What is the Best Fuel Stabilizer: Top 9 Products Reviewed

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

FUEL – A dynamic liquid which if left to sit may turn bad.

Did you know? Within 30-days the fuel starts to spoil if not stored in an airtight container.

Sadly, the fuel system of vehicles is not air-tight, and keeping your vehicle at its best in terms of performance could be a stupendous task. Hence, these fuel stabilizers are specially designed to prevent fuel oxidation while focussing on their lifespan.

The fuel stabilizers not only keep the fuel system of the small engines clean but eliminate cold starts, save fuel, and promote the smooth & quiet performance of your vehicle.

The longevity of the product is directly related to the brand you choose, though most of them will work for at least 1-year for fuel preservation.

The products are formulated differently for satisfying different fuel types (refer below for details). Along with this, you need to consider many factors for optimum results that have been clarified in our all-inclusive buying guide.

As discussed above, with time and use the fuels may burn-up, evaporate, or degrade so using the best fuel stabilizer is a great idea.

Best Gas Stabilizer - Reviewed in Detail

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Best Fuel Stabilizer Reviewed

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1. Star Tron Enzyme - Best for Cars

The Star Tron Enzyme is a concentrated fuel treatment that is designed to restore old gasoline and minimize emissions. Also optimizes miles per gallon with horsepower. With a 16-ounce bottle, you can treat 250-gallons of gasoline and this will help you to deal with any ethanol problems too.

You will remain relaxed as this will give your engine a quick start with a smooth run. The Star Tron is an ideal one for everyday and seasonal storage.

One more additional benefit of this fuel is it cleans fuel injectors and valves resulting in the elimination of varnish, gums, and carbon deposits. Even if there is any old oil, that can be rejuvenated using this enzyme treatment.

With no harmful effects this remains an ideal fuel stabilizer for cars, and can also be used for ATV’S, snow mobiles, outdoor power equipment, small engines, and more.

  1. 143XX Small Engine Formula – Each oz. treats up to 6 gallons of fuel.

  2. 930XX Concentrate Formula – Each oz. treats up to 16 gallons of fuel.

  3. 14501 Super Concentrate 1 oz – Single Dose Shooter treats up to 25 gallons of fuel.


  • A multi-functional fuel additive.

  • Prevents and eliminates ethanol fuel problems.

  • Increases fuel economy.

  • Rejuvenates old and sub-spec oil.

  • Available in three convenient concentrations..


  • As complained by a user, the product may spill.

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2. STA-BIL (22214) Storage Fuel Stabilizer

You can store the fuel for more than a year with the STA-BIL (22214) and if you were facing any problems till now then probably you were not using something like this.

It’s pretty common that you may be having a generator or any piece of equipment for which you remain unsure when it will be put to use again.

The need to drain fuel is eliminated before you store your equipment and the next time you use a quick start is assured.

This is probably one of the best for boats and you can use it for marine purposes along with its other applications. This remains highly effective for all gases including non-ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels.

You just need a bit of it and this goes a long way yet without costing you much.


  • Best gas stabilizer including ethanol blends.

  • Eliminates need to drain fuel prior to storage.

  • Ensures quick, easy starts after storage.

  • Incredibly long-lasting.

  • You get value for money.


  • Short expiration dates maybe, as said by some users.

  • Just check for any sediment in the bottom.

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3. STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer (22275) 360 for Lawn Mower

From vehicles to small engines this helps in preventing Ethanol fuel related and this adds to its biggest advantages. Your fuel remains stabilized and this keeps it fresh during storage.

Your fuel system remains thoroughly clean and you get expert in-season performance. This prevents corrosion while keeping the engine functional and efficient. An alcohol-free product which can be trusted for any job you aim at.

This keeps fuel fresh up to 12 months, is effective in ethanol and non-ethanol blended fuels. An ideal fuel stabilizer for lawn mowers along with smaller engines, trucks, cars, etc.

If you use this you can just put your worries away for engine power and efficiency. One more appreciable attribute is that the company offers excellent customer service when needed.


  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • Increases engine power and efficiency.

  • Keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months.

  • Effective in ethanol and non-ethanol blended fuels.

  • Prevents corrosion caused by ethanol blended fuels.

  • Good customer support.


  • Bottle prone to leaks as complained by one user.

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4. Royal Purple Max-Clean - for Motorcycles

This Max-clean fuel system is considered to be a good choice for motorcycles, cars, RVs, snowmobiles and more as it improves horsepower and fuel economy.

The Max-Clean comprises a 3-in-1 additive which enables your vehicle to run better while keeping the engine clean for a longer time. Both the fuel economy and horsepower is improved and the engine’s idling, stalling, and hesitation is prevented.

This is quite safe to use as no chances of any NOx, CO, and hydrocarbon emissions remain. A state-of-the-art product which minimizes engine build-ups and any emissions from the tailpipe.

