Best Deals On Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

In today’s times, best deals on zero-turn mowers are built with innovation and brilliant engineering. Be it a landscaping professional or homeowner, and you can enjoy the comfort and tempo of this fantastic equipment.

The ZTR-zero turning radius brings you closer to perfection and convenience as the quick and narrow turns while navigating a landscape or yard full of hurdles are easily accomplished.

Not only the convenience, but they are supposed to be the fastest riding mowers around.

Now the categorization that we are listing here will be highly appreciated by you. You can choose your mower according to the type you are searching for- residential purposes or commercial. The benefits and an extensive buying guide are everything you would need to know!! After ample research and comparisons with the other products, the best deals have been mentioned here.

Let us start now:

They can simply be jotted down in four types of categories:

  • Entry-level zero turns.

  • Mid-grade zero turns.

  • Semi-pro zero turns.

  • Commercial zero turns.

There are consumers that use it for residential purposes or some are professionals too. Selecting the right that matches your task may be a daunting task. Don’t get puzzled, and we have sorted a lot for you in the simplest way ever.

The major two types of Zero Turn Mowers are the entry-level models and the mid-grade ones for the consumer or residential users.

Top 4 Deals On Zero Turn Mowers

     ★ Entry-Level ★       

42" TimeCutter 452cc

best commercial zero turn mowers

  • Personal Ease

  • Storage Cubby

  • Front Step On-Off

     ★ Mid-Grade ★       

Husqvarna Z254 Kohler

best commercial zero turn mower for the money

  • Mulched

  • Max Speed

  • Reinforced Steel

     ★ Semi-pro ★       

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1

what is the best zero turn lawn mower

  • Ergonomic

  • Heavy-Duty

  • Fully Knob Adjustable

     ★ Commercial ★       

ZBeast V-Twin Dual

best price on zero turn mowers

  • Big Leagues

  • Free-Wheeling

  • Halogen Headlights

1. Entry-Level Zero Turn Mowers

These types of entry-level zero turns work wonderfully for weekend fighters that utilize these exciting pieces of equipment without any professional price tag.

Key features which they should possess:

  • Entry-level zero turns.

  • Cutting Width: 30-54″.

  • Horsepower: 10.5-24.5 HP.

  • Engine Cylinders: Single or Twin.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2-3.5 gallons.

best residential zero turn mower

These small pieces of machines are affordable, equipped with smallest gas tanks and engines and the maximum speed offered is 6-7 miles per hour. As compared to the lawn tractor speed they will make you finish your task in half the time. They are made from components which are less expensive such as stamped decks and thin piece of material.

best deals on zero turn mowers

1. 42" TimeCutter 452cc Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Admirable Attributes

  • This residential zero-turn mower comes with a cutting width of 42 inch and benefits you by accomplishing tasks in just half the time which you spent earlier.

  • Features front step on-off, storage cubby, personal ease, cup holders.

  • A 3-year unlimited warranty is certainly a cherry on the top.

  • Best price: $2499.

  • The per month suggested payments are $209 with a financing of 12 months on this purchase.

  • You will get assistance from more than 3,000 servicing dealers across the United States.

So, we recommend this for you as the best deal, which is only here for sure.

We are quite confident that in these hot summer days, you must be sweating out a lot after pursuing the lawn work. But know you can get rid of all that hard-work by replacing it with some smart work, with a lot of extra time and even host backyard parties, organize and enjoy pickup games, barbeques, and more.

You get the most perfect technology in your hands when you buy this ZTR from Toro. You can use your time for much more things in life as the ample of it will be saved with this great product. You can create more comforts for yourself and make life faster, and the additional features such as front-step through, storage cubby (under seat), cup-holders add more charm to it.

