Best Band Saw for The Money 2020 – Complete Buyers Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for the best band saw for woodworking? Woodworking is an art, without a doubt & it knows no limitations when it comes to creating great designs from woods. That’s when fine woodwork would want the Best Band saws for creating challenging curved. Band saws are the best tools and more so only ones that can perform the following jobs:

  • Make cross cuts on short pieces.
  • Have the ability to cut and make irregular shapes, unlike any other tool.
  • Make the smoothest cuts possible.
  • Are flexible enough to accommodate different blades.
  • Have a high degree of precision.
  • Are flexible enough to accommodate different blades
  • Are suited to cut square corners and also make relief cuts

Best Band Saw

Top Rated Band Saw Reviews

As a woodworker, the first thing, I look for while buying best Band saw is the power, Brand, Build and then comes the different functionalities a machine has to offer. Most woodworkers know their natural style and are aware of their needs from a band saw like 90% of the time they deal in a monotonous routine. A handful of carpenters indulge in experiments and be creative with their skills. Keeping in mind the most common uses of a bandsaw, here I’m reviewing the Best woodworking BandSaws, one would come across in the market.

     ★ Top Pick       

1. Skil 3386-01

Key Features:

  • An ideal tool for clean cutting, lumber ripping into thinner pieces. Can cut through an array of wood materials making quick angle and height changes, unlike the wood splitters. It comes with work light, dust port to keep your surface clean.
  • The tool has a throat capacity of 9 inches and comes with solid table. The dimensions of tables are 12 *11- ¾ inches. Has an amperage of 2.5, rating 120 v and a ribbed aluminum table with tilting adjustments ranging from 0- 45 degrees. The tool can be bolted to a table and is adjustable to perform duties such as cut glass.
  • It comes with 1 SKIL 3386-01 120 volt 9 –inch best budget band saw with light, 1 blad, 1 rip fence and miter gauge. This model is considered to be the best if compared with jet jwbs-14dxpro.


  • The nine inches band saw machine runs on a two and a half amperes horsepower motor . Versatile and flexible band with a lamp incorporated. Comes with a blade guide to help with adjustments depth settings.


  • Comes with a low-quality tracking window blade.

     ★ Top Pick       


2. DEWALT DWM120K Portable Metal Mini Band Saw For Wood

Key Features:

  • Durable and versatile portable wood band saw featuring a best high quality 10 amp motor designed to withstand tough jobs. Has led lighting indicating the cut line. It comes with an adjustable large front handle offering the user plenty of hand space and a solid table. The dual bearing blade guide rollers increase the blade support system. It is also integral to note that the variable speed control that comes with it has a control from 100 to 350 sfm for versatility. A hex wrench, standard blade, and a kit box are also included.
  • Has industries’ best 5-inch deep cut capacity for round or rectangular stock and a standard 44 – 7/8 *1/2 *0.20 blade. It comes in almost a body-sized unit that sits in a garage remaining largely stationary while you move materials through the blade for operations. The motor speeds vary from 100 (sfm) Surface Feet Per Minute to 350 (sfm) Surface Feet Per Minute and have a 10 amp motor with variable speed control.
  • It boasts of the best 10 amp motor manufactured to have controlled power to withstand even the heaviest jobs. Rubber bumpers and serviceable steel guards allow smooth workflow with minimal or no damage. Hook allows users to properly hang the saw without damaging any part. The speed dial allows users to specify the exact speed for various tasks. With the LED light feature one can easily work in dark.
  • Blade tracking window adjustments enhance blade life. Lever and tension blade relieves tension in case one needs to change the blade. Integrated hooks help in easier hanging. Variable speed dials for different materials cutting. A steel shroud allows guard on job sites without damage. It is easy to handle, maintain and operate. The power input helps one realize faster and finer cuts.
  • This bandsaw machine is better than grizzly g0555lx and jet jwbs-14dxpro . It comes with a Hex wrench, a standard 44 – 7/8 *1/2 *0.20 blade and kit box but does not include rip fence.


  • The tool is comfortable and manageable to use and has lots of power which results in fast and straight cuts. Blades are easy to change and can work on an assortment of materials.


  • The speed of cutting blades could prove too much for some users.

