8 Best Outdoor Wood Sealers – Top Models Reviewed!

Last updated on June 22nd, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Decks are spaces that are usually outdoors and may be affected by outdoor extreme weather conditions such as mold, mildew, rotting, wear and others. We can’t remove the underlying issues of the problem but can certainly solve them by using wood sealers(preservative).

The best outdoor sealers are made to maintain your wooden spaces and provide them with more durability. The deck sealers can be called deck stains too as they work dual and provide maximum protection. The appearance of your deck remains great and the deterioration is minimised.

Some of the best wood deck sealers have been mentioned in this article with their features and reviews.

Comparison Of The Best Exterior Wood Sealers

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Defy Extreme Wood Stain

best wood deck sealer

     ★ Premium ★       

Ready Seal 512 Exterior Stain & Sealer

best exterior wood sealer

     ★ Best value ★       

Thompson's Water Seal

thompson's water seal colors

8 Top Rated Outdoor Wood Sealers

1. Ready Seal 512 5-Gallon Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

The Ready Seal 512 is a exterior wood stain and sealer that can be put to multiple-use. The all in one sealer is formulated such that it can be used to add color and seal your wooden surfaces. The finish that you can see in the end is of supreme quality and worth appreciating.

Your time and overall costs are also removed by this as can be applied directly without the primer base on the wood. Protection against external and harmful elements such as UV rays, mold, mildew, wear is provided by this. Penetration is hampered by the sealers on freshly painted or surfaces that are newly stained. This goof-proof application can be applied with a help of a brush, roller or a sprayer.

Can be applied on wet or dry surfaces without worrying about any shading issues. This gives its true and rich color after using it for 14 days as this gets lightened with time. For applying the need of thinning or diluting is not necessary and irrespective of any temperature can be applied.

A semi-transparent sealer that is bio-degradable in water or soil and linseed oil is not a part of it that prevents the hand staining too.


  • The product doesn’t require any primer and is an all in one product.

  • This one is suitable for all kinds of exterior products.

  • Thinning and diluting is not required.

  • This is a one step stain and seal.

  • No back brushing required and doesn’t leave any laps, runs or streaks.


  • The final result gets clear after 14 days.

2. Thompsons Waterproofing Sealer for Pressure Treated Wood

The Thompsons Water Seal is the best deck sealer for pressure treated and can be used on exterior surfaces with ease. This wood water sealer and wood protector product can be applied to surfaces such as damp, dry, or new surfaces with absolute convenience.

One coat is sufficient for your decks, wood work, fences, or exterior furniture. A sealer that can be applied and cleaned easily with water and soap. Long-lasting protection against fading, damage, UV, mildew is provided while the natural color of it remains retained. This comes with an exceptional long-lasting beading and is a patented formula that can be used to clean and treat freshly pressure-treated wood.

An exceptional product that provides protection against any damage caused by water. This advanced formula boasts of its quality as manufactured by a trusted brand. A formula that is especially designed for wooden spaces.


  • A product that can be applied on dry, new or damp wood with ease.

  • Can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

  • A waterproofing stain that requires only one coat.

  • This is a quality product that can applied on freshly pressure treated wood.

  • You can just transform the appearance of your decks, wooden surfaces, sidings, exterior furniture.

  • Easy to apply and can be cleaned with water and soap.

  • Long-lasting protection against mold, mildew, weather damages.


  • This is not a stain and only sealant.

  • Color is not appealing.

3. Restore-A-Deck for your Wood, Decks, Fences, & Wood Siding

A deck stain that is water based, advanced and a semi-transparent stain formula. This is specially designed for deep wood penetration and durability. Any harm that can be caused by UV rays, or water is controlled and prevented by the Restore-A-Deck. An application that is extremely safe to use and emits a very low odor.

This can be easily applied and cleaned with water and soap solution. This deck stain is best suited for all kinds of surfaces like cedar, fir, redwood and pressure-treated wood. This is available in different colors (5) that makes your wooden spaces highlighted with the natural wood grain.