This is a space saver machine and the extra room can be used for storing your kayaks, kids’ toys, and everything between the TimeCutter’s deck. You can have control over the mowing speed without sacrificing the blade tip speed. The speed ranges up to 7 MPH in mow mode and in trim mode about 4 MPH. You can enjoy the smooth moves while on the go and hassle-free maintenance gives you peace of mind. This is easy to clean and you can remove the grass build-up or caked-on mud by a standard garden hose.

This is a space saver machine and the extra room can be used for storing your kayaks, kids’ toys, and everything between the TimeCutter’s deck. You can have control over the mowing speed without sacrificing the blade tip speed. The speed ranges up to 7 MPH in mow mode and in trim mode about 4 MPH. You can enjoy the smooth moves while on the go and hassle-free maintenance gives you peace of mind. This is easy to clean and you can remove the grass build-up or caked-on mud by a standard garden hose.

The product warranty, shipping, customer service comes with a big thumbs up.

2. Mid-Grade Zero Turn Mowers

These are one-step further and are stronger than the entry-level mowers. There may be tough areas to deal with and these provide heavy-duty solution for such areas. All your mowing chores just become comfier and convenient.

Key features possessed with them:

  • Cutting Width: 34-60″.

  • Horsepower: 16-25 HP.

  • Engine Cylinders: Twin.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3-4 gallons.

top rated zero turn mowers

They are built with mower decks which offer heavy-duty performance. They are fashioned from gauge steel that is thicker and heavier and the critical joints are welded properly to add strength.

While using them you will find difference such as the stronger transmission, robust wheel motors, larger pumps, and provide increased torque ratings that has the capacity to handle heavier loads. The deck height comes with a foot-controlled adjustment and the seats are comfier.

This category provides you with a wide variety from renowned brands for you to select. Overall performance and the level of reliability is the greatest when it is a zero-turn mower.

     ★ Most Recommended ★     

small zero turn mowers

1. Husqvarna Z254 Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower

Admirable Attributes

  • This is a 26 HP engine with a max speed of 6.5 MPH.

  • Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck.

  • Air induction mowing technology.

  • A patent-pending brake system with automatic activation and de-activation.

  • Best Price: $2899.95.

  • It comes with 26 HP at an affordable price than others.

  • If you invest in this, you need nothing further.

As compared to the other products, this is the best deal in this category.

The Husqvarna is the perfect combo of style and performance and you can hit the grass with ease and comfort. Proven function, cutting edge design, innovative features make you feel awesome while you perform the mowing job. This provides a reliable start-up and a max speed of 6.5 MPH. This comes with an innovative, maintenance-free transmission, which make sit easy to own and use every season.

As the steering levers can be moved outward or inward a patent-pending park brake system automatically activates or deactivates. The air induction mowing technology draws air from top to the deck bottom. The reinforced steel stamped cutting deck is made of heavy flat-stock steel for maximum durability. The clippings can be discharged, bagged or mulched.

You need to invest in the bagger attachment and mulching kit separately.

3. Semi-pro Zero Turn Mowers

This is certainly a great option for consumers and professionals both. All the land owners with acres of property love to possess such a mower and this suits your budget to.

Key features possessed with them:

  • Cutting Width: 34-60″.

  • Horsepower: 16-25 HP.

  • Engine Cylinders: Twin.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3-8 gallons.

best zero turn mowers for the money

They have the ability to mow about 4-5 acres in one go and accelerate up to 8 miles per hour. They are designed for routine use and feature large fuel tanks, heavy-duty transmissions, and heavy-gauge single-piece steel frames. Not to forget they have multiple cup holders, cruise control, high back seat, and adjustable armrests.

     ★ Most Recommended ★     

best value zero turn mower

1. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Kohler V-Twin Zero Turn Mower

Admirable Attributes

  • The Ultima Series is V-twin automatic OHV engine which is exceptionally smooth and provides a reliable start with quiet operation.

  • This features 11-gauge heavy-duty fabricated deck with reinforced leading edges.

  • Three-way adjustable ergonomic lap bar design.

  • 3-year unlimited-hour warranty.