A reliable, excellent, and a great performer, the Royal Purple is CARB and EPA compliant which is designed to remain harmless for any specialized emissions equipment. Be it the standard or the fleet vehicles this wonderful product works well.


  • Prevents pinging and engine knocking.

  • Improves fuel economy an average of 3.2 percent.

  • Increases horsepower an average of 2.6 percent.

  • Professional results at a reasonable price.

  • Reduces hydrocarbon, NOx and CO emissions.

  • A 20-ounce can treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline.


  • Not so good for lawn mowers.

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5. Lucas Oil 10303 Fuel Stabilizer - 1 Quart

Want to improve your engine’s lifespan? If yes, Lucas Oil 10303 Fuel Stabilizer is undoubtedly the best choice. It is an efficient and safe product for keeping gasoline stable in unused tanks. Investing in this fuel stabilizer will let you experience a complete peace of mind that you carburettor, injector, and pumps will not experience any loss of performance due to corrosion or deposits.

When it comes to application, it is highly simple to use. By using less oil, you can get rid of all types of dry starts. It is safest to use in all grades of gasoline including in all 2 and 4 cycle engines. It can even be blended safely and perfectly with other lubricants consisting of ATF, mineral oil, and synthetics.


  • Easy to use

  • Prevents gasoline breakdown during storage

  • Safe to use in all grades of gasoline

  • Increases power and MPG

  • Eliminates noises in the engine

  • Works great even in the harsh and cold weather conditions


  • Unsuitable for vehicles which use lighter oil

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6. Yamaha ACC-FSTAB-PL-32 Perfect for Ethanol

Yamaha, a trustworthy name which is known for its fuel treatment and comes in a 32-ounce bottle designed for all engine types. This is the most suitable fuel stabilizer for snow blowers, generators, cars, lawnmowers, and high power pressure washers.

An alcohol-free formula, which offers sufficient protection to your system from ethanol fuel corrosion. Also prevents phase separation, varnish & gum build-up, and even fuel oxidation.

A product from which you can expect great efficiency with high performance. Prior to storing your vehicle or any other device, you can rely on this product as would work perfectly every time.

Many of the people use it consistently without using other fuel stabilizer options. This promotes quiet and smooth running of your engine. In comparison to the other stabilizers this is worth every penny spent, though a bit higher-priced.


  • A versatile fuel suits several engine types.

  • Works better and longer.

  • Offers value for money.

  • Prevents phase-separation.

  • A reliable and efficient product.


  • A bit higher-priced than its other counterparts.

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7. K-100 MG All-in-One Gasoline Fuel Treatment

It has established itself as the most promising fuel treatment and additive when it is about improving fuel performance. It encompasses enhanced stabilizers to keep fuel fresh and essential for the equipment that will sit for extended time between uses.

It is known for eliminating water-related problems as it bonds itself to water and renders it completely burnable as fuel. It cleans the engine properly so that it becomes easier for starting, smoother idle, more power, better acceleration. In addition to this, it is meant to extend fuel injector pump life and increases octane ratings 1-1/2 to 2 points.


  • Revitalizes fuel and stabilizes for extended storage

  • Burns cleanly and completely leaving no ash deposits

  • Improves engine efficiency

  • Eliminates freeze-ups that block fuel lines and filters

  • Upgrades lower-quality fuel.

  • Reduces unburned hydrocarbon (HC) emissions by 65-80%

  • Adds lubricity to reduce friction in the fuel system


  • No cons

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8. PRI CP123 G Gas Addictive for Generator

This is another ethanol fuel treatment that results in your engine’s smooth functioning. The PRI CP123 is overall a good product that works well for 2 and 4-stroke engines alike thereby improving fuel efficiency.

A clean product with no alcohol content as such and prevents the accumulation of any kind of damaged deposits from building up in your engine.

Your engine will be powered better, and a 16-ounce bottle will treat over 250-gallons of gasoline. A highly concentrated fuel stabilizer which is meant to go a long way, and works on all gas-powered tools as this is very versatile by nature.

With all its qualities this stands-up to be the perfect choice for generators with other equipment you use and restores fuel whether you use it for RV, boat, generators, weed-eater, or snowmobile, etc. this will live up to your expectations.


  • Improves ignition quality.

  • Only a meagre amount does the job.

  • Provides long-term fuel storage capability.

  • Restores most degraded fuels to freshness.

  • Provides engine and fuel system deposits.


  • Only one user complained about the gas going bad after product usage.

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9. Lucas 10001 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

The Lucas 10001 increases power and the MPG and this is why the product remains the most promising fuel additive when it is about MPG (Miles per gallon) along with high-performance.

As per the manufacturer claims, the product is made to improve your engine’s lifespan by 50 % or more. This is absolutely simple to use and you will need to use less oil and this eliminates all types of dry starts.

A high-quality option which minimizes the friction and the engine’s wear and tear. Even for better performance the temperature of the oil is being stabilized decently.

