5 Best Deck Paint For Old Wood – Reviews & Buying Guide

Make your old decks appear new!

Painting your deck and making it new is one of the simplest processes to transform them and giving them a brand-new look. Many critical variables are attached before choosing the appropriate paint for your deck, and the entire article has been designed to make things easier for you.

A quality product, a DIY user, correct combination of the formula and the right tools can make your painting task perfect and results unmatchable. Restoration paints work great and just give a freshness to your wooden spaces. So, just remodel your old decks by reading about the products, following the guide and more.

Featured Recommendations: Best Wood Deck Paint

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TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

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In The Swim Patio & Deck

exterior wood stain colors

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KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior

best exterior wood sealer

5 Top Models Of Deck Restoration Paint

1. KILZ L573611 Floor Paint

The KILZ L573611 is one of the longest lasting deck stain or paint that can be applied and cleaned easily. This shows resistance in various conditions such as scuffing, peeling, fading and cracking.

The floor paint possesses a mold and mildew-resistant film and the formula can be spread on porch, patio, sidings, floors. This acrylic paint stays through adverse and variable weather conditions and offers an enamel surface of low lustre.

The paint is appropriate for all kinds of painted surfaces and even any surface that is previously primed, woods and masonry. The paint can be used on trellises, sidings, trim and helps in providing a finish with a low shine.

The floor paint can be applied on floors smoothly and evenly and delivers a silver gray shade. An easy dry-up formula that can have a reapplication again in 4 to 6 hours if required. This comes in a can of 1-gallon and should be applied with a high quality 3/8 to 1/2 -inch nap roller cover or on a nylon/polyester brush airless sprayer.

The paint can cover 200-300 square feet of area with ease on rough surfaces and on smooth surfaces of about 300-400 square feet. A quality paint that has a high ranking and the company is delivery premium quality products for 40 years.


  • A highly-durable paint that is easy to clean and shows resistant to peeling, cracking, scuffing, fading even in adverse conditions.

  • This gives a low-lustre finish.

  • Can be applied anywhere on decks, porches, sidings, floors etc.

  • This can be applied with a quality brush, sprayer or roller.

  • Covers an area of about 300 sq. ft. on rough surfaces and 400 sq. ft. on smooth surfaces.


  • The quantity issues.

2. In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint Ivory

In The Swim is a water-based deck paint that is an acrylic paint and concrete anti-slip deck coating. An easy to use application that can be applied on damp surfaces, and cuts the time of site preparation and roller painting.

It depends on the surface porosity; any may be required to apply twice for best outcomes. You can use a nap roller of ½” and can be applied with ease on Patio and on smooth surfaces and for surfaces that are rough should be painted by using ¾” nap roller.

This has the ability to cover an area of 90 to 125 sq. ft. (1-gallon) on an average. If the temperature outside is of 80 degrees F, then ideal time to wait between the coats is 4 hours. According to the outside climate, for the foot traffic you should wait for 24-48 hours.

Even if you own an in-ground and above ground pool you should have a good slip and slide for maximum enjoyment. The slips and falls can be minimised with In The Swim deck paint, on any old or freshly built deck.

A coat of primer(oil-based) is required for a wooden deck before applying this for optimum results. A perfect tool will work best for providing the best, a paint roller would work well for covering larger areas.


  • Your concrete spaces can be restored easily.

  • On drying this gives a non-slip finish.

  • Damp surfaces can be painted with this.

  • Two coats are sufficient according to the wood porosity.

  • This can cover around 100 – 125 sq. ft.


  • Requires more variety of colors.

3. Kiwi Grip – Non-Skid Deck System

The Kiwi Grip is a non-skid deck system that is durable, revolutionary, and be spread on the surface with ease and convenience. This also comes with a proprietary roller that helps in developing a high traction surface that gives a beautiful appearance.

The application can be adjusted with varying looks that can be provided to your boat for example, pleasure boat to an aggressive work boat texture. This is a premium quality homogenous material and is not affected by shells, beads, rubber fleck or any other fillers.

We all know that fillings may just drop and come out with time making the surface appear uneven, dirty and difficult to recoat.Available in five beautiful colors, such as white, blue, cream and black. These are durable and give you a non-slip surface.

If you are using this then a custom tint can be easily prepared from the list of colors. This acrylic paint shows resistance to all kinds of cracks and peels and is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

The Total Thread and an anti-skid paint this don’t wear out easily. They contain no plastic or sand and is a paint that can provide you with lot of benefits.


  • The paint gives an even and consistent texture

  • This has non-slip properties and includes a roller that creates texture.

  • Available in different color options.

