2024‘s Best Electric Pressure Power Washer – Reviewed & Tested

electric power washer reviews

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Speaking honestly, owning a top-performing electric pressure washer will help you save a considerable amount of money. If you want to see your surfaces sparkling clean, then pressure washing becomes the essential need.

Hiring a pro or renting a unit may turn out to be more expensive for pressure washing you greasy and dirty surfaces. If you will use the pressure cleaning process more than two to three times a year, then surely purchasing one is the best thing to do.

There are gas pressure washers also, but the electric ones are preferred by the homeowners as they perform far better than an average gas model.

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the electric and gas pressure washers further in the article. To list a few, they are quieter, cheaper, smaller, lighter, can be used indoors, and a lot more……

best electric pressure washer ratings

Electric pressure washers can prove dangerous sometimes if used in the wrongly. The safety tips while using the electric pressure washers are also discussed in detail below. Safety is of prime importance for you, your family, pets, and others.

You will surely get the most unbiased opinion about the world’s finest and most powerful electric pressure washers here. Leave your indoor and outdoor spaces and surfaces sparkling clean.

"Investing in a top-notch electric pressure washer model will enhance your cleaning task, be it your patio, decks, cars, walkways, etc. After good testing and research, we have listed the most promising models here, along with their comparison with the other models."

At A Glance: Our Top Picks For Electric Power Washers

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Top Rated Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Finest Versatile Washer

sun joe psi electric pressure washer spx3000

Sun Joe SPX - 3500 Appreciable attributes

Appreciable Attributes

  • This is an ultra-light and a powerful pressure washer.

  • Extremely easy to use.

  • When not in use, its power offs on its own.

  • A full 2-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

  • The CU (cleaning units) score is 3,404.

Tough on dirt, easy to use, lightweight and compact, a spectacular product indeed!!!

There are a number of reasons that make the Sun Joe- SPX3500 as the leading pressure washers in the market. This yields a stunning CU score of 3.404 with a flow rate of 1.48 GPM and a powerful PSI of 2300. This is a brushless induction motor (13-AMP/2000W) and provides remarkable performance along with greater cleaning abilities. As compared to the previous models this one has the ability to handle bigger jobs.

This comes with an enormous 35-foot GFCI cable and a 20-foot hose of high-pressure. A 34-inch spray-wand, quick-connect nozzles, and a detergent tank of 40.6 oz along with a warranty of two-years.

The Plus

  • As compared to the traditional units the Sun Joe runs efficiently, quietly, and has more longevity. This is powered and paired with 1.48 GPM and works at 2300 PSI and has the ability to perform a varied tasks from the simple to the complex ones. A compact unit which is easy to assemble and you get quicker cleaning with easy storage.

  • This is one of the greatest pressure washers of today with a perfect combination of powerful pressure, mighty motor, with compactness.

The Minus

  • As stated by the manufacturer, though being an upgraded one, this is unable to handle jobs that are heavy-duty and they should be left to a more specialized washer. Ensure that you don’t use household detergents, industrial-grade solutions, or chlorine-based soaps as this may turn out to be harmful for the equipment.

  • If any detergent is used apart from the manufacturers, then it should match the consistency and active agents.

  • The cord-reel is not a part of the newer models, and this is a downgrade than an upgrade.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The cleaning efficiency and capability of the SPX3500 is appreciated by the customers because it handles the light-to-medium cleaning tasks easily. This is easy to maneuver and store, though a bit heavier than the previous models.

Though a full-time warranty of 2 years is provisioned with the product, there are concerns regarding the support quality and the lack of the manufacturers ability to respond as mentioned by some customers. The automatic shut-off system has mal-functioning issues and washer may require a restart.

Some alternative models for comparison:

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Sun Joe SPX3001

This model is rich in features and a good one from the SPX family, with a hose reel. This one has the ability to generate a pressure of 2030 PSI with a motor of 14.4-AMP/1800W. The most important part is that it comes with a total stop system and powers down automatically when not in use.

This way the energy of the device is conserved and life is increased too. This is a great cost-effective option with a CU (cleaning units) score of 3,573 along with similar amenities and accessories like the SPX3500, and SPX3001.