A formula that is made with advanced technology that includes active ingredients for providing marvellous penetration quality along with extreme protection against the weather conditions that may be harmful. The life, appearance, safety and durability of your wooden surfaces (exterior) is being increased with this.

The eco-friendly formula can provide your decks a great finish for years. Before applying this the surface should be dried up and the application can be put on gazebos, playsets, fences, sidings, furniture, decks etc. Exotic hard woods can also be treated with this such as mahogany. The temperature is 70 degrees and humidity 50% that is ideal for any wooden surface with a time of 2 to 4 hours.


  • An application that can be easily applied and cleaned up.

  • An eco-friendly product with a low VOC.

  • An advanced and a semi-transparent stain.

  • Emits very low odor.

  • All types of surfaces can be treated with this like gazebos, fences, sidings, furniture. Decks etc.


  • Over application may be harmful.

4. Thompsons Waterseal TH.041851-16 Transparent Waterproofing

The Thompsons Water seal is a great non toxic wood sealer product transforms your outdoor wood work. The product contains polymers that are advanced and have a long-lasting quality. This is a water-proofing stain that is fade resistant too and is used to apply on surfaces and spaces that are damp, freshly cleaned and dry.

Once you apply this then this is sure that your food is in safe hands and is protected perfectly. Natural texture and wood grain have their natural lustre once this is applied. Any exterior timber can get a fine finish with this wonderful stain. A brush, roller or a sprayer can be used to apply this on a freshly cleaned wood, damp wood etc.

This gets dried up in few hours. Absolute protection against water damage, ultra violet rays, mold, mildew is provided with this stain. The all in one water seal is a product that can be applied in one easy step.

This exceeds all the industry standards of ASTM D-4446 for waterproofing wood. The natural texture of your wood is shown through beautifully. The stain should be shaken well before applying for a fine and even finish.


  • A great product that is all-in-one.

  • This can be applied in just one easy step.

  • Water damage of any sort is prevented and the coating resists mildew and UV damage.

  • A fade resistant color is provided by this amazing deck stain.

  • The application can be applied on any surface that is damp, dry or freshly cleaned wood.

  • Exceeds Industry Standard ASTM D-4446.

  • The natural texture is shown through beautifully.


  • Proper mixing required before applying it.

5. Defy Extreme Wood Stain Light Walnut (1-gallon)

The Defy Extreme is a wood stain that is semi-transparent in nature and can be used on many surfaces like the fencing, sidings, furniture, playsets and outdoor wooden surfaces. This is an amazing formula that provides protection against any damage that can be due to UV rays or weather conditions.

Even any kind of color loss, greying and growth of mold or mildew is also controlled and prevented with this wood stain. High quality resins are used to manufacture this and this becomes more durable than others in this category. An easy to clean application that doesn’t require any use of sander or paint stripper when it comes to maintenance.

The natural matte finish that it incorporates is worth appreciation. Like a sunscreen it protects the wood and is made with fortified zinc nano-particle technology. The zinc nano particles (tiny) when dispersed can take good care of your wooden surfaces by providing a shield of protection.

This one has the quality to last longer than its other competitive products. Your wooden space can be brightened by applying just one coat of this wood stain. Fading and darkening of the product are completely ruled out when this is applied.


  • An extremely durable product that is made with high quality resins.

  • This provides enhanced mildew resistance.

  • Easy to maintain and apply.

  • This is fortified with zinc-nano particle technology.

  • The stain can last for more seasons.

  • One coat of this is sufficient.


  • This does not seal and stains only.

6. Tough Timber – Waterproof Deck Sealer, Wood Sealer

The Tough Timber is again a wonderful waterproof deck sealer that can provide protection to your wooden spaces for a long time. As the name is tough so is the timber and is made of high-industrial grade wood. This is impervious to water when applied on your cedar roof, cedar shingles, deck, wooden fences etc.

