the world’s best home-improvement products.

Heavy-Duty Paint Stripper

1. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover

The Smart Strip by Dumond is a water-based stripper that has non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and non-caustic qualities. This has the ability to remove any old lead paint, oil-based deck stain coating, urethanes, varnishes and more from your wooden surfaces be it the exterior or interior. Varied surfaces such as plastic, glass, fiberglass, concrete, plaster, brick, stone, or more can be cleaned by removing the paint when required. This doesn’t include methylene chloride and is absolutely safe to use.

The Dumond has zero VOC’s with no irritating odor. The user-friendly smart strip is 100 percent bio-degradable with neutral pH levels. While being used this doesn’t require any peel away paper and remains effective and wet for a long-time duration. This is available in a can of 1-quart and can be applied by a roller brush or an airless spray (conventional). Any 15 coats of the virtual coating can be removed by using this paint stripper. The solution or paste can be removed or lifted after the due course of time with a scraper.

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What we liked

  • This is a biodegradable and water-based formula.

  • Is capable of removing multiple layers and is a safe solution to use.

  • Doesn’t have methylene chloride and is non-carcinogenic by nature.

  • An odor-free advanced paint remover.

  • Can remove 15 coats virtually of any coating.

  • The product pH is neutral and available in a 1-quart can.

What we didn’t like

  • Little wet and messy after use.

  • Best super-strong paint stripper.

2. Paint Stripper (Gallon – 128oz) Super Remover New Generation

The Super Remover works as its name is and can be considered the strongest paint remover available. This doesn’t contain methylene chloride and any other chemicals or highly toxic elements (NMP). A safe solution to use is revolutionary and works as efficiently and effectively as the other methylene chlorine-containing products. This is capable of providing safety to wood, metal, or concrete surfaces and brings a finish that is natural to your furniture.

This product can be cleaned with water with ease, is gentle on antiques, and provides an ultra-fast action. For any stripping project, it takes as little as 15 minutes. Only one application can strip multiple layers on surfaces. A versatile product that can remove all types of the patio, furniture, deck paint like latex, oil, shellacs, lacquers, epoxies, polyurethanes, and others. Also, an industrial stripper that can be used on projects of heavy-duty, finishing work, or stripping jobs. A high-quality brand that can be trusted with confidence.

What we liked

  • A strong paint remover with non-toxic quality.

  • A revolutionary product that can be used with safely.

  • Versatile product that can remove latex and oil paints, epoxies, shellacs, polyurethane, etc.

  • Provides an action that is ultra-fast.

  • The brand is of great quality and can be used with trust.

What we didn’t like

  • Has a strong odor.

  • Doesn’t work as promised.

Professional Strength Paint Stripper

3. STRP Max Liquid Paint Stripper / Professional Strength (64 oz)

The STRP Max liquid paint stripper that is extremely effective and works in just 5 minutes and has replaced the Methylene Chloride and NMP. The company promises to give a product that is non-toxic and is least inflammable than the others in this category. Customer satisfaction is high and the company offers a money-back guarantee. The Crown strap has the ability to remove epoxy from wood, paint, enamel, varnish, polyurethane, masonry, and more.

The Max Liquid is far away from harmful chemicals and its liquid form can cover an area 25 square feet, especially on the detailed surfaces. The paint stripper provides a professional-grade finish and clings to vertical surfaces. Handle it with care and direct contact with clothing, skin, and eyes should be avoided. Use soap and water to clean the area of skin that remains exposed while you use this. If you are using in the interiors then proper ventilation should be provided for the area, and keep the solution away from oxidizing agents. The cool and dry area should be used for storage.

What we liked

  • This is a fast-acting formula.

  • Less toxic, less inflammable, methylene and NMP free.

  • It can cover up to 25 square feet area.

  • Should be handled and stored with care.

  • A professional-grade paint stripper than is used for home improvement projects.

What we didn’t like

  • Evaporates quickly.

Best Overall Paint Stripper

4. Citristrip QCSG801-Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

A paint and varnish stripping gel, the Citristrip is a remover that is extremely powerful and has industrial-strength qualities. Multiple layers of exterior wood stain or paint can be removed with this in just one easy step. This stays active and wet for a long time (24 hours). This stripping gel doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, NMP (N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone), is non-caustic and safe to use for indoor purpose.

The Citristrip is a multi-purpose paint remover that can be used to remove paint from varied surfaces like varnish, acrylic, latex, oil paints, polyurethane, and more. This comes in 1 quart, with no harsh fumes with a citrus scent. A product that is a favorite of many experts and DIY enthusiasts. Gives a perfect lift to unwanted paint and cracks of any kind.

What we liked

  • A varnish stripping gel that has a citrus scent and has no harsh fumes.

  • This is non-caustic, contains no methylene chloride and works well for indoor use.

  • Multiple layers can be removed in just one step.

  • An amazing gel formula that remains active for 24 hours.

