5 Best Hot Water Pressure Washer Reviewed

By: Grady GalvezUpdated: May 25, 2021

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What’s so special about these hot water pressure washers?

Certainly hot water has more “POWER” than the cold water when you are to dislodge stubborn grease, grime, and dirt. More power means less time + effective & effective cleaning.

Though for simple home cleaning tasks the cold pressure washers sit sufficient but what about some serious commercial or industrial grade cleaning.

Henceforth, the hot water power pressure rule the cleaning world. They work best for your tough tasks. If you are in need of something that ticks all your boxes then the hot water pressure washers created by some top-line brands are right here.

All these appliances mentioned are:

  1. Super high-powered
  2. Very hot
  3. Expensive

With much tests and trials we have tried to figure out which is the best working lad that suits your cleaning tasks.

Let’s not waste time and dive into the details below:

Top 5 Hot Water Pressure Washer Detailed Review

1. Maxell Hot Water Gas Pressure Washer

When the engine brand is Honda then you can totally rely on it for quality, durability, and performance. This hot water gas pressure washer is a heavy-duty machine capable of 3,000 PSI and a water flow rate of 3.5 GPM.

This has a sturdy frame and offers quick cleaning. We consider this as the best one in our list as it is liked by many users for its convenience and great cleaning qualities.

The power washer comprises of a detergent injection system and the pump type crankshaft. The motor is specifically designed to handle high temperatures like 200 Degrees F.


  • Offers quick cleaning

  • High-efficiency Honda engine

  • Robust design

  • Heavy-duty use.


  • May sound noisy in enclosed areas.

Best Gas Pressure Washer

commercial hot water pressure washer

2. NorthStar Gas, Wet Steam, & Hot Water Power Washer

If you are searching for a gas option then this is another in the list. If you want high PSI then this is the perfect one for you. When you buy NorthStar you get unmatchable power and for commercial cleaning and heavy-duty use.

Since this is a gas option it comes with two 8.75 gallon tanks. For your understanding they come color-coded, where red is for gasoline, yellow is for diesel, fuel oil, or kerosene. Just note one thing that the hot water power washer runs on gas but has an electric start.

Offers both steam and hot water up to 250 Degrees F. Overall a great pressure washer which cleans faster, saves time, and money too.


  • Adjustable pressure for job versatility.

  • Sight glass lets you quickly check pump oil.

  • Reliable machinery.

  • Improved strength provided forged brass manifold.


  • A heavy version as felt by some users.

  • Some users reported, the burners are strong.

Best Budget-Friendly Option

electric hot water pressure washer


We all know that hot water pressure washers come with an expensive price tag but this one is a pretty affordable competitor than its other counter parts. At a price of just $739.67 this one is quite economical to buy.

This has the ability to reach temperatures of 180 Degrees F. staying adequate enough for deep clean grease, grime, and other dirt. This comes with a maximum PSI of 1900. On our list this is most suitable for residential purposes than commercial.

You can take it for work and see the amazing results.

Note: This does not come on any sort of portable frame and manoeuvring is slightly troublesome. But you can set up a frame y yourself.

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  • Affordable than others.

  • Hot water up to 180 Degrees.

  • Comes with an adjustable water gauge.

  • Mesh-designed water filter.

  • Safety comes with the pressure washer.


  • Has no attachments but can be bought separately.

  • Does not have wheels though you can set a frame on your own.

Best Durable Choice

hot water pressure washer for sale

4. SIMPSON MB1518 Hot Water Pressure Washer

The SIMPSON MB1518 flaunts of a heavy-duty induction motor system. The welded steel frame with the powder-coated finish makes this hot water pressure washer highly durable and corrosion resistant.

A machine that’s created to last for years, and you want something like this, then you can try out this power washer by Simpson.

With an industrial triplex pump and a 120 Volt motor system this lad gives you a power packed edge. You also get 13″ premium pneumatic tires and 5 quick connect nozzle tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap.

Overall the pressure washer leaves you with a whole lot of convenience & comfort.


  • Offers versatile functions.

  • Welded steel construction frame leaves you with comfort.

  • Comes with 5 quick connect nozzle tips.

  • Long convenient spray gun.

  • 13″ premium pneumatic tires.


  • The 1500 PSI is slightly less for commercial purposes.

Best Powerful Pressure Washer

gas powered hot water pressure washer

5. Steel Dragon Tools Hot Water Pressure Washer

As far as high PSI is concerned this is certainly indomitable. Do you know how much PSI the hot water pressure washer by Steel Dragon Tools is capable of? A whooping 4000 PSI with an amazing GPM of 21.

Now you can yourself imagine the magnificent power while you pressure wash the surfaces. You get hot water up to 210 Degrees F and clean decks, patios, pool tiles, parking lots, sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, etc. with ease. Plastic housing is light weight and easy to maneuver.

On the whole a machine that leaves you with adequate control for all sorts of cleaning jobs.


  • A great PSI range- 4000.

  • Can be put to versatile use.

  • A lightweight option with just 59 pounds.

  • Cleaner includes handle and trigger gun.


  • Plastic housing could be fragile when we have sturdy steel framed equipment available.

Some More Alternatives - Hot Water Pressure Washers

1. Northstar Electric Hot Water Power Washer

Northstar Electric Wet Steam Cleaner and Hot Water...
21 Reviews
Northstar Electric Wet Steam Cleaner and Hot Water...*
  • Upgrades a cold water pressure washer into a hot water/steam pressure washer
  • For pressure washers from 2-4 GPM and 4000 PSI max.
  • Diesel burner heats water up to 250deg F


3 Reviews
  • 15 HP Lifan Gas Engine - EK Pump Direct Drive - 3.5 GPM @ 4000 PSI - 12 Volt Oil Fired Burner -...

3. Easy-Kleen Professional 270 (Gas - Hot Water)

Easy-Kleen Professional 2700 PSI (Gas - Hot Water)...
2 Reviews
Easy-Kleen Professional 2700 PSI (Gas - Hot Water)...*
  • 6.5 HP Kohler Gas Engine - General Pump Direct Drive - 3 GPM @ 2700 PSI - 120 Volt Oil Fired Burner...

