Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer Reviews 2021

gasoline power washer reviews

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

For commercial cleaning companies, who often need heavy-duty cleaning power for outdoor jobs, a good gas pressure washer is a must. Be it a garage floor stained with a tough greasing, an industrial surface or a piece of heavy machinery and equipment, a gas-powered pressure washer can fix up the job for you in no time.

Their effectiveness is unmatched given their ability to work in any remote location devoid of the power outlet.

We are going to be reviewing the best gas pressure washers available in the market and a detailed user buying guide to help you find the most reasonable washer for specific cleaning needs. The following list has been curated based on price comparison, cleaning power, complementary accessories, engine and their most suited application.

Top Industrial Pressure Washers - Compared at a Glance

Product Details

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

  • Pressure: 3300 psi

  • GPM: 2.5 gallons

  • Manufacturer: Simpson

  • Weight: 83.2 pounds

  • Dimensions: 34 x 21 x 24 inches

  • Warranty: 1 year

Our Star Rating

Champion 3200-PSI 2.4-GPM Dolly-Style Gas Pressure Washer

  • Pressure: 3200 psi

  • GPM: 2.4 gallons

  • Manufacturer: Champion Power Equipment

  • Weight: 68.3 pounds

  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 18.4 x 38.3 inches

  • Warranty: 1 year

Our Star Rating

Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure Washer

Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Pressure: 4200 PSI

  • GPM: 4.0 GPM

  • Manufacturer: Generac Power Systems Inc

  • Weight: 146.5 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 28.3 x 42.5 Inches

  • Warranty: 3 year

Our Star Rating

Briggs & Stratton - Gas Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer

  • Pressure: 4000 PSI

  • GPM: 4.0 GPM

  • Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton Power Products

  • Weight: 100 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 27 x 25 Inches

  • Warranty: 2 Year

Our Star Rating

Pressure Pro E4040HC - Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

  • Pressure: 4000 PSI

  • GPM: 4.0 GPMS

  • Manufacturer: Pressure Pro

  • Weight: 99 pounds

  • Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 26 Inches

  • Warranty: 1 year

Our Star Rating

Gasoline Power Washers Reviewed

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1. SIMPSON Most Powerful Gasoline Power Washer

This pressure washer provides a highly powered flow that will handle most jobs. The 3300 PSI is incredibly powerful and it is backed by a 2.5 GPM. I like the fact it comes with 5 nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40 degree & soap) and its large tires make it easy to move around.

There is a 25 foot hose so you can move quite a distance away from the motor and move into harder to reach places. The pressure washer has a 16-inch steel ergonomic spray wand and features a trigger lock so it will stay off when you are not using it. The pneumatic tires absorb the vibration too.

I think one downside is that this model isn’t the cheapest available and might be out of the price range of some people. You will also need hearing protection as it is louder than other washers on this list. The handle is quite low so if you are using this a lot it can be hard to move and it weighs 84 pounds but is fine for personal use. This is an industrial level power washer that comes with a AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump combined with PowerBoost Technology for a powerful experience.


  • Heavy duty pressure washer that will clean most surfaces well.
  • 25 foot hose is great for moving around.
  • Features AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump with PowerBoost Technology.


  • Very loud so you will need hearing protection.
  • Might be out of the budget for some people.

     ★ Top Pick      

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2. Champion Dolly-Style - For Home Use

This model is quite similar to the previous one on our list but has a slightly lower PSI and 3200 backed by a 2.4 GPM. There are 5 nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40, and soap) and a 25 foot hose.

I think that the durable frame that is made of steel is a great feature to ensure that this pressure washer lasts. There is a low-oil shutoff sensor as well as 12 inch wheels which makes moving around fairly easy. The heat shield can become very warm when in use and the instruction manual isn’t the clearest especially if you are new to gas pressure washers.

It’ll do a range of jobs for you and only has a few features that can be considered drawbacks.


