The Best Cordless Weed Eater For 2021 - Review And Buying Tips

Trim extra weeds with utmost ease!

If you are a nature admirer and are keen to keep your lawn well-maintained, then a cordless weed eater works in the best possible way.

They possess many qualities than the traditional ones and are safe than the gas-powered models. The concept of using a cordless weed eater is as easy as making use of a mobile phone. Just charge and press the button to start.

The ultimate convenience is provided by these contemporary models of weed eaters. After you ponder on their features and qualities, you will just fall in love with these lightweight and handy machines.

If one is thoughtful, then these weed eaters make you breathe better after use, and their Eco-friendly behavior is worth everything.

Take a look at Best Cordless Weed Eater Models.

1. Milwaukee String Trimmer Kit (QUIK-LOK)

A product that is top-rated delivers the best with immense power is the Milwaukee String Trimmer. The M18 fuel trimmer has the strength to work for 1-hour per charge and just starts smart in just 1 second. The main components of the Milwaukee are:

➽ M18 Fuel Power Head

➽ QUIK-Lok String Trimmer attachment.

The trimmer shows perfect compatibility with the edger, pole saw, and hedge trimmer that forms the main part of the multiple attachments of this product. If you are looking for some ultimate versatility, then these weed eaters perform great.

You can maintain your landscapes well with this professional-grade trimmer with a low cost of ownership. Perfect balance, power, and maneuverability are the best features that make it stand out of the crowd. The trimmer’s rear has the POWERSTATE brushless motor, which enables it to perform with excellence.

The single powerhead is comfortable and quickly swaps the multiple attachments. Give A Look At: Best Weed And Grass Killers Of 2021

We liked

    • The String Trimmer is a perfect combination of maneuverability, power, and balance.

    • The powerhead is compatible with multiple attachments.

    • Specifically designed to meet the needs of a professional landscape maintenance.

    • A single powerhead delivers ultimate versatility.

    • This has adequate power to clear thick brush.

We didn’t like

  • A great product overall, no cons as such.

2. DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer

A string trimmer that comes with extremely less weight than the others is suitable for women and people of middle ages. A single battery of 4.0aH is used by the Dewalt in place of two 2.0aH batteries.

The speed, runtime, and the cutting RPM remain the same, though this won’t work well for weeds that are thick. For this purpose, a higher voltage is required probably.

A lawn of any type can be cut with this wonderful string trimmer along with the pavement driveways, garden beds, etc. When it comes to the weight where others range between 8.5 to 10 pounds, this comes with a lightweight of just 7 lbs.

Most of the tools of the company use a battery of 20 V, and interchanging is easy. This features 13″ Cutting swath with 0.080″ Line and is a gear drive transmission design that works with power through the overgrowth.

The variable trigger provides high and low-speed controls that add power to the equipment and extend the run time. The design is light in weight, ergonomic, and balanced, which provides you more flexibility.

We liked

  • The lightweight of the string trimmer is an advantage.

  • All the tools of DeWALT work on a 20V battery, and you can interchange too.

  • Able trigger with speed controls (high/low).

  • Light in weight, ergonomic and has a balanced design.

  • Works on single battery support of 4.0aH.

We didn’t like

  • The guard of this tool isn’t large.

  • The trigger is very high and may put the user into an awkward position.

3. Makita XRU09PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Cordless String Trimmer

It is certainly very useful if your outdoor equipment is without a cord, that makes this more preferred for the users. The Maxita is designed excellently to meet the demands of modern times with batteries of 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion.

This brushless string trimmer works with a low noise, zero emissions and requires minimum maintenance. The string trimmer has the ability to deliver long run time at maximum speed and power. The tools of Maxita possess a long life and operate like a professional grade trimmer.

The spindles (M10x1. 25 LH) used by this comply with the industry standards and provide added convenience to the user.

This moves in a counter clockwise direction and features an in-built outer rotor brushless motor. Delivers amazingly with a runtime of 60 minutes on single charge. Featuring two speed options ranging from low: 5,000 RPM and high: 6,500 RPM. Reverse rotation system makes you deal with the entangled grass comfortably.

We liked

  • An outdoor equipment which works with a high torque.

  • ures variable speed triggers for power control.

  • pped with feed trimmer with bump and a twisted quiet line of 0.080″.

  • The reverse rotation function helps the operator to clear the trimmer head of entangled grass.

  • The product complies to the industry standards and provides added convenience.

We didn’t like

  • The spool is not comfortable to use.

4. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

The WORX is a cordless string trimmer and edger which is cordless and power source is the battery. This includes two powerful and lightweight batteries of 20V and they show compatibility with any power share family of WORX.

This is a 2 in one equipment which can change from a trimmer to an in-line wheeled edger and can be reversed when required. A spool system that will just start with a press button. With least of the efforts and only 5.3 lbs. of weight the best quality trimming and edging can be done.

