11 Best Concrete Driveway Cleaners For Cleaning Stains & Dirt 2024

best concrete cleaners

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Cleaning concrete is a little more challenging than most other surfaces, as concrete floors are often found in places exposed to worst of treatments. This includes garages, warehouses, driveways etc.

Where the surface has to bear just about anything, and the stains get hardened if they remain there long enough.

Grease, paint, dirt, grime and many other agents can make concrete floors cleaning, the toughest job. Fortunately, there are many chemicals solutions for driveway cleaning that wok regardless of how hard the job is.

With a little research to ascertain their composition with specific chemicals, finding the best concrete cleaners shouldn’t be a problem. Even for removing the deck stains a good cleaner with a scrub brush will ease out your work.

They aren’t too expensive however if you can afford, a concrete cleaning machine, or a water broom, will probably work wonders.

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Best Chemicals For Driveway Cleaning - Compared At A Glance

     ★ BEST OVERALL ★       

Terminator-HSD (2 LB)

concrete cleaning products

Uses Natural Microbes

No Scrubbing Involved

Easy And Very Effective

     ★ PREMIUM CHOICE ★       

GP66 Green Miracle (1 gal)

gp66 industrial concrete cleaner reviews

Water Based Cleaner

Effective And Powerful Formula

Eco-Friendly And Multi-Purpose

     ★ BEST BUDGET PICK ★       

Terminator-HSD (10 Oz)

best concrete cleaners

Powerful Oil Stain

Eco-Friendly & Safe

No-Scrubbing Required

Most Recommended - Concrete Cleaner Reviews

1. Terminator - Eco-Friendly Driveway Oil Remover

The Terminator HSD is the best way to clean concrete driveway, deck areas , sidewalks, parking lots, patio without pressure washer. In fact, it is made to remove any hydrocarbon-based stain and it uses no chemicals to get the job done.

Instead, this remover uses natural microbes to absorb the oil so that it can be quickly washed away. The more you use this product, the better your driveway will look. All that you have to do to use it is spread it out evenly on your driveway, mist the area with a little water, and you’re done.

There is no scrubbing involved and no removal of the product. You simply apply it, spray the water, and then wait for the true beauty of the concrete to appear. If used regularly, you will see a big difference in the way your concrete looks in four to six weeks because it will look much better with time.


  • It is easy to apply and easy to use.

  • It makes stains completely disappear over time.

  • It is very effective regardless of the stain type.


  • It is a bit expensive.

  • Requires careful application, else it may leave the concrete floor dusty.

  • Isn’t as effective on old as a fresh stains.

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2. GP66 Miracle - Grease Remover For Concrete

This amazing grease and oil cleaner for concrete is super concentrated and can clean just about anything that has grease or oil on it, including not only concrete driveways but also grout, stoves, ovens, and even carpets.It makes a total of 64 regular GP66 bottles and the water-based cleaner is very eco-friendly as well.

It is also proven to be safe and effective regardless of how tough the grease stain is. With excellent reviews by the EPA, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Department of Health and Human Hygiene, the GP66 Miracle Cleaner also meets OSHA regulations and is therefore very safe.

From pots and pans to bricks and even graffiti, automobiles, and golf clubs, the GP66 Miracle Cleaner is definitely a multi-purpose floor cleaner that can be used for industrial use, being very effective for both households and various businesses.

You can use it to clean bacon grease, laminate floors, glass, furniture, stovetops, and even airway strips because it is strong and effective enough for dozens of jobs. If you have an especially tough stains, including one that has been there a while, you can use the product at full strength & let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with a power washer.


  • It breaks the surface tension of water to emulsify and get rid of the stains.

  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • It was initially developed only for industrial use so it is very strong.


  • Costlier than other products but worth it.

  • It is good at working but has bad fumes.

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3. Terminator-HSD Eco-Friendly Bio-Remediates

The Terminator-HSD stain remover comes among the most powerful driveway stain removers available in the market. It is eco-friendly and can yet eliminate the toughest of stains grease, grime and any hydrocarbon-based stain. This formula bio-remediates and then acts on removing stains.