     ★ Top Pick       

3. WEN 3962 Large 10 Inch Band Saw

Key Features:

  • The WEN 3962 10-Inch Two-Speed Table Top Band Saws is an award-winning tool. It is reliable and really helpful in all the woodworking activities. Unmatched precision for cuts while still affordable, saves on time and energy. This bandsaw comes with a throat depth of 9-3/4 inch and a throat width of 9-3/4 inch. Dimensions measure a height 13”, width 13-5/8, blade 111*5/8 4 tpl, reg, width 3/16 -3/4. Table specifications are tilt right 0- 45 degrees, size 21-1/2*15- ¾. Height to the floor is 40 -1/2 and to base is 20 -7/8. Comes with the overall height 76”, width 33 -3/4, Depth 25” and dust port 1@4.
  • The designing of the WEN 3962 is done in such a manner that it leads to quick-release – helps increase the life of the blade. Has a sight window with a hinged blade guard and comes with a 4” dust port , miter gauge and offers easy cleaning when attached a dust collection system for port opening. Fixed with a blade guard, attached with a hinge, and it comes with a sight window. Blade tension is accounted for thus offers quick release. Speed settings options are either 1445 or 2950 ft. per minute and has an ample worktable measuring 16 x 21-1/2” and relative weight of about257 pounds.
  • This WEN 3962 bandsaw is better than grizzly g0555lx and has an easy to remove mechanism incorporated avoiding broken blades. Balanced wheels emit less noise and vibrations during operation. The availability of the toggle switch makes it easy not to switch off the machine while at use. It is relatively easy to handle, adjust and work with.


  • This band saw has a large working table helping makes very fine and precise cuts. It’s quite a durable product and has a quick tension release of blade helping you save time. It provides smooth finesse thus providing a silenced working environment with unmatched stability. Will be the best bet for solidity, stability and unrivaled quality.


  • Initially, packaged blades may not be most ideal in terms of quality. With the Trunnion setting, it is prone to malfunction at times. Under intense pressure, the table can vibrate due to its underpowered motor. Working on large products can be hectic due to the working area.
  • Does Not Include Rip fence.

     ★ Top Pick       

Rikon 10-305

4. Rikon 10-305 Stationary Band Saw For Resawing

Key Features:

  • Rikon is the manufacturer of best small bandsaw that comes with more bells and whistles than any other model. Throat Depth is 9-5/8? / 4-1/8? and is generally used for the construction of welded steel frame and cast iron table. Table size is 13-3/8? x 13-1/8? and blade length / min.-max, widths: 67-1/2? / 1/8? – 1/2?.
  • Contains its own pressed-sheet-metal stand removable for use as a benchtop tool. The setup of the bandsaw’s frame is such that it is set up to take a slightly shorter blade. Has respawned capability slightly less than 4-1/8? versus 4-5/8 attached below its outboard edge, it includes pull-out support: really convenient if you’re sawing a large panel or cross-cutting longer pieces. You can also considered to be as the best bandsaw for resawing as it has a large locking lever and a window that makes it easy to set accurately for rips cuts.
  • Comes with an off and on the switch (separate) that allows one to set up before starting the saw. The tools are powerful and user-friendly and even has a built-in dust port in the blower wheel housing. Even comes with a quick-release blade tension hastening the blade retention. A large iron table with retractable flaps provides additional working space. Bench compactness that it enjoys allows for easy and faster transportation. It is a portable product and has tilting abilities.
  • The product comes with various accessories like metal stand. rip fence and miter gauge. The actual weight of the bandsaw is 73 lbs. withstand. It is lighter than grizzly g0555lx and jet jwbs-14dxpro models.

Should you need some premium space this is the ideal saw to handle the toughest tasks. It also comes with quick-release blade tensions, iron slanting table. This precision band saw has all the features you’re used to on bigger band saws, in a powerful, mobile package.


  • This machine has Compact table top design that enables easy transport to various shop locations. Heavy-duty 1/2HP induction motor helps in various cutting applications. The cast iron table along with extension wings provides additional function piece support. Quick launch blade tensions that assist in tensioning and re-tensioning the blade in a fast simple easy and convenient way. For efficient power utilization and transfer the poly v –the belt is installed to reduce vibration.


  • The tool has height limitations.

What Is a Band Saw?

A band saw is a saw made up of long and sharp blades consisting of a seamless band of toothed metals fixed between two or more wheels to cut materials. They are the most preferred resource since they make uniform cuts, are easy to work with due to evenly distributed weight load and have the power to cut irregular and curved shapes. Also, the blades come in different variety of sizes.

What Is a Band Saw

  • Bench Top Band Saws

These bandsaws are portable, can be fixed on flat surfaces like a pedestal or a table. The motor is not attached to the belt and is instead fixed directly to the equipment. They are also lighter. Have a wheel dimension range between 8 to 12 inches per diameter. Stationary objects can be cut with their help.

  • Floor Standing Band Saws

Distinctively, these bandsaw feature large wheelbase size having a range of 17 to 24 inches in diameter. They have a bigger motor size and a strong structure, hence more durable. They are more powerful than the regular ones are highly stable and have a more consistent cutting edge.

  • Stand Mounted Band Saws

Comes with 14-inch diameter wheel size with a cast –iron structure. Stand Mounted BandSaw machine is connected by a belt and the motor and is fixed below the saw within the stand. It has the ability to cut out curves. It is quite the cheapest bandsaw and versatile.