A traction and support are provided by the rubberized tools, as this performs like a professional grade trimmer.

All sorts of uneven patches can be trimmed and the 90-degree head tilt makes this possible with ease. The spacer is adjustable and prevents any beating of beautiful off the tops of plants or flowers.

We liked

  • This is a powerful and 2-in-1 GT and converts from a trimmer to an in-line wheeled edger in no time

  • udes 2 powerful and light weight batteries.

  • The rubberized wheels provide adequate traction along with support for even trimming

  • able spacer guard helps in preventing cutting of the plant or flower tops.

  • This works on just a button command, is battery powered.

We didn’t like

  • Only supports light weed trimming.

  • The batteries don’t work great.

5. Earthwise LST02010 20-Volt 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

Another special cordless string trimmer by Earthwise that comes with a weight of 4.4 pounds. So, light in weight and the elder or older ones can also operate with utmost ease and comfort. A product which is available with an affordable price tag, compact, handy and easy to store.

The Earthwise supports all your lawn maintenance needs. Just a use of 20-25 minutes can help you trim your lawn and light weeds with convenience.

We can confidently call it a quality product at an affordable price. The lithium ion-battery is powerful and of 20-Volt 2.0Ah. The auto-feed with a cutting width of 10″, includes a spool and a nylon line of 0.065″.

This handy trimmer features a flip-down edge guard for easy and quick edging. The handle is adjustable and comes with a telescopic pole that makes trimming comfortable. No gas or oil is required for the string trimmer. This makes no fumes or mess, and works with excellence.

The battery (20-Volt) shows compatibility with all Earthwise products.

We liked

  • A powerful lithium-ion battery of 20-Volt 2.0Ah.

  • The motor is powerful for more runtime, durability and power.

  • Auto feed with a cutting width of 10″, nylon line of 0.065″ included along with spool.

  • tures an adjustable handle and a telescopic pole and a shaft for convenient trimming.

  • The battery is compatible with all Earthwise 20V lithium-ion batteries.

We didn’t like

  • Doesn’t trim thick weeds properly.

Many Important Things To Be Considered – Buying Tips

We focus on providing you with the apt and correct information so that you choose the right weed eater. After you will read the entire description, selecting the right product will be come very easy for you. It’s good, if you understand and look of the features yourself. If you have already chosen one then also you may get some tips for your next weed eater, in case you are thinking to buy one.

battery operated weed eater

Types of Batteries

The batteries that are used in these weed eaters are categorized into 4 categories.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

These batteries are preferred and are supposed to be the most common ones because of their storage capacity. Do you know? Your laptop, tools or phones also work on the lithium-ion batteries and store a lot in a small place.

Lead-Acid batteries The lead-acid batteries are commonly used in heavy-duty vehicles, four-wheelers, tractors, etc. The higher cold cranking cramps are possessed by these batteries. They show more resistance to any sort of environmental factors and discharge.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

They are used where immediate power is required. Flash lights, and flash photography, the nickel metal hydride is ideal for these.

Battery Run Time and Charge Time

The battery run time decides the efficiency of your weed eater and the charge time makes you know how long it will take the battery to charge. You can compare this by the specifications or use before you invest in the best one. If your battery drains early without performing well then your selection should change.


Worrying about the weight of a string trimmer is no big issue, as most of the models are available under 10lbs, and the less expensive ones way lesser. Carrying them is no hard task, and if still one feels so this can be compensated with a sling, strap or a harness.

best cordless weed eater


We can categorize the design of the weed eater shafts into two:

1. The straight shaft

2. The curved shaft

Before buying them, just ensure that a straight shaft is sturdier and reliable. They can reach many areas, have better torque, and can serve for many other purposes too. Whereas the curved ones are light in weight, may vibrate, and perform with a lesser output. The modern-day shafts are straight and are preferred more.


Most of the manufacturers come with warranties that are not known or used by the customers. Due to some mal-functioning, we even try to abuse the company as a customer. But this should not prevail, as most of the products offer good services after they sell their products. Any kind of faults or defects is also taken care of by the company.

A warranty of 2 to 3 years (on tools also) along with a 1-year warranty on batteries is provided by them. You can save a lot of pennies if you treasure these warranties while you unbox the product and make use of them at the right time.

best battery weed eater

The Summary

We hope that the article must have made you aware of the best cordless weed eaters by now. Just make the most of it and try to decide any buy the best product. One of our favorite ones is the Milwaukee String Trimmer that performs well and is a product that is loved by all. They have qualities such as zero-emissions, push-start system, operating with low noise, makes them look out of the box.

Choose the best one that fulfills your demand and caters to all your requirements. The hassles of any kind of weed cutting will certainly be removed by the weed eater you opt for.

Choose wisely and trim nicely!

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