After applying the product, the process of cleaning starts, the Terminator-HSD breaks down and dissolves the oils into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (naturally occurring by-products). The great part is that these products doesn’t harm the environment, as other oil removers might go in the drains or sewers causing environmental pollution.

The powder can be easily spread on large areas to remove stains, as compared to the liquid ones which are time-consuming. It requires a few weeks (4 – 6 weeks) to work and can also be reapplied weekly.

These products include no harmful chemicals, and its natural microbes consume oil over time, resulting in removing oils from the environment. Just spread it evenly, mist it with water and let the cleaner do its magic over the weeks. The area should be kept damp between 40- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. Reapplication can be done for outstanding results.


  • This one is the most powerful oils stain remover.

  • Treats concrete surfaces like driveways, patios, garages, pavers, parking lots, warehouses and much more.

  • Eco-friendly products and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

  • Bio-remediates and remove stain.

  • The powder works better than liquid formulas.

  • Stops environmental problems as is very safe to use.


  • A little overpriced.

  • Some harder stains leave their mark and didn’t go completely.

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4. Oil Eater Original - Cement Cleaner

Made specifically for concrete surfaces, the Oil Eater Original could be a best degreaser for oil on concrete that contains no acids, petroleum solvents, or abrasives as it is water-based and biodegradable as well.

It is in concentrated form, doesn’t require a large quantity to be effective, and can be used for a variety of basic household and even industrial jobs. Simply add a little water to switch from heavy-duty to light-duty floor cleaning.

It works great on cemented and asphalt surfaces as well as boat hulls, tires, grills, and even siding, not to mention commercial items such as exhaust hoods, tools, making it a favorable concrete cleaner solution for power washers.

From homes to production facilities and restaurants, you can think of hundreds of uses for this high-quality product. For optimum results, simply let the diluted product sit on the oily spot for five to ten minutes and then use a pressure washer wand to thurst a strong stream of water to remove spotting.

The longer it sits on the oil and grease, the more aggressively it works to remove them. It is approved for all non-food surface and it is also very reasonably priced, which means that anyone can afford it.


  • It is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

  • It is safe for many uses, including septic tanks.

  • It removes oil, dirt, grime, and all types of grease.


  • Takes some time to show the desired results.

  • Not as effective in winters as in summer.

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5. Simple Green - Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaning Solution

The Simple Green 18202 is the one of the best concrete cleaner for pressure washer that not only removes dirt, grime, oil, and grease but also does an amazing job on any discolorations that aren’t the result of some type of dye.

This is a non-degrading and non-corrosive product that is very powerful and it is meant for concrete and asphalt floors such as driveways and surfaces streets. It is also a very concentrated liquid and this one bottle makes over 11 gallon of cleaning solution.

The product is a great overall floor cleaner that has a variety of uses and it works more efficiently when used with a power washer. If you have trees around your patio area that leave sap and gunk on the patio, you can use Simple Green for cleaning patios it will remove that stuff instantly.

In addition, it never leaves behind a residue or film on the concrete and it is easy to apply as well. Since it makes such a large amount, you can use it for a variety of fixtures and the results will be amazing every time. It is a household & commercial concrete cleaner that are reliable and immediately noticeable.


  • It makes a lot of cleaning liquid and is extremely effective.

  • It works on a wide range of stain types.

  • It can be used by both individuals and businesses of all types.


  • It can kill plants if not used carefully.

  • Needs a little scrubbing on harder stains.

  • It takes a bit of time to wash it off.

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6. Zep Driveway Concrete Cleaner And Degreaser

The Zep driveway is the best concrete cleaner for oil stain removal. Again a perfect cleaning agent for concrete, asphalt, paving stones and brick surfaces, it’s certainly apt for driveways, pathways, walkways, and patio cleaning.