A pure petroleum product that can be blended safely and perfectly with other lubricants comprising ATF, mineral oil, and synthetics. Makes your vehicle run and sound better and reduces operating temperature and any sort of leaks too.


  • Easy to use, increases power and MPG.

  • Made in USA, increases oil life at least 50%.

  • Helps you get rid of knocking and other noises in the engine.

  • Despite of cold weather this works great.


  • Not suitable for vehicles which use SW30 or lighter oil.

What All Things To Look For Before You Invest In The Best Fuel Stabilizer?

1. Storage

The primary goal of every fuel stabilizer is the same, though each one comes with a formulation that suits specific areas of protection. Well aware that to keep fuel fresh, a fuel stabilizer is used and these storage-based formulas focus on longevity.

You may need fuel for storing cars, generators, lawnmowers, and more so checking with the manufacturer details becomes quintessential. Fuel remains fresh for a longer time and most of them come with a manufacturer’s claim for two years of protection.

2. Performance

There are performance-based stabilizers too which promisingly keep the fuel fresh, but they may keep it clean for less than 2 years. They work efficiently and effectively to break-down the build-up that may have accumulated over the time due to fuel impurities.

Best Fuel Stabilizer


These fuel stabilizers and conditioners do not come with a huge price-tag, but, most of the ones which are available under $20 are small size containers weighing 8 – 16 ounce. These prove fairly well for lawnmowers, snowblowers, or small gas-powered equipment.

Whereas the ones with a price tag of over $20 and full gallons of top-notch fuel stabilizers. Some of the manufacturers make packs of 16-36 ounces despite full gallons for easy storage purposes.

Ease of Use

This refers to the design of the container you use, and how convenient it is for you to measure its correct amount and use.

The basic work of a fuel stabilizer is to offer you peace of mind when the gas-powered vehicles lie untouched for longer time periods. Providing peak protection during those prolonged periods is their main goal.

Top Brands

For your vehicle’s healthy performance and longer engine life never compromise with the product quality and go for an option that’s from a trustworthy brand.

Most of the brands such as the STA-BIL, Star Tron, PRI CP123, Yamaha, and others mentioned in the above article are great products to be used. Your selection will rule according to the user need that whether you want a gasoline stabilizer or a fuel stabilizer for winter storage, or for 2 stroke engines, etc. everything entirely depends on your vehicle needs and preferences.

Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer


There will be no point in using a fuel additive that doesn’t go with your fuel type. These fuel stabilizers for ethanol, diesel, and gasoline blends are formulated differently. Read the manufacturer details about the type of fuel their additive is made for and how much will be required per gallon.

1. Winter Formula

A fuel winter stabilizer will be required for a gas motor as they behave vulnerably to carbon deposits in colder climates.

All the additives that are made for winter will work well as a fuel stabilizer for the snowblower and provide protection to your vehicles from corrosion and build-up of deposits.

2. Length of Time

You may be having some time constraint for keeping your fuel fresh and for this you need to know prior how long the additive you use will have its lasting effect.

As mentioned above also the best ones tend to stay for 2 years providing optimum protection to your fuel. If your search is not for storing products for long then you can give preference to other aspects over longevity.


After going through all the fuel stabilizer features and benefits in order to have overall preservation and protection, the best fuel stabilizer is Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment.

If you are looking for a product with an affordable price yet great qualities then you can try STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer is a brilliant option. Overall these fuel stabilizers will take good care of your vehicle and minimize the maintenance hassles.

Now you can Kick Start better!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Stabilizer

Q1. Is It Good To Use A Fuel Stabilizer?

Ans1. This is absolutely optional whether you use a fuel stabilizer or not but their benefits will certainly help you do so.

Some Of Their Advantages:

  • Gasoline remains fresh while in storage.

  • Stabilizers keep your fuel system clean.

  • Impurities are kept away.

  • Water build-up is prevented.

Q2. How Long Does A Fuel Stabilizer Stay Effective?

Ans2. There is no perfect or exact answer to this, but surely some factors to consider.

  • A sealed container will last longer than an open one and will remain usable for a longer time.

  • The longevity of a product is affected by the climatic conditions too.

Q3. Can I Use A Fuel Stabilizer To Fix Old Gasoline?

Ans3. A fuel stabilizer can’t fix old gasoline or convert bad fuel into good fuel. The fuel stabilizer will only keep the good gasoline fresh to which it is added.

Q4. How Do The Fuel Stabilizers Work?

Ans4. Normally, the fuel stabilizers are made with petroleum and they work well to bond with your vehicle’s gasoline. They prevent petrol evaporation, repel water, and eliminate the chances of any residual formation that may stick or lead to engine clogging.

Q5. For How Long The Fuel Stabilizers Can Keep The Gas Fresh?

Ans5. Every product comes with a different manufacturer claim for keeping the gas fresh. Most of them promise for about 1-3 years, but you need to check the product description in order to match your preferences. Whether it is for storage purposes or the device is on the run continuously will let you decide in the right manner.