This protects the wood in the best possible way. Mold, mildew protection is provided with this sealer. This includes silane that sets deep on the surface of wood and acts as a barrier for your wood. Your wood gets more life and protection up to 95% and the surfaces will look good for years giving you more satisfaction. A stain that is resistant to any sort of gas, oil and cold.

This is easy to apply and one coat is sufficient and may appear cloudy but looks clearer on drying. A beautiful slight gloss sheen you can see when this finally dries up. This can cover up to an area as large as 1,000 sq. ft. and one- gallon jug should be mixed with 1-4 gallons of water (according to the protection level desired).


  • A high-grade product that is suitable for tough weather conditions.

  • This provides deep wood penetration.

  • Can be used to cover a large area- 1000 sq. ft.

  • It provides protection against mold, mildew and UV rays.

  • A durable product that lasts long.


  • This is not a stain, only a sealer.

7. Tall Earth Teeswt 1G Eco-Safe Wood Treatment

The Tall Earth is a wood treatment that is non-toxic, VOC free is a child and animal-friendly product. it can be used safely in your garden and when applied can cover an area of 150-200 sq. ft. This application made of natural source materials is very easy to apply and can be used on any surface.

This gives a beautiful brown or silver finish. Your wood type helps in deciding the type of effect it shows on the surface and no special preparation is required for the surface before applying this. The eco-safe solution enters deep into the wooden surface and the need of scraping, flaking or re-applying is ruled out with this.

Your fences, decks, sidings, marine applications and furniture etc. Can be beautified with this. Artificially aged look can be created with this amazing deck paint. Residues or harmful elements of any kind are not left behind in soil or water with this.

The natural preservative, and an eco-friendly product that dries up quickly and can be cleaned with water without any hassles. This can last long with the zero impact of environment and in case the wood is previously treated then a bit of sanding is apt for applying this.


  • This is an Eco-friendly and a safe product.

  • Can be used for interior and exterior use.

  • Easy application and can be cleaned up without hassles.

  • Zero impact of environment on this and lasts long.

  • Can be used internally and externally both.

  • A non-toxic solution that is made of natural ingredients.


  • Silvery or a brown finish is left in the end.

8. Bond Distributing LTD 00300 00300 Gallon Redwood Stain/Sealer

The Bond Distributing is a stain that is the choice of professionals and DIYers and is designed specifically for them. The stain, sealer has rejuvenating qualities and acts as a preservative too. any exterior wooden surface can get a great look with this wonderful stain and sealer.

This non-drip formula is easy to use and can be applied conveniently on the surface. No cracks, chips, flakes or overlaps can happen because of this. A thin coat of this should be applied on the surface and it gives a glossy sheen that over the time gets reduced naturally. This can easily last up to 7 years and doesn’t require any reapplication.

The cedar finish wood is a one-time application and just adds beauty and a clean appearance to your favorite surface. This is available in size of 1-gallon capacity and is designed to suit a wide variety of surfaces. The Bond is specifically designed to rejuvenate the color.


  • A formula that is easy to use.

  • This doesn’t overlap, chip, or flake.

  • The preferred choice of professionals and DIYers.

  • Stain and sealer in one.

  • Can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces.

  • This is specially designed to rejuvenate color.

  • This last for 7 years and doesn’t require re-application.


  • Covers very less area when applied on the surface.

  • Can flake sometimes.

Stain Or Seal – Which Is The Best?

Whether a stain or a sealer both acts as protective shield for the wood. They can be applied on outdoor surfaces like the fences, sidings, decks and others for providing them protection from the harmful affects of weather.

Mostly the sealers when applied are clear and transparent and they are like a thin film on the wooden surface and that prevents water penetration. Fungal growth or rotting might occur with time and your wooden surfaces may get damaged. The natural oils of the wood might be eaten up the sun rays and splits and cracks appear.

Top Outdoor Wood Sealers

Wood stains also carry similar qualities to that of a sealer but possess extra tone and pigment and provides more protection against the sun rays. They are available in various colors and types.