Zep driveway concrete cleaner requires little or no scrubbing sparkling clean driveways and walkways. It comes in a 20 gallons pack. It’s good for spot cleaning as well as deep cleaning required for larger areas.

The instructions should be followed as directed on the bottle. It might be a little harmful to eyes, or skin, so use it carefully! This one is not suitable for painted or stained surfaces, brass chrome, copper, aluminum and other alkaline surfaces. This one doesn’t harm plants.


  • Helps in removing grease, oils stain and dirt.

  • Keeps your driveways, walkways, patio clean.

  • It makes 20 gallons.

  • Doesn’t harm plants.

  • Helps in cleaning wide concrete surfaces areas also.


  • Needs effort in removing oils stain.

  • Not so effective on rust.

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7. Simply Floors - Professional Concrete Cleaner

The Simply Floor FLC-00062 products has a neutral pH and is, therefore, safe for all types of floors it won’t even damage the finish on the floor. If you have an automatic floor scrubber or a mop bucket or pail, you can dilute the product and place it in there for easy use.

It is highly concentrated and can be diluted however you like from a 1:16 ratio to 1:256. It also comes in either a two- or four-pack for your convenience. It is also a very versatile cleaner for everything from tile to linoleum and ceramic to slate so you can use it on more than just your floors.

Each bottle contains 320 ounces of the concentrated liquid, which goes a very long way. It is also low-VOC and low in toxicity. You can use it to clean grout, tables, walls, and desks and it won’t smell up the area either because it has a very nice scent. Indeed, this driveway cleaner makes a great all-purpose driveway cleaner that can be used on just about anything.


  • It gets rid of both stains and odors, including tough doggy odors.

  • It is extremely effective and long-lasting.

  • It cleans dirt, oil, grease, mud, and pet messes.


  • Focused more on newer concrete surfaces than older ones.

  • The floor becomes sticky if the cleaner is not used carefully.

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8. Simply FLC- 00001 - Best Concrete Oil Stain Remover

Available in either two- or four-bottle packages, the Simply Floors FLC-00001 product not only cleans your floor but adds a nice shine and gloss to it as well. This is an acrylic floor-coating and protection product that is easy to use and makes the floor look more level and even in addition to giving it a “wet” look that many people love.

It does very well and lasts even in high-traffic areas. It also responds to low- or high-speed burnishing up to 1500 RPM as well as spray-buffing equipment. Simply products works great on linoleum, vinyl, slate, and terrazzo and it is ideal for healthcare facilities, schools, supermarkets, churches, and office buildings, to name a few.

It not only looks great and does a terrific job at protecting the floor and making it last longer but also dries quickly and is super easy to apply. In fact, if you put down two coats instead of one on your floors, they will look even better and the shine is proven to last for a very long time. If you have older floors that need a bit of a shine, this is the perfect product to use and you are guaranteed to love the results!


  • It is concentrated and makes a large quantity of product.

  • It works well on both indoor and outdoor areas.

  • It even works on the very old flooring.


  • It takes too much time in drying.

  • It is costlier than other brand products.

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9. CAF Outdoor Cleaning EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner 0.75 lbs

The CAF outdoor cleaning EXIMO, a waterless best concrete cleaner is the highest quality concrete cleaner possible and is widely appreciated by users. It restores the natural color of the concrete and doesn’t let it fade away.

This formula uses microbes to breakdown the hydrocarbon chains present in the petroleum oils or to eliminate tough stains that might have resulted due to gas, diesel, petroleum-based chemicals or grease. These products come with trusted satisfaction.

This multipurpose concrete surface cleaner can be used on a variety of concrete surfaces like driveway, sidewalks, parking lots, entry stairs, pavers, and several similar ones. Along with being powerful, it is easy to use and environmentally safe.

This natural, waterless concrete cleaner formula is harsh on stains but proves very secure for surroundings plants, grass, pets or domestic use. This amazing product comes with an easy application and requires no sweeping or washing.

It needs to be applied and to be left on the concrete surface which is required to be cleaned. It satisfies strict EPA standards. The volume is 7 lbs, with a wet and dry application procedure. It boasts of being surface safe and also reliable removal.