Buying Tips To Follow For Choosing The Best Wood BandSaw

🔖 Cutting Capabilities:

The distance between the blade and column is referred to as the throat capacity. This measurement also refers to the size of the bandsaw. This indicates that best 14 inch Bandsaw has the capacity of 14” between the column and blade. It is also key to note that it should have a resaw capacity to the highest elevation.

🔖 Frame Style:

Depending on the environment one may choose to have either a steel frame or a cast iron frame saw.

The latter has been around for quite some time and are available in a 14” platform. They are made up of upper and lower assemblies of two large machined castings.

The motor sizes and cutting capacity should be considered. For resawing capabilities the height capacity is expanded with a riser block; however, their horsepower is between 1 and 1 ½ horsepower that is underpowered for large sawing options. The former comes with a one-piece frame bound from heavy welded steel sheet. Their advantage is that one can increase their cutting capacity without being shortchanged on deflection and strength.

best 14 inch bandsaw for the money

🔖 Blade Guides:

Are essential components to consider since bandsaws are equipped with an upper and lower guide that contain trust elements and side supports. The blades of saw consist of among others Bearing Blade guides and ceramic blade guides.

🔖 Power:

The horsepower of an ideal bandsaw should be according to the estimations of the requirements of the cutting demands. General cutting of thinner stock and with minor resawing shall use a different horsepower than cutting exotic hard word or cutting blanks from a log.

🔖 Users Safety:

User’s safety is considered when working with all types of saws. Security is an essential area while working with this equipment. This is the because of the high speeds that rotate the blades, the extremely sharp blades that can cause havoc. The manufacturers have devised ways to ensure user safety as they work on the machines.

Basic Features To Look For In Portable Band Saws

Adoption Of The LED light In Some Band SawsThe Sight Window

Adoption Of The LED light In Some BandSaws

This is not only a game changer but also very helpful especially for users who use saw work in dim lit areas. The LED is bright and clearly a key component.

The Sight Window

A revolutionary idea in such that one can track and view the blade while the saw is still running. This is important as one does not have to open the cover which could be extremely risky.

The Safety ButtonAdditional Features Include

The Safety Button

Integration of the safety button to the band saws. It prevents unnecessary starts and can be set to only perform under specific conditions. Where newbies or kids are around it is a core element. Unplugging the lockout switch helps deter powering the device in the absence of an expert.

Additional Features Include

Integration of the safety button to the band saws. It prevents unnecessary starts and can be set to only perform under specific conditions. Where newbies or kids are around it is a core element. Unplugging the lockout switch helps deter powering the device in the absence of an expert.

Final Words – Picking A Good Band Saw

Before rushing to get oneself a band saw one has to consider the materials required to be cut. Different materials require different cutting methodologies. Some fast while others slow. Secondly, it’s wise to consider what material shapes are being processed? Band saws come in several types, i.e. scissors, single or dual and vertical whereby each saw offers a different level of performance over the other. Blade and material sizing of saw is an important factor to be considered because as material increases, arms spread the blade becomes very important. The cost factor should be kept in mind especially the maintenance, running and operation costs before hitting on the Buy Now Tab to pick the best band saw.


1.What type of work will you be using the saw for?
The Bans saw is a versatile saw. It is best to carve curves, irregular shapes or for cutting thinner slabs from lumber. The best thing about the band saw is that the cut it makes is the smoothest. Plus it can be effectively used to cut many materials other than wood, which makes it more coveted.
2.What size of wood or metal will you be using this on??
The ability to cut metal is what makes the band saw special. The band saw can be effectively sued to cut soft and non-iron metals like aluminum or brass. But it should be avoided to cut iron or steel and the blade speed is too high.
3.How often will you be using your band saw?
Again it all depends upon the usage and handling. Sometimes the wood is hard to cut which wears off the saw quickly. Sometimes if you don’t properly check the wood you are cutting and it contains nails or bolts, it would instantly damage the band saw. So proper and better handling of the saw would get you the best results out of your band saw.
4.What size do you need?
Band saws are known for their versatility and accuracy. It also comes in various sizes and totally depends upon the end usage. The throat width lies between 12 to 14 inches. But if using for the commercial purpose an 18 inches saw would be perfect. If your purpose is of DIY projects than a 14-inch saw would suffice.
5. Would you get enough use out of it?
Again it all depends upon the usage and handling. Sometimes the wood is hard to cut which wears off the saw quickly. Sometimes if you don’t properly check the wood you are cutting and it contains nails or bolts, it would instantly damage the band saw. So proper and better handling of the saw would get you the best results out of your band saw.
6.What Should you get - a band saw or a scroll saw?
Well, this totally depends upon what is your end need. A scroll saw is used for complex and complicated designs. These provide the smoothest and pristine finish and this is achieved through their oscillatory motion for cutting. While the band saw is best for cutting thick wood and metals and is best suited for professional or industrial purposes.
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