  • The company offers service plans for your convenience.

  • This is probably the best deal in this category.

  • Best Price: $3099 which was earlier $3199.

This features deck height adjustment foot pedal with spring assist and creates 15 (cut) positions that are just perfect. A precise event cut is provided by the cutting height 1 in. – 4.5 in. The product is maintenance-free and comes with a spindle construction sealed cast aluminum housing. Equipped with an 18 in. high-back seat which is automotive-inspired and ergonomic. The advanced polymer seat suspension reduces the operator’s fatigue. If you are facing low light conditions the dual-LED headlights provide ultimate vision.

The hydro-elastic rear-wheel transmission provides quick and effortless cuts. You just get a professional-quality finish with 7mph Fwd / 3.5mph Rev zero-turs controlled ground speeds. The fuel tank capacity is 3.5 gallons. The electronic fingertip blade engagement allows smooth operation of the attachments or decks. This has a fully welded tubular steel axle with 2 in. x 2.5 in., and the steel yokes of 1.4 in. provide greater durability. The SmartJet deck wash system provide water at high-pressure for cleaning out debris or grass build-up.

4. Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

These are designed for everyday hard and heavy-duty use. Undoubtedly, a great help for the landscaping professionals who earn their living.

Key features possessed with them:

  • Cutting Width: 34-72″.

  • Horsepower: 25-31 HP.

  • Engine Cylinders: Twin.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5-13 gallons.

most reliable zero turn mower

They are the largest in this category, obviously with huge fuel tanks, powerful engines, fastest speed, and of course with big price tags. You tend to get a complete separate buying guide with these.

     ★ Most Recommended ★     

highest rated zero turn mowers

1. Z-Beast ZBeast V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Mower

Admirable Attributes

    • The Z-Beast is a great dependable, commercial grade equipment.

    • This provides a cutting-width of 62-inches.

    • Pro-series 25 HP commercial turf engine.

    • This features a dual hydrostatic drive system that provides maneuverability with ultimate speed.

    • Best Price: $4399 which was earlier $5619.

    • This is probably an offer that should not be missed and a brilliant product for professionals.

This is probably an offer that should not be missed and a brilliant product for professionals.

An amazing ZTR that provides adequate power to cut more grass in the minimum time and with least of efforts. You can extend work time with halogen headlights and this hydraulic drive system was designed for larger commercial applications. This has a motor (five piston and seven piston) which is powerful and has the ability to deliver up to 350 ft/lbs. of torque. The mechanical gear helps in routing the power with a reduction to a 1.2″/30 mm axle. This has a system that owns a patented bypass that allows free-wheeling with an intermediate belt.This can be used to limit excessive torque to the wheels.

They come with roll bar, seat belt for security, cup holders for beverages, and headlights that provides extended work hours. This works at a speed of up to 12 MPH and reduces cutting time. The minimum blade tip speed is 18,750 ft/min and professional cut performance is provided by this brilliant lawn mower. More convenience is added with the quick adjust floating deck with 1.5 to 5-in 0.5-in. increments. Even the most even terrain can be navigated with this, as the front tires 15 x 6 in. and rear tires 22 x 10 in. are used for excellent traction.

The Ultimate Guide To Follow

Just check out the few undermentioned factors before you actually invest and buy your type of mower. As we have mentioned above, so go for a mower which fits in your requirements. If you want for residential purposes then a simple one will cater to your needs, and for commercial-grade purposes a heavy-duty expensive option can be bought. Check out the understated features:

Engine HP

Different types of mowers come with varied horsepower. The entry-level ones should have a horse power of 10.5 to 24.5, for mid-grade 16 to 25, for semi-pro 16 to 25, and for commercial purposes 25 to 31 hp is sufficient. The horsepower lets you know how powerful your machine is. The bigger the equipment and the heavy-duty purpose for which it is required, the hp should be more accordingly.