Sun Joe SPX3000

The precursor of SPX3001 comes in varied color ways. This produces a pressure of 2030 PSI and features a motor of 14.5-AMP/1800W similar to that. The flow rate is 1.76 GPM, and the washer features dual onboard detergent tanks from where you can choose different cleaners for various tasks.

The compactness and light-weight quality make the movement and storage of the device easier. It lacks a hose reel, and the design is bottom-focused that prevents the tipping over and the CU (cleaning units) Score is 3,573.

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Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO

This model also features the same motor of 14.5-AMP/1800W like that of the other models SPX4000-Pro has the same pressure of 2030 PSI at a rate of 1.76 GPM. The compact and unique design with the pressure-select controls make it stand out of the crowd.

This features a special turbo-connect nozzle along with other quick-connect nozzles and a large detergent tank of 54.1 oz for heavy-duty cleaning. The CU Score is 3,573.

2. Best Efficiency & Power

power washer electric

AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS

Appreciable Attributes

  • This one is reliable and durable.

  • Easy to assemble and use.

  • A perfect option for mid to high grime projects.

  • Cleaning unit score- CU: 2,800.

You get the most versatile features and powerful cleaning with an affordable price tag.

In the Blue Clean Line, the AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS is a flagship washer which is light-weight and compact than the SPX35000. This features a universal motor of 14-AMP and delivers a flow rate of 1.4 GPM with a powerful 2000 PSI.

The device comes with a 30-foot high-pressure hose, 35-foot power cord, onboard storage, and many types of adjustable nozzles. One-year bumper-to-bumper warranty is provided by the company along with a great customer service.

The Plus

  • Though being powerful it works efficiently and silently than the gas-powered alternatives. The power cable comes with a decent length and the high-pressure hose offers a higher reach over the other models.

  • The greater pressure is created by the rotary turbo nozzle attachment, that takes it up to 50%, making the toughest cleaning tasks easier than before.

  • The device when received is partially assembled and this enables the storing easier and convenient. This is light in weight and makes the directing as easy as a breeze. Even if less mobility, then also it works great.

The Minus

  • The weight distribution is poor and this leads to difficulty in reeling, leading to high risks of getting tipped over when in use. The hose has one more problem of getting the tendency to kink due to stiffness.

  • The storage on-board is more and the things tend to fall while the washer is on the move. The warranty of one year seems less though it covers the major part.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The ease of use and the rapid assembling provided by the AR390SS is just amazing and loved by its users. Despite the powerful cleaning this is decently noiseless and this also one of the things appreciated by the customers.

Customer service is truly splendid and of great help as the customers are attended promptly and this is again worth the admiration. The build-quality of the hose reel isn’t good and this is not appreciated by the users. The hose tends to kink and doesn’t lay flat, and this has become the reason of frustration for many.

Some Alternative Models For Comparison:

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AR Annovi Reverberi Maxx2200

As compared to the AR390SS the AR Blue Clean MAXX2200 offers more portability without sacrificing the powerful cleaning ability. This delivers a flow of 1.2 GPM, with 13-AMP motor which works to deliver 2200 PSI of pressure. A device which rides on a cart and is removable for ultimate convenient cleaning which are difficult to reach.

This is easy to assemble and you can tackle the project easier and faster. CU Score is 2,640.

AR Annovi Reverberi AR383

This is a compact and light cleaning machine which possesses all the abilities to manage light and medium duty tasks. Being less powerful than the AR3900SS this delivers 1900 PSI at the GPM rate of 1.5.

With a weight of only 13 pounds, this is the lightest on the chart and can be assembled in five easy steps. The CU (cleaning units) score is 2,850.

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3. Most Quiet & Reliable

pressure washer electric

Karcher K5 Premium

Appreciable Attributes

  • This tackles heavy-duty cleaning.

  • Reliability offered by the water-cooled induction motor.

  • One of the most powerful offering by Karcher.

  • CU Score: 2,800.

Incredibly powerful washer with a water-cooled induction motor and an adjustable washer wand.

This is well known for its magnificent power and one of the best in the K-series line of products. The K5 has all the abilities to tackle tasks that are heavy-duty, medium or light. This features a brawny water-cooled induction motor that works up to 2000 psi at the pressure flowing rate of 1.4 GPM.