  • This provides benefits of a water-based paint.

  • Resistant to peels and cracks.


  • A thin outdoor deck paint.

  • Rollers may clog

  • Difficult to clean.

4. RTG Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint

This is again a wonderful non-slip deck, patio, porch paint that has the ability to cover your outdoor spaces quickly and conveniently. This is affordable, easy to use. This one just rejuvenates your wood and protects it too.

Be it masonry, sealed concrete or wood this can be applied anywhere hassle free. An old deck, worn and weathered out can be just changed into a beautiful space in no time. Total of 1-3 coats is sufficient and gives a non-slip finish too (even if wet).

This is even and smooth when applied and is absolutely different from other non-slip paints and is not coarse, soft for tender and bare feet. This shows resistance to peeling, flaking and fading and remains same even with heavy rains, snow, foot traffic, pets and kids etc.

It provides a coverage that is solid and can is scuff resistant and gives you freedom to rearrange your furniture whenever you want. Any need of covering the spoiled surfaces with rugs and chairs to hide stains is ruled out with this.

Everything can be made comfortable and cozy and as per your convenience. A paint that has a fast-drying quality, is DIY friendly and can be applied with a brush or roller with ease. This is an eco-friendly and a low VOC formula.


  • A quality product that is made in America

  • A wonderful easy to apply non-lip paint.

  • This brings comfort and convenience to your old deck.

  • Shows resistance to peeling, scuffing, flaking and fading.

  • An eco-friendly and a formula with low VOC.


  • Can bubble up with rain.

5. TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

As your deck is exposed to foot traffic, UV rays, harmful weather conditions, this becomes worn, slippery, unsafe and dirty with time. The Total Boat is a non-skid paint that deals in preventing any harm that can happen to your deck due to spilled drinks, rain, dew, spray or excessive use of a washdown hose.

The TotalThread is a much better bond as comprises of polyurethane and proplytex wax texturing agents. This formula is a total cure for your ruined deck, and can be applied with ease by a brush or roller.

Just remove your old paint and mix it thoroughly before applying for a smooth textured finish. This in non-abrasive and doesn’t let anyone skid or slip, so much safety it provides. The maximum traction is provided by the deck paint and this doesn’t let particles dislodge and controls dark specs.

You just have to rub a little and with a bristle brush that is stiff for keeping the surface clean. This is best suited for decks, docks, ramps, steps, cabin tops and soles and more. You can apply more than one coat for a firm grip (3rd coat for a more aggressive grip). The colors are different in which it is available, so you can choose which matches your surroundings.


  • A paint that provides complete satisfaction to its customer

  • A marvellous paint with anti-slip quality.

  • This dries up easily and can be applied with utmost ease.

  • Gives a long-lasting finish and is durable.

  • A unique formula that has versatile qualities.

  • This is available in quarts and gallon.


  • Chances of holding dirt or mildew

Considering Some Factors Before Buying a Best Exterior Deck Paint

As we need care so does our deck. You can keep it in shape and maintain it well by using a superior quality deck paint. Let’s jump to few things that can make your decision better:

Oil based, acrylic, water-based paints work well

While choosing a paint for your deck you should, try to choose a one that adds a natural finish to your wooden surface. A good paint will work great for sealing the cracks of the deck surface and help in adding more beauty too.

The oil-based paints are required to be reapplied again in a year or so are they show less resistance to UV rays. Even the water-based ones give a great finish and withstand weather conditions. Acrylic paints deliver a marvellous performance. Choose a one that suits your deck and climate.

best wood deck stain

The coating thicknesses

The paints that are available in the market differ on thickness. The deck restoration come in different thickness categorised as 4x, 10x, 20x. They provide a thicker coat when applied on the surfaces. A paint with an apt thickness can provide a lot protection to your deck and help in hiding splinters, scruffs, bubbles, cracks etc. It should be noted that very thick paints are difficult to apply, so a medium one is a better option. You should be careful about the brushes you use.

best wood deck paint

Surfaces vertical or horizontal

This is often discussed among the deck owners, that the surfaces are vertical or horizontal. You should go for a paint by going through its instructions and prepare and use it accordingly.

This way you will have great and satisfying results in the end. Go for a good brand and use it with convenience.

Per gallon area coverage

This is a common thing that one wants to save money by investing wisely. The area you are going to paint is known to you already. You should go for a sufficient quantity of paint, for the area you need to cover. Most of the good brands come in cans with adequate quantity that can cover the entire area. Rustoleum brand can help in covering sufficient area with a capacity of one can.

The Color

The color range of the products is also wide when it concerns concrete and wooden paints. For example, Anvil has the least and Rustoleum has the maximum range of colors. Good colors bring great finish to your surfaces.

