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The word pandemic or an epidemic is horrifying or worrying for anyone. COVID-19 more commonly called the coronavirus is something that has brought a lot of fear and responsibility too. March of 2020 came with this declaration worldwide that this is a state of emergency.

The fear here can be more clearly understood as the anxiety or the don’ts related to this outbreak and responsibility are the do’s required to be done as precaution or prevention of the viral infection.

It is not yet revealed by science completely, regarding the virus or what is that which makes a good reusable mask. As we all are aware, the WHO-World Health Organisation has stated that the new coronavirus spreads faster and is more dangerous than the other coronavirus SARS and MERS.  

Asymptomatic people with the virus are more likely to spread and infect people, even before they come to show some symptoms of the virus.


Due to this, there is an increase in the number of state health departments and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing face coverings, masks (non-medical) has been made compulsory while you are out in public.

Very younger generations such as the children under 2 years are excluded from this. Since the masks are recommended and made compulsory, there is a rush on the stores and online orders as their demand has enormously increased.  

The facemasks have actually become a necessity in the wake of Covid-19, as these help in curbing the spread of coronavirus among the human race.

Which is the best mask for coronavirus? These questions trouble everyone…..But we have the answer to this. Let us plunge in deeper and make things clearer.  

Our write-up on the best mask for coronavirus has touched all the issues deeply and it ventures into the guidelines too for selecting the best one.

If we talk more broadly then we should know about the types of masks first. Let us gather some knowledge of the same.

The Masks And Their Types

The major types of masks are the medical grade and non-medical grade coverings. These are recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation) also. We have suggested products for every mask type also for you to choose from.

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Finest N95 Respirator

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Pack of 1 M Covers With 6 Extra Active Carbon Filters

Protective Mask with Filter and 2 valves Neoprene (Red)

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Homemade Face Masks

protective mask

DewAmor Reusable

Washable Neoprene/Cotton Face Mask Protection

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Finest Surgical Masks

surgical mask

Single Use Pullout Comfort Earloop Disposable Face Mask (Pack of 50)

Blue – Latex Free

Note: The homemade masks can be prepared at home also by easy DIY methods or neat cotton cloth can be used to stitch the face covering.

The Medical-Grade Masks

They are further categorized into two categories surgical face masks and N95 respirators. Whenever someone coughs and sneezes the disposable surgical masks prove of great help in filtering the larger sized particles and the discharge of droplets, while the N95 respirator is the ones that filter smoke, airborne viruses, and the smallest of the particles.

The Non-Medical Face Coverings

These are another type of face covers like the reusable ones, handkerchiefs, scarfs, that work to protect you from large particles and respiratory droplets. These aren’t used for medical purposes and can be reused by washing and cleaning after you use them every time.

4 Best Face Mask For Coronavirus

best face masks

1. Finest N95 Respirator

This is a wonderful mask that features a tight fit and better than the surgical ones. Bacteria and viruses are filtered up to 95% more than this. This is widely used for preventing the spread of the deadly virus Covid-19. They have more advantages such as:

They protect against the smoke, mist and inhaling dust

These are usable after washing

This has the ability of up to 0.3 microns or larger

Protects against contamination of viruses

A. Pack of 1 M Covers With 6 Extra Active Carbon Filters

This is a quality mask and liked by the users. This features six extra active carbon filters for providing protection.

Great help at the time of Covid-19 and this is made with high-quality nylon. This will provide you ample protection for hours while filtering the minutest of the particles.

Customer Reviews: This one is really appreciated by the users and a good option to buy and use.

B. Protective Mask with Filter and 2 valves Neoprene (Red)

The other one is the red respirator mask which is made from fine Neoprene material and features two valves. This one weighs 2.5 ounces and works brilliantly for trapping the bacteria and viruses.

Customer Reviews: A new product and great one to invest in.

what are face masks for

2. Finest Surgical Mask

Masks are most commonly used by healthcare professionals all over the world. These are a bit lose in fitting and are made to cover the chin, mouth, and nose of a person. They have many advantages such as:

They can tackle large particles of droplets

Deals with splashes or sprays

Saves you and prevents the spread of Covid-19 to others

They are extremely cost-effective

Useful for people of varied sizes and shapes

C. Single Use Pullout Comfort Earloop Disposable Face Mask (Pack of 50), Blue - Latex Free

These masks are environmentally-friendly, latex-free, and disposable. Works great5 for ordinary and general public environments. This is a three-layer filter system with a blue moldable nose clip at the top. The white air-loops are attached to it from outside the blue facing on the mask front.

