Best Bagless Upright Vacuum

Keep your homes clean and bright with the best bagless and upright vacuum!

If you are a person who wants to keep everything clean and bright, then these bagless upright vacuums will prove a boon for you.

Especially for some reasons such as the deep cleaning they provide, multiple adjustable systems they exhibit along with the best filtration technology makes them work excellently. Further, you will read and find the best cleaning systems, that are designed with intelligent engineering. Their utility and uniqueness are par excellence and will leave your interiors look, shining bright and sparkling clean.

Best Vacuum for Multi-Storey Houses

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

The Shark Navigator has all the abilities to reach the toughest areas just by pressing a button. You can lift this upright vacuum and carry the canister with ease. This complete seal technology is anti-allergen, equipped with a HEPA filter that can trap dust and allergens up to 99 percent. The canister weighs about 12.5 pounds and the entire unit weighs 12.5 pounds. a lift away technology that can be taken for any stairs and cleaning above ground areas. This comes with a brush that works well for upholstery and a bagless bin that can be emptied effortlessly.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum

You can control the manoeuvring around the furniture with its excellent swivel steering. The dust capacity of the cup is quite large -12 dry quarts. You can get extended cleaning without interruption with this upright vacuum. The Lift-Away Deluxe offers an upholstery tool and 5.5inch Crevice tool when purchased. Liked our reviews, be sure to also check out our favorite list of cordless handheld vacuum for more related stuff.

The Plus

Just press the button and get started with the upright vacuum

Reaches hard to reach areas with ease

Comes with an Anti-Allergen technology and filters 99 percent dust and allergens

Features a cord of 25 ft., upholstery tool, 5.5inch Crevice tool

Extended cleaning without any interruption

Warranty of 5-years (limited)

Suitable for multi-storey houses

The Minus

Attachments and features are delicate

Clogging may happen in brush roll with time

Check alternative model: Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Reviews

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Hoover WindTunnel 2  Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A bagless upright vacuum cleaner which is economical and exhibits quality features to provide you with the best deep cleaning. The cord has an automatic retraction system and the hassles of wrapping the cord are omitted (power cord of 25 ft.). The Hoover features a wind tunnel 2, technology that creates 2 channels of suction that functions in removing debris from the surface and any settled and embedded dirt that may be deep-down.

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The carpets can get the optimum cleaning with the multi-floor brush roll and prevent scattering of debris on the hard floors. The live hose and tools make it possible to reach the hard areas like the ceiling and corners with convenience. The advanced allergen block technology and the odor-absorbing carbon helps to suck the pollens, pet dander, foul odors and more. The dirt cup has a capacity of 1.29 litres.      

The Plus

An exceptional upright vacuum that performs well

The cord rewind is hassle free and the multi-floor brush tool gives optimized cleaning

The attachments of the cleaner make cleaning easy

This has a deep-cleaning power that helps in removing surface debris and deep-down embedded dirt too

The dirt-cup has a capacity of 1.29 litres

The Minus

There is a need to remove attachments for hose

Attachments are fragile, some of them

Best Ultra-Light Weight Bagless Vacuum

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

The best part to own a vacuum cleaner that is ultra-light is the ease of use effortlessly. The light-corded bagless vacuum cleaner works like a breeze, and has an unimaginable light weight of just 8 pounds. If you are expecting guests and require to clean up some mess quickly then you can just grab your cleaning friend for vacuuming the carpet and the floor. The hardwood floors can be cleaned with convenience.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

The Shark rocket turns into a hand vacuum in no time and the model we are talking has this great feature. The car detailing kit and a micro-tool kit are the additional advantages that you can get with this upright vacuum. The reviewers feel great about this product and this model works better than the others in this category which are expensive too. Even the deepest seats or the narrow spaces can be cleaned comfortably with this.

The Plus

This is two vacuums in one, works as upright and hand vacuum both

Extremely light in weight and easy to handle

You can clean carpets and hard floors both with this wonderful product

Comes with a car detailing and a micro-tool kit

Works effortlessly like a breeze

An affordable option to buy

The Minus

A delicate vacuum cleaner

Best and Strongest Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean- Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Ball Animal is an upright vacuum cleaner that is the strongest and the most powerful of all in terms of performance and capacity. The suction is tested to ASTM F558 and exhibits an excellent strength. The cleaner head has the abilities to remove dust, dirt, hair and whatever. The pets may get a lot of dirt, pet dander or hair, and this vacuum cleaner cleans it amazingly. The Dyson’s cleaner head has one more quality that is the self-adjustment and operates excellently to capture any kind of dirt or debris.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The suction gives the deep carpet cleaning and has the ability to clean up high and under furniture too. The cleaner is accessorized with extra tools (6), an articulating hard floor tool along with the tangle free turbine. The storage bag helps in keeping the tools safe and well-maintained. The cord length is of 35 ft. and the equipment boasts of ball technology and radial root cyclone technology.

