BE Pressure Washer Reviews – Is It Worth It? 2024

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

BE Pressure is know to manufacture power washers that last for a very long time and they come in a wide selection of devices that have the horsepower, PSI pressure, and gallons-per-minute (GPM) speed that you need. When you’re looking for a great pressure washer, you naturally want the very best and this is one company that can provide it to you every time.

These pressure washers are high-quality yet reasonably priced and are perfect for both residential and commercial use, making them very versatile indeed. They can clean any structure that you need cleaned thoroughly and are built to last for many years to come.

BE Power Washers - Comnparison Chart

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BE Power Washers - Detailed Top Models Review

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1. BE Electric Pressure Washer 2700 PSI - B2775EC

This is a 220V electric pressure washer that offers a maximum pressure of 2700 PSI, 7.5 HP, and a maximum flow of 3.5 GPM, which provides for a very powerful pressure washer perfect for a variety of tasks. It is a heavy-duty machine that weighs in at almost 90 pounds and it comes with a 50-foot steel high-pressure braided hose that provides the perfect complement to the washer itself.

The washer also comes with extras such as a spray gun, low-pressure chemical injector, external unloader, and the wand and couplings that make the unit even more productive. Its powder-coated steel frame guarantees its longevity and it is perfect for cleaning off driveways, outdoor furniture, home siding, brick walkways, and much more.

Regardless of what you need it for, this pressure washer provides you with the reliability and performance that you need and deserve.


  • A high-quality, very durable pressure washer.

  • Lots of extra features to make the washer even more efficient.

  • Build that will last for many years to come.


  • Can be heavy and difficult to learn to use.

  • Comes with a price that is difficult for some people to afford.

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2. BE Gas Pressure Washer 3100 PSI - 16HAS

This gasoline pressure washer boasts a temperature rating that ranges from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a maximum pressure of 3100 PSI. At 40 inches high and 22 inches long, the B3 16HAS pressure washer is the perfect size for both homeowners and business owners. Its ease of use is one of its most important features.

This pressure washer boasts a temperature rating that ranges from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a maximum pressure of 3100 PSI. At 40 inches high and 22 inches long, the B3 16HAS pressure washer is the perfect size for both homeowners and business owners. Its ease of use is one of its most important features.

If you need a pressure washer that is built to last and is easy to use, the B3 16HAS pressure washer by BE Pressure is the one to get.


  • Fairly lightweight at only 62 pounds.

  • Very reasonably priced at under $460.

  • Easy to learn to use due to its convenient design.


  • Can be a little heavy for small users to operate.

  • Can be pricey for individuals with small budgets.

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3. Be Pressure Washer 4000 PSI - Cold Water Cat Pump

This high-quality pressure washer provides a maximum pressure of 4000 PSI and a maximum flow of 4 GPM. It has a Cat 66Dx pump and a Honda Gx390 engine that is built sturdily so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. This BE Pressure power washer is great for cleaning large equipment, RVs and boats, and even industrial items found in many plants.

With a height and width of 25” and 25”, it has a powder-coated steel frame that can withstand whatever you put it through and it weighs a very heavy-duty 155 pounds. However, don’t let its size fool you because anyone can learn to operate this pressure washer, thanks to its well-thought-out design and its many features.

If you’re looking for a industrial pressure washer for home and light commercial use, this is the best for you.


  • Steel frame and other features mean that it’s built for longevity.

  • It has a heavy-duty design you can rely on for many years to come.

  • It is manufactured with top-notch parts by companies that are known for quality.


  • Can be a little heavy for smaller individuals to operate.

  • Can be difficult to learn how to use it.

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4. LLP BE Pressure Washer 4000 PSI

Made by the NW USA division of the BE Pressure Company, this pressure washer boasts a maximum flow speed of 4 GPM and a maximum pressure of 4000 PSI.

At 13 HP, it is a pressure washer that you can count on to last for many years to come and it can super-clean everything from driveways to industrial equipment, to name a few.

This is a heavy-duty pressure washer that allows you to work quickly but efficiently with every job. The pressure is just the right amount so that it is neither too firm nor too loose, providing you with the perfect pressure to accommodate all of your needs.