  • It is a waterless cleaner, wet & dry solution.

  • It is very safe, meets the EPA standards.

  • It doesn’t require any pressure washing or scrubbing.

  • It is safe for plants and natural surroundings, as is eco-friendly.


  • Not so helpful for residential garages.

  • It will give dusty effect if not used properly.

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10. ACT Concrete Cleaner Removes Oil Grease Mildew Stains

These products are manufactured in the US. The Act concrete cleaner comes with impressive features and is a great one for removing oils, greases, antifreeze, mold and mildew, animal waste, gum and more. This eco-friendly cleaner is perfect for cleaning patio , driveways, pavers, wood, soil, plastic and other surfaces.

It is USDA certified and can be used safely around, people, animals, and plants. Act concrete cleaner is a quick and easy to use product and bio-remediates as it cleans.

It is of premium quality and works as effectively as the commercial warehouses, oils and gas industry do. This advanced cleaning formula doesn’t remove paint from the concrete surfaces, and also controls the bad odors. The quickest and easiest product to use and is 100% guaranteed.

As already mentioned above, this is an eco-friendly formula, and a scientific one uses microorganisms that produce extracellular enzymes, which help in breaking down petroleum resulting in cleaning the concrete surfaces efficiently. It can cover an area of 100 sq.ft. with just 1 lb.

Just a small amount of cleaner can work wonders, after applying. A soft bristle broom can be used, brushing should be carried on in both directions. A spray bottle of water should be used to mist the already applied cleaner, till the area around the cleaner becomes damp. No scrubbing is required, as this cleaner will vanish and evaporate and will not leave any residual substances.


  • It can be used for a variety of floors.

  • This one is easiest and the quickest.

  • It is non-toxic and an eco-friendly formula.

  • Helps us in getting rid of dirt, oils, grease, antifreeze, animal waste and many.

  • It comes in 2.5-lb capacity.


  • It takes time to clean.

  • A little difficult to spread.

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11. Simply FLC - 00063 - Non-Toxic Surface Cleanser

The Simply Floors FLC-00063 hardwood floor cleaner comes in four- or twelve-bottle packs and each bottle makes 1 gallon of liquid. It is concentrated and made with a professional strength, which means that you can even use it in your commercial business or retail outlet.

A non-toxic surface cleaner, the FLC-00063 can be diluted using a 1:6 ratio up to 1:64; the desired strength will depend on the difficulty of the cleaning job itself. One of the biggest advantages of these products is that it is safe for both pets and humans and there is never any sticky residue left on the floors.

If you have wooden floors in your home or office, you need this product because it is easy to use extremely effective on all types of hardwood floors and will even restore their original look.

This water-based cleaning product is so effective that you can even use it to spot-clean as you damp-mop throughout your home or office. The product can also be used diluted or at full strength, the latter being recommended only for extra-tough or very old stains. It is much more effective when used with a power-washing tool.


  • It is a great all-purpose cleaner for both homes and businesses.

  • 1 Gallon of liquid is in 1 bottle.

  • It is perfect for all types of hardwood floors.


  • It needs a little effort in removing tough stains.

  • The cleaner is watery and thin.

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Best Concrete Cleaners For Driveway: Buying Guide

PH Cleaners

Floor cleaners that are pH-neutral are made mostly for mild cleaning of unsealed concrete, particularly if it has no dirt or soil embedded in it. They can be used on both interior and exterior structures as long as the dirt and stains aren’t too bad.

How they work. These floor-cleaners should be spread liberally on the cemented floor and then you can scrub the floor lightly. Afterward, mop or vacuum up all of the residue, followed by a good rinse with clean water.

Where to get them. Hardware stores, janitorial supply stores, and concrete companies usually have the pH-neutral floor cleaners. You can also find them online.