This is lightweight and weighs only 32 pounds and features a 35-foot power cord and 25-foot hose, two wands, and makes the bigger projects to reach faster. A limited warranty of 2-year and a rapid exchange program is promised by the company. Any one who requires in warranty repairs quick and free replacement of the entire machine is also possible.

The Plus

  • This was made while keeping quality and durability in mind. The induction motor with the water-cooled feature help in extending the life of the motor and doesn’t let it overheat even if the use is for a longer time. As compared to the competitors this work quieter. The N-COR pump keeps it corrosion free and protects against corrosion and wear. This patented pump prevents leaks and acts as a safeguard against the freezing temperatures.

  • This has two wands; the dirt blaster turbo wand is of high-pressure and enables tougher jobs. On the other hand, Vario power spray helps you to control the pressure that is needed for the day-to-day tasks in routine.

The Minus

  • The weight distribution of the device is not the best and the unit has the chances to tip over, in case the hose is pulled while extended. This can accidentally happen while reeling it back also. The components are made of plastic and these may be of a bit low-quality and some other parts may not be reliable too. The proprietary parts refer to those that should be only of Karcher if needed for repairs.

  • The manual may turn out to be more confusing and there are some questions that are related with the reliability of Karcher’s support. There are chances that the users may face challenges. The people who are brand loyal may feel bad that a brand which had its roots in France is now produced exclusively in China.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The handling of light-to-medium products like driveways, cars, patios, vinyl siding and more has left the customers with a lot of appreciation for the K5. The Dirt blaster works amazingly on moss, except for the lengthy build-up.

Due to the uneven weight distribution, this device is prone to tipping and the damaging of quick-connect valve (for hose) has also been reported by some. The soap-dispenser and the weaker pressure is also one of the issues related with this machine.

Some Alternative Models For Comparison:

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Karcher K1700 Cube

This is also compact and stands at 12″ tall, weighs 20 lbs. The K1700 is not like the K5 premium and doesn’t feature dual wands. This one comes with three unique nozzles for tackling any task which is in front. The entire set-up is easily attachable and can be put to use in quick five minutes and that too without any tools.

The limited-warranty of three years, rapid exchange program is also something which is great about Karcher. This has a motor of 120V and it offers PSI of 1700 and at a rate of 1.2 GPM and cleaning unit score of 2,040.

4. Perfect Light Duty Washer

briggs and stratton electric pressure washers

Briggs & Stratton S2000

Appreciable Attributes

  • The Foldaway design enables easy storage.

  • This works great for lighter cleaning domestic purposes.

  • The brushless induction motor runs quietly.

  • The tough-welded steel frame keeps it robust.

  • CU Score: 2,400.

A product par-excellence for light-duty pressure washing.

This is the latest model from Briggs & Stratton, 20681 (in the S2000 line). Due to its maximum output and a pressure up to 2000 PSI this has earned a lot of name. This also comes with a brushless induction motor that produces a flow of 1.2 GPM.

This is designed in compact form with lightweight that makes it easy to store and use. this can fit in any tight spaces when packed. The product comes with quick-connect nozzles along with a specialized turbo nozzle that makes cleaning quicker. The limited warranty of 1-year takes care of the parts and accessories too.

The Plus

  • You get the commercial-grade feel with the welded-steel frame design and feel more confident when you buy this. As the competitor products are made of plastic, this one is made of steel and comes with more reliability. The storing is much easier as this comes in a foldaway design, and can make it fit in your car’s trunk too. The turbo-nozzle helps in performing any light-duty task with ease.

  • The device has passed a drop test of military-grade, and the bottom-focussed design removes the chances of tipping.

The Minus

  • This is not suitable for any heavy-duty jobs and works well for lighter projects at home with convenience. The usage of third-party parts may not be covered in the included warranty. The lay-out of the hose connections tend to be confusing and the removal and attachment may prove to be difficult.

  • The hose arrangement and cords can be improvised in the near future, though they are adequate right now.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The customers after using this one as praised a lot about this light-duty yet an effective and efficient cleaning machine. As mentioned before this features a steel-frame construction (welded) which keeps it durable and has a more impressive build quality.