Easy Application

Paints that can be easily applied should be preferred. As this will save your time and efforts and the drying time will also ease out. If the temperature ranges are between 50 – 90 degrees then it will certainly give perfect results.

The surface you apply the paint should be perfectly clean and free of dust, dirt or grime for easy application.

best deck stain for weathered wood

5 Steps For Painting An Old Deck

This becomes imperative that prior to painting your old deck you need to prep them properly. Several measures need to be taken before you ensure that the job is done in a right manner and the paint lasts longer.

Preparing Your Deck for Paint

A set of steps need to be followed:

Just keep in mind that wood needs protection from all sides.

Clean the Surface & Deck Boards

Cleaning and washing is the first thing that is required to be done for removing dirt and debris from your deck. Even if the deck is new this should be done by you. Do this for all deck boards and remove the grills, furniture, etc. from your deck.

After thorough sweeping you need to sand the deck.

Preparing Your Deck for Paint

Sanding Your Boards

The preparation process involves sanding and this is one of the most important of all. This involves removal of all old paint, stains, residue from the deck boards. Your target should be getting rid of anything that’s in the way and almost all bare wood needs to be exposed.

Any sort of imperfections or grooves also should be sanded. All the board sides should be sanded as the paint needs to be applied on all sides for preventing the risk of expansion and contraction of the wood (due to moisture) that could be the result of weather changes.

Sanding should be done in the wood grain direction and not against it as mostly the wooden board grain tends to extend lengthwise.

Sanding Your Boards

Removing Imperfections Completely

Ensure that any kind of chips, dents, splits, and more are removed and the surface is adequately smooth for painting. As painting wood that’s chipped, cracked, and not sanded properly will not has a long-lasting paint effect.

Older the wood, more care will be required for the same.

Priming the Deck

Before the paint or stain application on the wood priming the surface also becomes important. The priming process should also be done properly as the wooden surface is exposed to a lot of varying temperatures, humidity, foot traffic, and moisture abuse.

The wood may not be porous in a similar manner all over the deck grain but priming will ensure an even pattern all over which will lead to a better paint job.

Best part is that, priming will help in eliminating the risk of bubbling, blistering, or peeling of wood when your paint job is finished.

Painting your Precious Deck

After you have cleaned, sanded, and primed your deck boards, the painting task can be initiated. A paint roller can be used for the same and the application of paint should be liberal. Too much of it is never advised.

Excess paint from the roller can be removed by using a painting tray. For all those nooks and crannies use a paint brush. For extended life the boards should be painted from all sides.

Apply two paint coats and go for a third one if the wood is softwood as it will absorb more and will need more paint for an even and smooth finish and feel.

The Final Words

Hopefully, with all that is discussed above your doubts or queries prior to choosing the best deck paint for old wood are surely resolved. Decks if old can just be turned to look new with these amazing, revolutionary and easy to use deck paints. Consider all the critical parameters before choosing the best paint for you old or freshly made deck.

You can add immense lustre, long lasting quality and durability to your lovely decks with these reliable paints. Just, buy a good deck paint with impressive features and aesthetic to your deck by matching the appropriate color that suits your style.

Frequently Asked Question's

 Q1. Why is it required to paint a deck?

Ans1. It is very important to paint a deck as the weathering and rotting of wooden surfaces may occur with time. The paints act as a protective sheet and also add beauty to your wooden spaces. A good quality paint can add years to your old deck and make it look new.

 Q2. Is there any dissimilarity between a deck stain and a paint?

Ans2. Deck paints are available in wide colors than the deck stains. The former is thicker than the latter when applied. Paints add more beauty and long-lasting finish than the deck stains, but they tend to more slippery. Both act a protective layer for your wooden surfaces. Paints have the ability to cover more flaws than the stains.

 Q3. How long do the deck paints last?

Ans3. A good deck paint can last for many years, as long as 10, as they have utmost efficiency in providing protection to the outdoor spaces. They once applied properly with required number of coats can provide your decks with longevity and durability. Though, the stains don’t work the same.

 Q4. Which one is the best for old wood?

Ans4. Many deck paints have been discussed in the article and you should choose the one that suits your needs and requirements. The deck porosity, wood composition and climate can make you decide better. For example, KILZ and Kiwi Grip are one of the good deck paints for your old wood.

Q5. How much do deck paints cost?

Ans5. A good quality deck paint costs around 30 dollars to 50 dollars and can be used to cover a deck of standard size. The painting may range between 300 dollars to 1300 dollars. Furthermore, when it comes to the maintenance of your deck every cost is worth it.