Acidic Cleaners

If your stain or dirt is soluble in an acidic solution, you can use acidic cleaners to remove it. If you have white, salt-like stain called efflorescence on your concrete, acidic cleaners are what you need. Efflorescence is usually caused by exposure to hard water or anything that has a high salt content.

How they work. Since acid is the main ingredient in these cleaners, it is always good to rinse the area thoroughly with clean water after you use it. Some scrubbing or additional applications is often required and you may also want to consider using a deck sealer afterward.

Where to get them. Be careful when choosing over-the-counter cleaners because a lot of them do not contain acid. Acidic cleaners are mostly found in concrete specialty stores.

best chemical for driveway cleaning

Alkaline Cleaners

These are most effective when you need to remove oils or grease from a concrete floor. The oil or grease spot is broken down and emulsified by alkaline cleaners, making it easy to eliminate afterwards.

How they work. You can use alkaline cleaners either full-strength or diluted with most jobs requiring only the latter. For deep or very old stain, full strength can be used. Always wash with plenty of clean water afterwards. The concrete cleaners also need some time to sit on the stain because the longer they stay on it, the easier the stain is to remove.

Where to get them. Alkaline cleaners are found mostly in concrete specialty stores as well as some online stores that sell cleaning products specifically made for concrete.

Enzymatic Concrete Cleaners

Also known as oxidation cleaners, these concrete cleaners are relatively new and use enzymes to attract and break down the stain so that it is easier to remove. They actually feed on grease, oils, and other hydrocarbon-based stains, which is one of the reasons why they are so effective.

How they work. The two main advantages to using this type of cleaner are:

(1) They are easy to use and requires no water to finish the process.

(2) It leaves behind little to no residue for you to clean. If you have especially large or severe stains, you may earn have to reapply it to remove them completely.

Where to get them. These cleaners are found at hardware or home improvement stores as well as janitorial supply stores. They are a little harder to find than other cleaners.

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Other Factors To Consider When Buying Best Concrete Cleaners

Perhaps the main factor to consider when you are looking for the best concrete cleaners is the type of stain you’re dealing with, not to mention the age of the stain. Concrete is concrete; most driveway cleaners for work on both concrete and asphalt . Fortunately, the directions on the packages of each of these concrete cleaners go into detail on what they will and will not do so if you’re looking for something specific, such as a cleaner for very old oil stains, you should make sure that the product is able to clean oils stain that have been around awhile.

You also need to pay attention to the specific details of the project, such as how long to let the cleaner sit on the stain, what is required to clean off the concrete afterward, and if any scrubbing or agitation is required. Some cleaners aren’t made for deep stains while others don’t require you to rinse the floor with water after use. You can find a variety of products out there and choosing the one that works perfect for you is simply a matter of knowing what you’re trying to accomplish, then heeding the manufacturers’ instructions so you can be sure that the product will be effective.

Some Buying Tips For You

best way to clean concrete driveway

How effective is the cleaner?

Many fake products are also available in the market these days. First and foremost, we should check the effectiveness of the product. One can go through valid customer reviews (previous and current both), talk to friends and other people before selecting from all the available best concrete cleaner.

This way you will be in a position to ascertain better.

what to use to clean concrete driveway

How safe is it?

Since the cleaners are used for domestic and commercial purposes both. The safety aspect can never be ignored, especially when it concerns the health of you and your loved ones. Chemical-based solutions are always harmful. No one wants to use a product that is toxic and can harm your skin, kids or pets. A good quality product is always appreciated by leading organizations and associations. To see the worth of the product, go through the ingredients of the product mentioned on the pack.


Eco-friendly feature

While the whole world is fighting environmental hazards, we cannot even think of selecting a product that proves any harm to the environment. The world is worried about global warming and pollution issues, so eco-friendly factors should be considered at the topmost priority. One gets peace of mind if they use a non-toxic and pollutant-free cleaner. Try to choose a product that is approved by credible associations.



We have so many surfaces of different textures, materials, colors, density and so on to give cleaning treatment. The surface on your professional driveway cleaning, or parking area might be getting more oil stains as compared to the sideways. A good product will provide easy cleaning for all types of surfaces. The hassles of buying more cleaner will be eliminated if one product gives the adequate output.