Regarding the customer service and the underlying defects such as the leaky, faulty, and defective units, mixed reviews of customers prevail. Some of the customers appreciate while some have faced problems regarding this.

Some Alternative Models For Comparison:

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Briggs & Stratton S1800

This is probably the most useful and the compact cleaner among others. This has the ability to produce 1800 PSI at the rate of 1.2 GPM and this is unlike the S2000 and S1800 models. This one comes with less included nozzles as compared to its successors, but the owns the ones that cover most of the tasks.

Three quick-connect nozzles with a full one-year warranty (includes all parts and accessories) is all that it has.

5. Reliable & Strong Performance

best electric power washer

SIMPSON Clean Machine

Appreciable Attributes

  • 149cc OHV Simpson engine with high recovery for easy starting.

  • Maintenance-free axial cam pump, original equipment manufacturer technology.

  • Ergonomic pistol designed for comfort & control.

  • Three spray nozzles, 0 degrees, 25 degrees, soap & detergent tank on board.

A pressure washer where strength and reliability meet together. This clean machine by Simpson is a complete package of performance with power. All sorts of multiple tasks from light, medium, to heavy-duty ones this can perform all with utmost ease. The never-flat plastic wheels are its important feature and they provide easy maneuverability.

The unit features three spray nozzles, 15-degree angled quick-connect nozzles, with soap and a turbo nozzle for enabling the tough cleaning jobs turn simpler.

The Plus

  • The Simpson motors comes with a maintenance-free axial can pump (OEM Technologies) that make the ownership simple, and the maintenance is also easy throughout the lifetime of the unit you purchase. This is easy to assemble and operates in less than five or ten minutes.

  • Any of the projects around the house can be handled with ease with the decent pairing of the hose length and power cord.

The Minus

  • This is another sturdy steel-frame design that feels balanced with the plastic housing on the washer. This thing has very little bearing on the overall function of the machine. Some of them feel that according to the overall cost of the machine the flow of the unit could be more. Varied types of nozzles should be able to handle different cleaning jobs, and this would probably make it the most versatile option.

  • A solid unit, if added with the ability to control the flow of the detergent will certainly be a welcome feature.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The ease of assembly and the way by which this machine handles the medium and light-duty tasks is really admirable. A unit worth appreciation as compared to the previously-owned units which are gas-powered. Reliable and responsive support from Simpson is also admired by the users.

As per the customer reviews, Simpson customer service has assisted wonderfully with their issues. With this price tag, some of the customers feel that there could be more features that could make it worthier.

6. Portability, Versatility & High Performance

stanley pressure washer

Stanley SLP2050

Appreciable Attributes

  • Ability to handle light to medium-duty cleaning.

  • This can be wheeled on cart or removed.

  • Comes with professional-grade wand with premium accessories.

  • CU score: 2,870.

Portable and versatile machine that works brilliantly for cleaning small spaces.

The Stanley has been appreciated a lot due to its pressure providing quality, delivers up to 2050-PSI at a rate of 1.4-GPM. The right combination of power with portability is offered by this versatile cleaner.

With only 36 lbs. of weight this is relatively lighter and includes a cable of 35 ft., a soft hose of 25 ft., with a 28 oz detergent tank. This is backed up by a limited warranty of 2-years and customer service of a lifetime.

The Plus

  • The unique modular design of the Stanley SLP2050 augments the machine’s versatility. This sits on the cart comfortably and makes the daily tasks easier and quicker. You can remove it from the cart and use it as a standalone unit for cleaning the hard-to-reach areas too. this is designed simple to enable easy storage.

  • This boasts of a professional-grade wand with 22mm connections that make the power washer greater than ever.

The Minus

  • This one is made to deal with tasks that are light-duty and not heavy-duty. In case your choice is a unit that offers heavy-duty commercial-grade cleaning quality then this is not the one for sure. The machine is not good at heavy-duty jobs. If you overuse them then it may lead to premature wearing and the pump may fail.