Cutting Width

While the mowing process is undertaken so the width of grass or vegetation being removed let’s you know the cutting width of the machine. For different types of mowers, the cutting width varies from 30″ to 62″ roughly. The model you choose according to the type will help you have the clarity of specifications.

small zero turn mowers

smallest zero turn mower


There are mowers that come with hydrostatic transmissions, and this allows you to mow at varied speeds. They are equipped with hydraulic pump with hydraulic motor that provide immense power to machine. The hassles of working with the preset gears is removed. Hence, before you buy check the transmission or the speed changing ability of the mower.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity varies from 2 to 13 gallons according to the type of mower you buy. Sufficient fuel-capacity is a must for any good lawn mower for its proper working. You can check the details according to the type in the above article.

Weight Mower Size

These machines are constructed for your comfort and ease. They are not very heavy in weight and according to your requirement you can compare the size and the weight for the task you buy it for. Struggling with the weight of the mower should not be the case.
Mowing Speed and comfort.

Mowing Speed and Comfort

Six to twelve miles or may be more is offered by these devices, as they are well known for their fast speed and comfort too. Foot control adjustment, comfier seats, storage cubby, cupholders etc., is provided by these ZTR’s. whatever features you want the selection should be done as per your preference.

fastest zero turn mower

best commercial riding lawn mower

Deck Height Adjustment

This is also an important feature that helps you in changing to different cut positions for easy operation and mowing. The perfect positions make you have a brilliant experience even while you are performing mowing tasks of heavy-duty.

Wrapping Things

Selecting a mower will be as easy as a breeze now, and all the types and parameters can be assessed by you with ample of ease and comfort. We have tried to put the best of the details here for you after much research, and you can narrow down your selection quickly for the best ZTR you want to invest in. All your investment will be worth everything, and we can assure this!!!

The Advantages of Using A ZERO-TURN MOWER

If we compare these with the conventional lawn mowers then the ZTR’s are far better in terms of speed, performance, and comfort. You yourself can check it out!! Why are they superior?

As the name suggests these mowers have a turning radius of zero and features two levers in place of a steering wheel, and the independent wheel motors allow to tackle obstacles efficiently and quickly.

Maximum Maneuverability

The driver has the complete control on each wheel and can go backward, forward, right, left, and that too just by moving arms.

Minimal Mowing Time

Even the toughest of the terrains can be managed by these wonderful pieces of equipment. This reduces the mowing time by just half and you can change any direction with utmost ease. The flexibility to zip around obstacles like trees and houses is splendid. You can really save a lot of your time by using these brilliantly engineered mowers.

Least Fuel-Consumption

This is a simple calculation, if you are consuming less time while mowing then the amount of gas spent is automatically reduced.


Similarly, the less hours of operation lead to less depreciation and wear of the machine. They turn out to be the most durable and serve you for years.

Best Mulching

If we compare them with the other riding mowers, then these come with a higher blade tip and chops the leaves more efficiently and speedily.

The Mow Job is Cleaner

The higher blade-tip of the enables more precise cuts and leaves your lawn looking great.They are just fun….You can just try one out and feel the ease and comfort.

Least Trimming Required

Since the cuts are better, so the trimming task is reduced. The extra time you used to do cleaning task with a push mower or trimmer is minimized.There may be some nostalgia attached with the traditional lawn mowers, but these zero turn mowers are absolutely amazing!!


Q1. Do ZTR's have brakes in them?

Ans1. Unlike the traditional lawnmowers, the zero turns do not feature a foot-pedal brake. The job of controlling speed and direction of the machine is done by the steering wheels present in them. They may feature an emergency brake or a parking brake instead.

Q2. Are ZTR's worth it?

Ans2. Yes, they are amazing and make you save your time by enabling mowing the largest of landscapes in just half the time. The speed, maneuverability, comfort, cutting-edge quality provided by them is unmatchable. They have a speed of 7 to 12 MPH and the heavy-duty transmission is also worth appreciating.

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