The Plus

A product that is supposed to be the strongest

Whole machine HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration

This is engineered for home with pets

The upright vacuum is allergy friendly and certified for asthma

This is allergy friendly and certified asthma friendly

A warranty of 5 years (free parts, labor and shipping)

A capacity of 0.55 gallon with the strongest suction

The Minus

An expensive option

The auto-adjusting floor is tricky

Does not have an ergonomic design

Bagged Vs Bagless

Bagless upright cleaners are widely preferred as you will save a lot of money by saving the related costs of purchasing bags. The more replacement is required on a regular basis for the vacuum cleaners with bags.

The bagless are more preferred due to their design which is absolutely convenient to use and have HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air), also are asthma and allergy friendly. Though there are always two sides of a coin some may like the bagged cleaners if they are hyper-allergic and sometimes the bagless cleaners may get clogged with time. It is a matter of your choice and preference, and buying a one that suits your needs is wise. A good vacuum cleaner is the one that is handy and easy to carry and the bagless ones seems to feature so.

Canister or Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The upright vacuum cleaners are preferred as the canisters are a bit heavy to manage than the upright ones. For DIY purposes the uprights work perfect and give you more flexibility to move and use. The upright and bagless is the right combination that match with today’s modern lifestyles. Even the people of the US and Canada also feel so for the upright vacuums. The ease and comfort what the upright vacuum cleaners provide is incomparable.

The hassles of long cords, changing bags is also removed while you use the ones that are bagless and upright too.   

The vacuums that are designed in today’s times are of various designs, sizes, shapes and catchy colors. But appealing looks are not the only thing that should be considered, they are cleaners and their work is to clean in the best possible way.

A good equipment is such that it should be able to prove the best quality cleaner. The upright vacuum cleaners prove great in cleaning pet hair also, and this is certainly good news for the ones who love to keep pets at home.

Impressive Features

The brush of the vacuums that are motorized ones work great than the ones that function with suction. A deactivation switch will greatly help in preventing any debris to scatter or spread on the floor. The upholstery, delicate fabrics, carpets, draperies or hard floor cleaning, they can clean almost everything. Look out for the best features that will make your cleaning task simpler rather than complex. Before buying you can try the options by switching and checking all the features and controls to decide the best.

Cleaning Ability

The strong cleaning abilities of a vacuum cleaner are dependant on the airflow, powerful suction and an intake path that is efficient. The heavier particles of dust are also picked up by a good suction while the brush rolls help in performing deep cleaning of the carpets, rugs and more. The best way to check a product’s efficiency is to use it, though much is being detailed by the store owners, brand representatives and reviewers.

Adjustable motor-speeds and cleaning heads make the vacuum cleaners stand apart. Various height adjustments also make good cleaning possible by reaching in the toughest areas.

Ease of use

 The upright vacuums are handy and light in weight as we have explained above in the article too. if the filters are reusable and the trap door bins can be cleaned on a regular basis, gives ultimate comfort to the user. Any vacuum cleaner which is light in weight can be carried easily upstairs, and this gives more flexibility to the user for performing cleaning tasks with DIY method. An ideal and easy to carry weight is 17 pounds approximately for an upright vacuum. If we talk about the canister vacuums, they may prove to be heavier and difficult to carry in some of the models. Lighter vacuums are more preferred because they provide easy handling to the customer or the ultimate user.

Hose, brush rolls, filters and attachments

Long hoses with easy roll up quality (automatic cord rewinding), brush rolls that are made of quality material and other attachments provide more flexibility to clean. Various types of cleaning are possible with these types of features. Even the filters play an important role as the bagless ones rely on them for robust cleaning. The HEPA filtration system makes the cleaning perfect wile taking care of the allergens too.

Noisy or quiet operation

Who wants to hear to noises that are irritating and disturbing? We have tried to introduce you to the best and the quietest vacuums, that have a starting at around 80 DBC. Some of the vacuum cleaners tend to work at lower frequencies that your tender ears can bear with ease. Go for a vacuum cleaner that is relatively quieter while delivering the best cleaning.


As we always advice go for products of good quality, as they will serve you for long time and also the additional warranties and customer service along with repairs or replacements is always welcome by customers. Choose a reliable brand to have a hassle-free cleaning.

Wrapping up

You have enough of data to confirm and go for the best cleaning vacuum which will live up to your expectations. Every aspect should be considered by you before you invest money for your favorite equipment. A quality and durable cleaner will always give you peace of mind for sure. Owning a good vacuum cleaner with the modern life styles is a must, so just get your magical piece of equipment that will work like your closest buddy.

These bagless vacuum cleaners are popular, incredibly efficient, and handy equipment that make you clean with ease and style. 

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