  • For any surface like wood, metal or masonry surfaces, this is a great formula.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t smell like citrus

Eco-Friendly Paint Stripper

5. Sunnyside 658G1A Ready-Strip ADVANCED Paint & Varnish Remover

The Sunnyside 658G1A is an amazing paint and varnish remover that can be used for any exterior or interior surfaces and it is also capable of removing solid deck stains. It doesn’t have any methylene chloride or NMP. The surfaces on which this can be used safely are marble, wood, metal, concrete, brick, stone, masonry, plaster, and more. Sheetrock, rubber, linoleum, or any kind of plastic should not be treated with this ready-strip.

Any areas with details, vertical surfaces, this non-drip formula can be used without any hassles. You can apply a single and a liberal coat and its color change technology, signals after the job of paint removing is done. After applying, just wait for the remover to turn white for the best results. About 7 layers of varnish or any kind of paint can be removed from the surface with ease.

What we liked

  • It is a safe varnish and paint remover.

  • Doesn’t contain any methylene chloride or NMP.

  • This starts its work in 60 minutes.

  • Capable of removing stains, lacquers, urethanes, lacquers and more.

  • Seven layers of coatings can be removed with this amazing and eco-friendly paint stripper.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t work well sometimes.

Tools Required For Stripping Paint From Your Wooden Spaces

➽ After you apply the formula it dries up later, then you need to scrape it using a tool and a wide putty knife works best for this. The corners of the knife should be round for preventing any damage to the wood. The places where the wide putty knife is not able to reach than a round scraper can be used. A pair of pliers along with a washer or a dowel should be prepared by you. A wood screw, in the end, can be used.

➽ Scouring pads with a non-scratch quality should also be used. The scouring pads that you use on your Teflon pans for removing any residue are an ideal choice for the wooden surfaces.

best paint stripper

best paint remover

➽ Next, you can use is a brass brush that is safe and has the ability to reach any nook and corners with convenience. You can use them on stair spindles or chairs that have turned legs.

➽ Deep cervices can be treated with any dental picks, while you are removing or scraping paint.

➽ A heat gun, paint roller pan (metal) can also be used.

➽ A disposable chip brush if required can also be bought.

Your Safety Gear

You should try to work outside as far as possible. The protection of your skin, eyes, and lungs is at top priority. Do everything safely and use the following:

➽ Splash-proof goggles

➽ Long sleeves and pants

➽ Chemical-resistant gloves

➽ Respirator (with new organic vapor cartridges)

➽ A bucket of water should be kept handy for removing any left-over on skin

paint strippers

peel away paint remover

Some Tips by Experts Before Paint Scraping

Removing and scratching paint could be a very tedious affair, so we wanted to share some expert tips for your convenience.

➽ The surface to be treated should be washed by the electric pressure washer, sanding should be done and gaps should be filled prior.

➽ It is recommended to scrape with grain and the scrapers of different sixes should be used. Any old material that is peeling should be removed properly.

➽ It is also recommended to use a stain-blocking primer for surfaces that are bare.

➽ The moisture should be kept away by filling and caulking the cracks.

➽ Any gaps to be filled up properly for giving a clean and smooth finish.

Points to be Kept in Mind Before Choosing The Best Paint Stripper

Before you invest in your best paint stripper just follow the few things which will help you to narrow down your search and make you choose the right one.

A Multi-Surface Paint Stripper

A general paint stripper for wood will provide you with enough flexibility to apply on any surface. Firstly, it should be applied to wood for checking and then its other benefits can be used for other surfaces too. More surfaces can be treated by you and the removing task will be easier. You will save your money also if one application will be used for varied surfaces.

Fast-Acting Formula

Any paint stripper that acts fast and dries in less time provides you with ease and comfort. The safety part should be checked before using, as chemical-based solutions can be toxic and dangerous too. You will be free in minutes after you apply it on the surfaces. Your efforts, time, and energy will be saved, leaving more time at your disposal for other home chores.

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is it better to sand or strip furniture

Multiple Paint Types Can be Stripped

This will add on more convenience to your work when you will be able to use the formula for oil and water-based paints both. Some solutions work on only one type of paint, so choose a one that is used to treat different types of paint.

Avoid Methylene Chloride

Any harmful, caustic, or toxic ingredients, if used for the paint stripper, can be extremely hazardous and the task may become challenging. A safe application is always welcome, and any kind formula that includes methylene chloride should be strictly avoided. Chemical-based applications can cause any kind of harm to your skin, eyes, nearby plants, and more. Using a paint stripper without this is advised.

Test The Old Paint For Lead

The houses that are old constructed ones should be tested for lead before the paint stripper is applied. These tests are necessary and are inexpensive. It’s always helpful and wise if you test the surface that has to be treated prior.

A Few More Things to Remember

While applying it may cause harm to the near-by spaces, hence it becomes your duty to keep the surroundings protected. Even the nearby furniture should be protected and using a chemical-resistant cover is recommended.

In case working indoors, the furniture should be carried outdoors or the area should be kept properly ventilated for any preventing any odor or fumes. Ventilation is a must for the interiors if you are using the paint stripper.

best paint remover for wood

The last thing, to quote is that use a good quality paint stripper to have a smooth and clean feel before you apply new coats of paint for the best results. The article clarifies the best products, their features, applying, and buying tips too.

Follow all these seriously and see the magical effect of these on your wooden surfaces be it indoors or outdoors.

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