  • Durable steel frame so this should last with heavy duty pressure washing.
  • Very powerful with 3200 PSI and 2.4 GPM.
  • Low oil shut off sensor.


  • Instructions aren’t clear especially for new users.
  • Heat shield can get very hot.

     ★ Top Pick      

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3. Briggs & Stratton Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

This commercial gas pressure washer is a powerhouse capable of high-end performances in both domestic and industrial environments. It has the maximum capacity of 4000 CPI and 4 GPI, which enables you to remove virtually any type of dirt. The Briggs & Stratton 2100 Series OHV Engine is built to last so that you can use it for house cleaning projects over long periods of time.

This pressure washer utilizes gas and has a 1,75-gallon fuel capacity which is more than enough to perform several household tasks before you need to refuel it. Adding detergents into the water is also an option you will have if you opt for this Briggs & Stratton’s commercial pressure washer. Like the previous model, I covered this model comes with five different tips that allow you to choose which spraying pattern is the best for the cleaning task you would like to perform.


  • Detergent injection functionality.
  • Features a 50-foot high-pressure hose.
  • Adjustable pressure regulator.
  • 2-year consumer warranty.


  • Comes with a hefty price tag.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Relatively heavy.

     ★ Top Pick      

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4. Pressure Pro Commercial Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

I don’t think that you can expect much more from a commercial pressure washer than what Pressure Pro E4040HC has to offer. It’s 13 horsepower GX390 Honda engine ensures that you can perform any cleaning task with ease, while the CAT Triplex Plunger Pump keeps the engine cool even while performing demanding tasks.

Moreover, this heavy-duty pressure washer features a thermosensor that prevents overheating, and it enables you to use the E4040HC model over extended periods of time. It is also equipped with a 50-feet steel-reinforced non-marking hose as well as an insulated gun. The wand assembly is compatible with five different nozzle tips that enable you to adjust easily to all types of household chores. If you decide to purchase the Pressure Pro E4040 you will get a lifetime frame warranty, which makes this commercial pressure washer a solid investment.


  • Virtually indestructible hose.
  • Durable engine capable of high-end performance.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Has a potential of 4000 PSI.


  • More expensive than similar models.
  • Requires frequent refueling.
  • Fuel odor can be difficult to conceal.

     ★ Top Pick      

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5. Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure Washer

In my opinion, this is probably one of the best commercial pressure washers you can choose for your home. The fact that Generac6565 has a 4200 PSI rating speaks volumes about its cleaning capabilities. This commercial generac pressure washer can be utilized to remove all types of dirt that cannot be removed easily from the walls or any other part of your household.

Its 420cc Generac OHV engine is combined with a pro-grade triplex pump to provide high-end cleaning services to commercial users. Generac6565 is also equipped with a low-oil shutdown sensor that protects the engine and keeps it in pristine condition over long periods of time.

Moreover, the oversized pneumatic tires provide additional mobility and allow you to work on a variety of different terrains. Generac6565 is heavier than most commercial pressure washers in its price range, which makes it better suited for homeowners who don’t need to transport their pressure washer over long distances.


  • Low-oil shutdown sensor.
  • Pneumatic tires can absorb heavy impact.
  • A powerful engine that ensures high-end performances.
  • Pro-Grade Triplex Pump provides extra durability.


  • No extension wand included.
  • Weighs 146.5 pounds.
  • No hose included.

How Were The Best Chosen?

Reliable And Durable

A gas pressure washer should work when you want it to and also last for a long time. The unit that you buy should be able to withstand heavy usage. With pressure washing you will find many objects bouncing off the surface you are washing so it is important that it is able to tolerate this.

Even though the gas units do not need to be plugged and offer great mobility, you’ll still be moving away from the device with the hose. You will want to ensure that you buy a model that can cope with jerking and occasionally falling over too.

A simpson pressure washer with a sturdy frame and make will be able to cope with the most demanding of jobs no matter that is thrown at it.