Selecting The Right Hot Water Pressure Washer

We know that hot washer pressure washing will definitely help you finish tasks quicker. These are designed for commercial use more, though you can use these sometimes for home jobs too.

As for home use normal pressure will work fine. For industrial or commercial purposes such as cleaning garage floors, driveways, surfaces with the most stubborn stains (grime, grease, caked mud) and more, these hot water pressure washers make the task super easy.

You need to keep some important things in mind before you grab the best hot water pressure washer.


As you already are aware there are two types of pressure washers available:

  1. Gas
  2. Electric

If you choose the electric hot water pressure washer, then you will be using an environmentally friendly equipment as this one doesn’t make use of gasoline.

But for higher PSIs you will find a gas pressure washer more powerful over the electric ones.


This is another aspect which cannot be ignored. You need to be comfortable while using a power washer. Check out whether it has wheels, is easy to maneuver, and light or heavy. This will certainly dictate your buying decision.

Heating System

You need to review before as how the power tool heats up the water. Generally this is a heating coil or a burner.

Gas pressure washers use burners to raise temperatures of the incoming water supply (rises up to 250 Degrees F.). Some of the power washers also offer steam cleaning.

The heating coils are designed to work in a slightly different manner. They are made of tubes or pipes and you can see them on your appliance.

These work well to heat up water but not as powerfully as the burners do.

Water Pressure (PSI & GPM)

Checking the PSI of the appliance is also very important as this estimates the amount of pressure per square inch. The higher numbers indicate more pressure.

The more GPM will provide more effective cleaning as the water that goes through the machine will have good force.

Some of the power washers may be advertising the pressure with the term – CP. You get this by multiplying the GPM and PSI.

For example if a machine has a PSI of 4000 and GPM 3, then the CP will be 12,000.

Safety Features

These machines speak about volumes of power and it’s a great idea to invest in one that comes with safety features.

This may comprise of a shut-off switch on the trigger gun, a safety lock to prevent any accidents, a safety-valve for using low pressure, and more.


As mentioned above also, these power tools are not always economical as they come with varied price tags. We are considering here in thousands, and you need to stick to your budget as much as possible.

As mentioned above also, these power tools are not always economical as they come with varied price tags. We are considering here in thousands, and you need to stick to your budget as much as possible.

Additional Features

There are many additional features that are possessed by the pressure washers. They could be hoses, nozzles, wands, spray guns, and other attachments. They will leave you with more power and control over you hot water pressure washer.

Hot VS Cold Pressure Washers - Which One Is Better?

The hot water pressure washers are quite effective at cleaning and removing stubborn contaminants such as oil, grease, or grime than the cold pressure washers.

In comparison to the cold pressure washers the hot power washers are faster too. We can understand this better with an example here:

If there are tough stains or contaminants that are not coming off from the surface then the hot power washers work more efficiently than the cold pressure washers.

Some pros fall into the lap of cold water pressures too. These are normally more cost effective than their hot water cousins. As far as repairing is concerned the cold pressure washers have a simple design whereas the hot power washers incorporate burners or coils that make may the repairing process slightly complicated if you are doing the DIY way.th the pressure washer types have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.


The hot water pressure washer will stay as a winner when you need to accomplish some serious and deep cleaning for industrial or commercial purposes.

On the other hand for residential or home use cold pressure washers are adequately featured. Rest, as I always say preferences rule your decision, so choose accordingly.

We have the best hot water pressure washers ever created on earth in the article above. Do follow the buying suggestions prior to finalising your purchase for best cleaning outcomes.

Seriously, we recommend the Maxell Hot Water Gas Pressure Washer and the NorthStar Gas, Wet Steam, & Hot Water Power Washer. Others are also not less.

Enjoy and have a marvellous experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can We Hook A Normal Pressure Washer To Hot Water?

Ans1. ‘No’, as the normal pressure washers may get damaged with hot water as they are not meant for tackling this. Just note that the running water which is hotter than 140 Degrees F. may leave you with problems if the cold water is running through the pressure washer. Though with mild hot temperatures you can use your unit.

Q2. Which Is The Best Hot Water Pressure Washer Available?

Ans2. The Maxell Hot Water Gas Pressure Washer and the NorthStar Gas, Wet Steam, & Hot Water Power Washer are great options when you are to buy hot water pressure washers. One more you can check out is the AR Annovi Reverberi hot water power washer. Rest all the ones that are mentioned in the write-up above are just worth.

Q3. How Does A Hot Pressure Washer Function?

Ans3. The hot water power washers come with oil burners that work to heat-up the outgoing water. The water gets heated-up after it leaves the high-pressure pump and the unloader. At a rated amount of BTUs the burner system works to create pressure and then the heat is transferred through the coil pipe into the water

Q4. Which One Is More Good Hot Or Cold Water?

Ans4. Hot water speeds up the cleaning process but for normal tasks cold water is just fine. The cold water has more benefits to the environment but deep cleaning may not be done effectively using these. For more details go above at Hot VS Cold Pressure Washers.

Q5. Is Hot Water In The Hot Water Pressure Very Hot?

Ans5. The temperature of the water is raised by the hot water pressure washers roughly around 53 Degrees F – 311 Degrees F. The cleaning time and detergent quantity is reduced with the hot water power washer.