You just have to slide the fingers and extend around the ears. For ensuring a close fit the nose clip should be squeezed. The outer layer: 100% Spunbond Polypropylene; middle layer: 100% melt-blown Polypropylene; inner layer: 100% Spunbond Polypropylene. This is a product from China and has to be disposed of after a single-use.

Customer Reviews: Some of the users find it crap while others appreciate this set of masks. A good one to use as can be disposed of after a single-use. Though, these are not good fighting against airborne infectious diseases.

3. Homemade Face Masks

They provide similar protection like that of the surgical masks. They are made of fabric usually and provide protection to a small degree and may help you out to deal with the novel coronavirus. The sanitization and disinfecting of the cloth or sponge mask are required. They help in filtering 50% of the viruses and bacteria. They have some advantages also such as:

They are cost-effective

Can be reused

Very handy in urgent times

Protects you against large droplets, sprays, and splashes

D. DewAmor Reusable, Washable Neoprene/Cotton Face Mask Protection

This is a washable and reusable mask. An anti-dust face mask that should be hand washed only. Extremely comfortable, durable, and can be used for a pretty long time. This is a multi-purpose mask that guards you against viruses, dust, dirt, pet dander, and against other sinus related issues.

If some people have skin allergies or have undergone some intensive skin treatments, then this cotton mask can be used by them. This exceptional mask protects your skin from sun and wind, weather and snow too.

This is like a bold fashion accessory along with protection and easily foldable to make it rest in your pocket or bag. A great product from the US and made with cotton and Neoprene material. This mask enables a snug fit and protects your lungs, mouth, and nose.

Customer Reviews: Some of the customers reviewed it as a wonderful product and some complained it to be oversized and not the same as pictured.

Comparison of The Three Types of Masks, N95, SURGICAL, And HOMEMADE FACE MASKS

All the three types of masks differ from each other:

which korean face mask is the best

The Most Preferred Mask For Providing Protection Against The coronavirus

If any person is confirmed with coronavirus then quickly a surgical mask should be worn by that individual. The health workers that take care of the COVID-19 positive patients should wear N95 respirator masks as these protect from the particles of up to 0.3 microns. Even this is recommended by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Protection), that the home-made masks are an effective way of preventing the spread of the virus even when the person is asymptomatic.

types of masks

Care While You Wear Your Mask

Before you put on your mask the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of New York City recommends washing your hands properly with soap for at least 20 seconds. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer can also be used before you wear your mask.

Don’t Adjust The Mask

Once you have worn the mask, you should refrain from touching it. It is recommended not to pull it down to speak or drink something. You should not put it on again as the virus from outside may settle down on your mask if you are in a grocery store or elsewhere in any crowded places.

types of face masks

Removing The Mask

Before you take off your mask, again wash your hands properly (National Hewish Health Hospital, Denver recommends this). While removing it be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, mouth as advised by CDC also. The elastic or the mask ties should be touched and nothing else. Disposable filters should be thrown out if inserted, and the mask should be kept where it doesn’t touch other surfaces and its countertops. Again, hands should be washed by you.

Cleaning Thoroughly

Before reuse the mask should be washed, should undergo a dry cycle. It can be hand washed with soap and water too. This should dry completely and you have many to rotate the wear.

protective mask

The Final Conclusion

There are places and spaces where social distancing is a big issue and all these public settings require you to wear a good quality mask. These masks greatly help in preventing the spread of the virus. The N95 respirator masks and surgical masks are greatly required and reserved for the healthcare pro since they have to deal with the sick or they are in the hospital. One should ensure hygiene and wear disinfected homemade face masks. They can be self-designed and handkerchiefs are also a good option to cover your mouth and nose.

best face mask for virus protection


Q1. When should a mask be used?

Ans1. Any person who is suspected of coronavirus or is taking care of the sick, traveling during this pandemic needs to use a mask. Using masks and washing hands, both should go parallel and this hygiene practice in routine will save you from the deadly virus.

Q2. Can a reusable mask be shared with another person?

Ans2. Every one of us should have separate masks for usage. You should avoid sharing your mask, even if it is a reusable one. It hardly matters if the mask is surgical, N95, or a homemade one.

Q3. Can a healthcare worker use a homemade mask?

Ans3. Healthcare professionals need to use masks that are layered, strong, and extremely effective in acting as a barrier against the different types of viruses and bacteria. So, wearing a specified protective face mask like the N95 is recommended for them as they are in contact with the COVID-19 positive persons.

Q4. If anyone is taking care of a coronavirus patient, what precautions should be taken?

Ans4. In case you are in taking care of a coronavirus positive patient then follow the following:

Wear an N95 respirator mask

Keep on washing hands regularly and properly

Stay positive and calm

Keep all the surroundings hygienic around you and the patient

Sanitization at regular intervals is a must.

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