Cleaning Power

Many people will make the mistake of picking a gas pressure washer that provides the most power. A lot of places will rate and promote these units based on how powerful they are. Don’t get me wrong, the main purpose of the washer is to blast dirt and grime off various surfaces and if you want to try and get the most power for your money then that is great.

The problem is that some of the most powerful gas pressure washers will lack certain features. This means that a less powerful model may actually be better as it has more functionality or perhaps it is more durable.

If you are basing your decision on cleaning power then the two most important things to look out for is PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). PSI is how much cleaning pressure you will get and GPM refers to the amount of water that actually comes out of the washer. You should look out for a good balance between the two so that you get a good steady flow of water and an adequate power level.

Many mid to low range units are unlikely to offer the same raw power as a more expensive model but most will still pack a powerful punch.

Design And Features

It is vital that you have a look at what other features are offered with the unit.

Pay close attention to what else you are getting beyond PSI and GPM. Pressure washers should come with a range of nozzles which will allow the unit to tackle a range of different situations. Some pressure washers will have 4 nozzles, some will have 5 nozzles and others may have even more.

You will also find units that have separate detergent tanks if you want to get a really deep clean. You should also pay attention to the frame to ensure that it can cope with being tipped over, withstand bumps and offer adequate protection to the unit overall.

Benefits Of Diesel Or Gas Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are of different types, running on electricity or gas. Basically, gas and diesel pressure washer are used extensively. An electric pressure washer is used on small scales, such as in households, but the diesel engine is used for heavy duty purposes. This is because they have lots of benefits. They are usually used for industrial and professional purposes. Let’s discuss the benefits and there area of work.

diesel pressure washer

Create High Pressure: Most of the industrial cleanings need a pressure washer which can create pressure high enough for effective cleaning, with fewer efforts. They can create pressure up to 2500 psi, which can remove dirt no matter how stubborn it is. This kind high pressure can be helpful in cleaning heavy vehicles like trucks, cranes and other loaders. They have high power than the other type of pressure washers. That power could be very beneficial in a lot of areas. This pressure can reach places no other pressure washers can.

Economical: Long hours of the working means high cost of operation. Had been a gas pressure washer, the cost could skyrocket, but diesel washer is economical since the fuel costs are low. The fact that they have high run hours per litre of diesel make them economical. So, for heavy duty purpose, a diesel pressure washer is the choice. They give the same result or even better results with very low cost. That’s the type a professional pressure cleaner looks for.

Maintenance: The diesel power washers are reliable and they don’t need much of a maintenance. They can run for 10000 hours without service, and that’s a very low maintenance. So, indirectly, they have very less operational cost. You can think of buying one just because of this benefit. On the other hand, electric pressure washers can give you problems, because no two power points give you the exact same supply.

Effective Cleaning: Due to high pressure, they clean the surface better. If you have a really dirty driveway, you can easily rely on diesel power washer. Even if the surface is greasy, you can get best of the detergent solution from a diesel pressure washer. Their pressure can peel of heavy layers of dirt.

Reliable: They are most reliable pressure washers. Electric pressure washers can’t run without electricity, and if the power is down, you wouldn’t be able to do the job. But not the case with diesel washers. You can count on them as long as you’re filling them. The parts are made so well because they are combustion engines, they last longer. You can expect them to last more than a decade. They will work as they’re doing now at the end of the decade. They’re extremely reliable and heavy duty tools.

Portable: They don’t have cords or anything that hold them. So you can move along the surface you want to clean. They have good tires that help in reaching the desired place easily. Except portable pressure washers others need big cords, which can add to the extra cost.

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All of the gas pressure washers that are listed above are capable of heavy-duty cleaning. This includes walls, driveways, sidewalks, and fences. Some of the units also let you use detergent and other chemicals to get at those tough to remove stains.

Gas washers have the advantage that they don’t have to be plugged in and you can use them practically anywhere. You won’t need to be beside a power source to get it started. Although they aren’t the best option for small enclosed spaces due to the fumes, they still offer mobility which you don’t get with other models.