Buy a user-friendly product

Simple packs with an easy concentration formula prove to be the great. Go for a product that is very convenient and doesn’t mess up while using it. Just look for the quality, capacity, and consistency while buying a pack. Most of them discussed above in the article are easy to use simple packs.

So before buying a product just go through the above factors from effectiveness, user-friendliness, versatility, safety, and eco-friendliness. Consider these buying tips before owning the right product with perfect characteristics.

Types Of Concrete Stains


Ground-in dirt can be difficult to get out of concrete and requires a concrete cleaner especially made for this purpose. Dirt includes basic soil that you find in people’s yards and soil that is mixed with other items such as sand, crushed rock, and clay, among other things. Even dust from the environment can leak onto your concrete floors and become embedded there.


This is perhaps the most common item found on concrete floors and it comes from vehicles, lawnmowers, bicycles, and many other items that have a tendency to leak oil onto the surface of the concrete. Grease and oils are also common because people often work in their garages repairing their cars and performing other outdoor tasks that can leak oils and grease everywhere.

concrete garage floor cleaner

Pet Urine:

If you have pets, it means that you’ll have to clean your concrete floors more often. Concrete floors are porous, which means that both urine and odor can sink into them and remain there for a very long time. This is why regular cleaning of the concrete is essential whenever you have pets.


Efflorescence makes the concrete look textured and grainy. It sometimes has a whitish look that is unattractive to homeowners. It is caused by soil that is highly alkaline, hard water, or soil that has a lot of salt in it. Its look is white and powdery and it usually requires a very strong solution to be removed.


A super heavy-duty cleaner is needed to remove drops and splats of paint that can be found on your concrete floor. These are tough stains to remove and require more than just a regular concrete cleaner, again, reading the packages on the cleaners should tell you which one is best for these types of stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is It Possible To Clean Concrete With Bleach?

Ans: Yes, you may clean your concrete with a solution of household bleach and water. Mold, dust, mildew, and grime can all be removed using this method. When used in conjunction with a scrubber, this can also help to remove entrenched dirt and odors. Just keep in mind that combining bleach with other chemicals can result in harmful gas production.

Q. Is It Possible To Clean Concrete With Chlorine?

Ans: Yes, you can clean your concrete using chlorine bleach, but it is important to keep in mind that you don’t mix that with any other cleaning agents..

Q. Is It Possible To Clean Oil From Concrete Using Dish Soap?

Ans: Yes, removing oil marks from concrete is a very frequent and safe method. Scrub the concrete floors with a mixture of dish soap and hot water. After that, give the concrete a good rinse.

Q. Is Wd-40 Effective At Removing Oil Stains From Concrete?

Ans: Grease spots can be removed with WD-40, although it isn’t as successful as other cleaning products. Experts don’t advocate doing this if the mark is old because it won’t work as well. You may always give it a shot! Simply spray it on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Using a brush, scrub the area thoroughly. To absorb the surplus spray, sprinkle kitty litter on top.

Q. Is Coca-cola Effective At Removing Oil Stains From Concrete?

Ans: Because coke is acidic, it works well on oil stains. Pour a few cans of normal temperatures coke over the spots and let it sit for a few minutes. Allow it to sit for up to 24 hours before blotting with old clothes.


There are many products that you can use to clean your concrete floors but if you are going to buy best concrete cleaners then it depends a lot on the types of stains you have. You can research these items online to find the best cleaner and you can also use a variety of over-the-counter products including baking soda, detergent, and hydrochloric acid, although these often won’t work as well as products that are specifically designed to clean concrete.

Another aspect to consider while buying best concrete cleaners is whether you’d like to give specialty cleaners a try. Most often, specialty cleaners are a blend of two or more of the basic types of cleaners. They include products such as rust removers and products used to remove efflorescence. The one you should use is out there and all that you need to find it is a little due diligence on your part.

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