  • Basically, these machines carry a private label, and are produced by Annovi Reverberi. The name Stanley is being used under license, and the brand loyalists should be aware of this fact.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The versatility, lightweight, and high-performance offered by the SPL2050 is just amazing and admired by the customers. If this could be carried easily, and removed from the cart to clean the difficult-to-reach areas, then probably this would be a welcome quality.

Though the experiences vary for all, some have complained regarding the issues related with the service provided by the company.

Some Alternative Models For Comparison:

[amazon box=”B06XKLNN6Z” template=”vertical”]

Stanley SHP 2150

This one provides brilliant cleaning ability than the SLP2050. This has the ability to produce 2150 PSI pressure and that too at a rate of 1.4 GPM. Unlike its antecedent this one is good for performing heavy-duty jobs also. This features a similar cord length, hose, and still lighter than the former with a surprising weight of 26 pounds, although without the similar portability.

This has the capacity to double as a foam canon. This comes with four quick-connect nozzles (4), and lacks a turbo, rotary nozzle. The CU score is 3,010.

7. Powerful Cleaning With Compactness

greenworks electric pressure washer

GreenWorks 1950 PSI

Appreciable Attributes

  • Brilliant for medium to heavy-duty cleaning.

  • Features a dual detergent tank for more cleaning.

  • A compact design that can be stored easily.

  • CU Score: 2,350.

Greenworks brings a compact and powerful cleaner.

This model is truly a splendid offering from the Seattle-based Greenworks. This has the ability to deliver 1950 PSI and that too with a pressure flowing rate of 1.2 GPM. Its induction motor of 13-AMP is also worth appreciation. A compact device always supports easy storage, transportation, and carry. The hose reel enables to keep it neat and organized.

The unit includes a power cable of 35-foot, a soft hose of 25-foot, onboard detergent tanks, foam sprayer of a low-pressure, and quick-connect nozzles (3) for tackling any tasks at hand.

The Plus

  • The prime focus when the GPW1950 was engineered is convenient organization. So, this features quick-connect nozzles with an in-built hose reel and on-board storage. You can store, manoeuvre, and manage this much easier than ever. The dual on-board detergent tanks are placed for tackling bigger projects and that too for longer.

  • This small unit performs well on medium and heavier projects.

The Minus

  • Though being compact in size this one is the heaviest at 50 lbs. on this list. The nozzles with a wide-variety would certainly increase and boost the cleaning ability and performance of the unit.

  • The other products of Greenworks are backed up by an impressive warranty of four years, and this one carries a limited-warranty of only one-year.

According To View Points Of The Customers

This unit is highly appreciated by the users for its easy operation and storage. The wonderful cleaning ability offered by such a compact unit facilitates the handling of medium, and heavy-duty cleaning projects.

There are reported issues with reliability and the mal-functioning of the devices by a few customers. Even the dissatisfaction is related with the customer service as complained by some (having claims addressed).

Other Alternative Model For Comparison:

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Greenworks 1600 PSI

This one-GPW1602 is lightweight and a hand-held washer that is compact and portable than GPW1950. Surprisingly this one weighs 17.5 lbs. Features a 13-AMP motor and produces a PSI of 1600, pressure flowing at a rate of 1.2 GPM. This has the ability to handle a variety of cleaning projects that are of light-duty.

Any of the elderlies those have issues related to their mobility, then the GPW1602 is a wonderful option. The unit possesses a power cord of 35-foot, a hose of 20 ft., quick-connect nozzles (3), and a limited warranty of one-year. The CU score is 1,920.

8. Truly Portable Choice

best electric power washers

WORX WG644 40V (2.0Ah)

Appreciable Attributes

  • Excellent for light-duty usage.

  • Ability to pull water from any possible source.

  • A power washer which is battery-powered.

  • Offers dual speed control along with an adjustable nozzle.

  • The CU Score is 405.

A truly portable pressure that offers unique versatility.

The best one with the maximum portability on our chart is the WORX WG644. Can you imagine that this one weighs only 7 pounds and operates on batteries without any plug-in need? This chooses portability over power and has the ability to deliver a pressure of 450 PSI at the rate of 0.90 GPM. Drawing water from any source is absolutely easy for this one. You can use a bucket for hooking it up or can make use of a lake if inclined.