From smaller jobs around the house to many of the jobs that you need done at your office, this pressure washer will never let you down.


  • A sturdy and reliable pressure washer.

  • A heavy-duty motor built to accommodate a number of jobs.

  • Ease of operation and use.


  • Can be a bit heavy for some smaller users.

  • Can be a bit expensive for some people.

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5. P1515EPNW BE Electric Pressure Washer

No list of top BE electric power washer is complete without mentioning this one because it offers a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI and a maximum flow rate of 1.6 GPM. It has a 1.5 HP engine and provides features that include the ability to start immediately once you pull the trigger, an automatic on/off feature, and a convenient shut-down feature whenever the trigger is released, all of which guarantee its safety.

The washer also boasts a built-in unloader and a triplex plump. Its ability to run on a 110V electric motor means that you can use it anywhere around your home. At 97 pounds, the washer is a heavy-duty power washer that works quickly but efficiently to get the job done and it will clean everything from garages to patios, porches, automobiles, and trucks.

If you want a high-quality pressure washer made by one of the best and most reliable companies, the P1515EPNW pressure washer is definitely one to consider.


  • Sturdy, strong, and reliable.

  • Heavy enough to last for many years to come.

  • Reasonably priced at under $800.


  • Can be too heavy for some smaller users.

  • May not be strong enough for some commercial jobs.

About BE Pressure Power Equipment

For over 50 years, the BE Pressure Company has been making high-quality products that people need as homeowners. This includes not only power washers but also water pumps, generators, compressors, engines, fans, and various garden accessories. They help both homeowners and business owners get the equipment that they need to get their jobs done and they provide all of these products and more at prices that won’t break the bank.

If you need a pressure washer or even a heater or sprayer, the BE Company is where you should start looking. They work closely with all of their customers so you get just what you need every time and they are even happy to provide you with the advice and assistance that you often need to make the right decision in the end.

Innovation Driven By Passion And Generations Of Experience

A true family business, BE started in 1969 and was run partly from the basement of the Braber family home in British Columbia. It was in 1991 that the company’s pressure washer division was created; since then, they have made a series of high-quality pressure washers that both homeowners and business owners have used to their satisfaction.

These days, the family’s expertise has enabled the company to be an international one serving people in more than 30 countries worldwide. Their success is based on expertise in two areas: a great product and even better customer service, which is always a winning combination.


What Types of Products Does the BE Company Provide?

BE provides a variety of products including:

  • Compressors

  • Engines

  • Fans

  • Garden accessories

  • Generators

  • Heaters

  • Hoses and reels

  • Pressure washers

  • Sprayers

  • Water pumps

What Types of Pressure Washers Are Available?

Many types of pressure washers are available through this company, including gas, electric, hot-water, and wall-mount washers. In addition, the companies provide other products that complement the pressure washers, such as nozzles, guns and wands, accessories, pumps, and even various surface cleaners.

What Types of Warranties Does the Company Offer?

BE provides warranties with all of their products but the warranties vary according to the product itself and what it is meant to do. You can contact them at 800-663-8331 or by visiting their website as they are more than happy to provide you with the information that you need so you can choose the product that best suits you.

Are the BE Products Available in the USA?

Yes. In fact, BE products are available at various service centers found throughout the United States and Canada. If you’d like to know where the nearest service center is to you, visit their website.

How About Their Service Network?

BE stands behind their many products and as long as you’re the original owner of the product, you can count on them to make things right when something goes wrong. They handle claims related to missing parts, freight damages, returns, and product warranties.


When you need a good pressure washer, you already know that it has to be one that you can rely on to do the job that you purchased it to do. Washers from the BE Company will always perform the way that you expect them to. Depending on your particular use, it is good to review all of their pressure washers thoroughly so that the pressure, horsepower, and flow are able to suit your needs.

When looking for the right pressure washer, you should never go by price only, although BE makes a variety of dependable and well-made washers in all price ranges, meaning that they are able to accommodate anyone’s budget.