Sealers can be applied on the stain to give a thin glossy affect, that has the ability to protect the surface and can be used on oil stained surfaces too. any kind of untimely, break down or rotting can also be prevented or controlled by it. For the best results it is advisable to stain the surface and apply sealant of overall durability and product longevity. The periodic maintenance and smoothness are increased with the help of a sealer if applied on a stained surface.

Choosing The Best Outdoor Wood Preserver– Buying Tips

There are some essential things that should be thought of by you before selecting the best wood sealer for your surface. We have tried to make your work easy by listing some key points:

The Location

The terrain and its climate you stay helps in deciding the type of sealer that is required to be applied. Some places have a climate that undergoes changes that are normal while some have extreme climates.

You have to choose a sealer more cautiously when it has to be dealt with more adverse weather conditions. Just follow the climate zone of the place where you are located.


The resistance that can be provided by the sealers is something very crucial, as this decide the product’s quality and durability. They provide protection against water penetration, UV rays and mold and mildew. The sealer you buy should be able to provide great resistance as the wood needs protection from all these harmful elements.

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds

Any kind of health hazards can be called by a sealer that has a high VOC as fumes are being emitted by them. One should go for a product that has a low VOC and should be animal and human friendly. The compounds should not make you suffer from any kind of throat irritations or headaches. Very high VOC levels can damage your CNS (Central Nervous System) and kidneys. We are not trying to scare you but prevention is better than cure.

The Area Of Application

You have to take a complete account of your wood composition before you apply the sealer, as all woods are not the same. Some require more penetration while some need less, the density is decided by the surface and material of the wood.

The sealer should be able to provide you with the perfect results and should match your material for that.

The Color

The sealers are mostly transparent in nature but some of them act as a sealant and a stain both like the Deck Premium. The different colors such as light walnut, dark walnut and cedar are available in this. When you choose then color consideration is also important.

The Application Tools

The sealers require some tool for applying them such as brushes, roller or sprayers. Before applying you should be comfortable with the mode of application that you will choose to use. The type of sealer and the wooden surface to be applied helps in deciding this.

The Durability

All the sealers come with a different durable and long-lasting quality. It is wise to choose a product that stays with you for a longer time and gives protection to your wooden spaces without bothering you for maintenance.

The Last Lines

You can easily choose from many options available, the best sealer or stain/sealer that works perfect for your outdoor wooden spaces. The factors such as resistance, application, durability, color and more should be seriously considered before you buy as these give longevity and protection to your outdoor surfaces.

The decks or the outdoor places are the ones where you sit and relax. More comfortable, stylish and beautiful these spaces can become if you use a good sealer that matches your style and climate. Choose wisely and apply it properly by following the instructions on the manual for best outcomes.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. What Do You Mean By A Wood Sealer?

Ans1. A sealer is a product that has a plastic base and is transparent when applied. They enter deep into the pores of the wood and act as a protective shield against any harm and make the surface smooth and clean. They are durable and add longevity to your wooden spaces. The entry of moisture in the wood  is stopped by the sealers.

Q2. How Are Stains And Sealers Different?

Ans 2. Stains are applied on surfaces to add color along with protection, while the sealers are applied to give a transparent look to the surfaces. Sealers can be applied on the stains too for best outcomes. Sealers provide a shiny look and the stains add color, and the latter is thicker than the former.

Q3. What Is The Ideal Number Of Times The Sealer Should Be Reapplied?

Ans 3. Before you re-schedule your sealer application process, the condition, climate and the wear should be checked properly of your wood. The ideal time is 1-3 years after which the sealant should be used. In case your wooden space is in good condition then you can extend the ideal time as it may vary due to your location.

Q4. Which Is The Best Sealer?

Ans4. There are many available in the market and one should choose that is most suited for your wood. Your budget, choice, climate, rainfall is some of the factors that make a sealer the best one. the wood composition also makes you decide the type of sealer you choose.