There are chances that some sources may bring the risk of corrosion and you should be mindful of using the source then.

This includes lithium-ion-batteries of 20V, and a dual-port battery of 20V, with a hose of 20 ft. and a quick-connect adapter for increased compatibility. Worx makes a number of good pressure washers. If you’re interested, check out more of our Worx reviews>>>

The Plus

  • It is a truly portable design and this is the stand feature of this machine. Any water source can be used which is available and this is dictated by the task at hand. Both sort of settings high and low-pressure are offered by this amazing power washer and four different settings offer wonderful flexibility while you clean.

  • With the portability factor this can reach the tough areas with ease and WG644 is a perfect choice.

The Minus

  • This sacrifices power for portability and is useful for light-duty jobs only. Projects of heavy-duty may be compromised by this and the batteries tend to last for a specific task only. After a single task they might get over. The batteries aren’t universal and difficult to replace.

According To View Points Of The Customers

The light-weight and portability is appreciated by the customers. This is so convenient and battery powered too. The users really appreciate and thank the manufacturers for this.

It is really impressive that so many light-duty tasks are performed by this amazing device with ease and that too by using the water from any source.

Though some have issues with the low flow and device pressure and this is due to the limitations of this. Frustration have added-up with the battery charge and the difficulty to replace them.

Electric VS Gas Power Washers

The idea of owning a personal electric pressure washer with the adequate power for average cleaning tasks is certainly magnificent. The electric power washers are much talked about in this write-up. But if you are seeking for some heavy-duty cleaning such as deep stain removal, paint stripping, or more, then the gas pressure washer should be opted.

gas vs electric pressure washer

Let us move further and see the aspects as suggested by experts:

The Advantages & DisadvantagesOf Electric Power Washers

  • This is quiet in operation.

  • Can be used indoors.

  • Easy storage.

  • Cheaper (average 150 dollars- 250 dollars).

  • Light in weight.

  • The cord limits the reach.

  • Less power.

The Advantages & DisadvantagesOf Gas Power Washers

  • More power.

  • You can use it anywhere outdoors without the need of power outlet.

  • These are more expensive (average 300 dollars – 500 dollars).

  • They are heavy.

  • Loud in operation.

  • You can’t use them indoors.

Playing Safe With The Power Washers

electric pressure washer reviews

When we are using pressure washers then being safe is the biggest issue. Pressure washing can turn out to be dangerous as the high-pressure can damage surfaces, injure people, and rip off paint and could break glass also.

The kick back forces, skin lacerations, and some serious amputations can turn out to be seriously dangerous. Higher pressure can even knock-off a person from the ladder.

For exterior cleaning the pressure washers are a boon and these should be respected. For staying safe just make it sure to go through the beginner’s guide for convenience.

A few rudimentary tips for you are here for power washers:

  • The manual should be read and followed.

  • Protective clothing should be worn like goggles, work boots, long pants, and another sturdy closed-toed footwear.

  • Spray when you are nearly 2 feet away on the surfaces and then proceed gradually towards them.

  • Try to stay away from the ladders.

  • The nozzle should nit be pointed towards you, plants, people, or pets also.

  • GFCI outlet should be used to plug-in.

Nozzles And The Other Attachments

Interchangeable nozzles form a part of most of the washers and allow varying widths of the water streams.

Some of the typical types are:

Red (0 degree)

Yellow (15 degree)

Green (25 degree)

White (40 degree)

Black (soap)

electric pressure washers

These are the things according to the consumer reports, and when the box is opened the red nozzle should be tossed, as this is a 0-degree nozzle, and this is the highest-pressure nozzle that is made to shoot the narrowest stream of water.

There are rare tasks that may require such a high-pressure that can be harmful and injurious to you and your property. So, think it was not there. There are some other types of attachment and accessories that are of extreme help for the pressure washer you own. Some are universal, while the others should be bought by you from the washer’s manufacturer:

There are other attachments and accessories you that may turn out to be of great help for your pressure washer. Some of these attachments you may have to buy from the washer’s manufacturer, while some are universal.

Here Are A Few Troubleshooting Tricks And Tips:

How can an electric pressure washer get fixed?

There are many problems that may occur or aries and may require fixing. As per the suggestions of the manufacturers and the customers we have something informational to share with you. The motor starting issues and pressure loss are the commonest of the complaints.

electric pressure washer reviews

In case you are not confident to fix the things on your own, then it is wise to take outside help from the local repair person or you should feel free to call the manufacturer. Those of who you can, can try these out….

Starting issues with the motor:

The reset button on the plug should be checked, and there is a possibility that it trips while plugging

The best way is to use a pump protector lubricant (Briggs & Stratton). If any leftover water is there, it may seize up the internal gaskets of the pump. Plastic threads on the lubricant bottle should be screwed, and then into the threaded garden hose inlet.

This should be done on the pressure washer and the trigger should be squeezed on the bottle. This works well for prolonged storage, for e.g. in the winter months and before you start-up for the next season.

The GFCI plug should be plugged and replaced if needed

In case of humidity or rain, electrical issues may arise with the GFCI plug. A screwdriver should be used to remove the cover off the cleaner. The moisture that may build up inside it may prevent it from running. The replacement is the best thing and you can do it by purchasing it from any hardware store or ordering online.

Later on, just reconnect the wires to the new GFCI plug and the screws should be turned for securing the wires. The black wire to gold connector and the white to silver should be connected. The ‘U’ shaped stress clamps should be should be screwed down with the new plug and then the cover should be attached.

Then try to start. In case of pressure loss

There are chances that the nozzle has a blockage. The pressure washer should be turned off and the air should be directed out of the system and later the nozzle should be removed. The nozzle should be held by the sides while the nozzle front should face you.

You can make use of the spray tip cleaning tool and the clog should be tried to push back the way it came out. You can repeat it if still the problem remains unsolved. You can soak the nozzle in the hot water and then the washing to be tried again.

  1. The air in the hose may be the source of the pulsating pressure.

  2. A different nozzle should be used as you might be using an incorrect one.

  3. If you find the hoses kinked, then try to straighten them.

  4. The inlet and un-loader valves should be checked and replaced if clogged.

  5. The air should be made to escape out by squeezing the trigger in case of pulsating pressure. Turn off the machine while doing so.

If still the problems remain acute and unsolved, then take help from the manufacturer and make use of the warranty. You can seek help from the trouble shooting videos too. Still in a fix!!!! And the warranty is over, buy a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Are Electric Power Washers Any Good?

Ans: Electric models remove light stains and dirt from concrete but may not remove heavy stains. Pressure washers are also very good in destroying items around the home.

Q 2: What Is A Good PSI For A Power Washer?

Ans: Most electric pressure washers create 1300 to 1700 Pounds per square inch of pressure (PSI) with a flow of water of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM), professionals recommend between 2000 to 3000 PSI and flow of 2.5 GPM at least, to clean dirty concrete effectively.

Q 3: How Many PSI Do I Need To Clean Concrete?

Ans: To clean the deck or exterior of your home, you need 1500 PSI. To clean a concrete driveway, you need 3000 PSI. If you want to use a pressure washer for this task, you need one that is adjustable and can deliver a force up to 3000 Pounds per square inch.

Q 4: How Long Do Electric Power Washers Last?

Ans: If you are a homeowner, you may use a pressure washer less than 50 hours per year. Getting a machine rated for 500 hours will last you up to 10 years if it is maintained properly. If you are using it for a job, you will require something related to 2000 hours or more.

Q 5: How Many PSI Do I Need For A Car?

Ans: On new cars, the tire pressure most commonly listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door is the recommended one. If there are no stickers you can find the specs in the owner’s manual. Most passenger cars recommend 32 PSI to 35 PSI in the tires when they are cold.

Q 6: Can You Lower PSI On A Power Washer?

Ans: You just turn the dial to increase or decrease the pressure. Others have a regulator on the spray wand in the electric power washer. You can change the nozzle tips, which changes the impact pressure when spraying.

Q 7: What Is More Important In A Power Washer PSI Or GPM?

Ans: PSI and GPM are equally important when we choose a pressure washer. PSI refers to the amount of pressure and GPM refers to the flow. To have the most ideal pressure washing system for your needs you must have the correct combination of PSI and GPM.