Best Battery Powered Water Pumps

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

If you want to take your cleaning to the next level then get the best battery powered Water Pump. You can keep your home intact and basements maintained with these multi-use water pumps. They are powerful, durable, easy to use and work like your friend.

You need to learn about the different features and types of pumps that are available in the market before you choose to shape to your home tasks.

All of us experience now and then some clogging issues, or need to transfer water for many purposes, then these pumps prove extremely beneficial. The reviews of the best pumps are listed especially for removing your hassles.

3 Of The Best Battery Water Pumps

     ★ Overall ★       





     ★ Budget ★       

Trupow DC 12-Volt


Light weight

Durable Material

     ★ Expensive ★       

WAYNE PC1 Portable 12V


Most Portable

Easy Installation

Top 5 Battery Powered Water Pumps Reviewed

1. WAYNE PC1 Portable 12V

The Wayne PC1 is an amazing pump that is powered by battery for water transfer. The marine batteries or even the car batteries can power these pumps. They have clips that can make easy installation and provide with absolute portability. The Wayne is a 12V battery with a 350 gph (gallons per hour) and a suction hose attachment of 6 ft.

This can remove water from the 1/8-inch of the surface and is bronze plated and thread damage resistant, with a long and a durable life. A garden hose of a standard size is attached to a threaded discharge and also includes replacement parts that make the task easier.

This pump is portable and can be carried or transported anywhere with ease and is backed by a limited warranty of one-year. A durable, rugged and a metal pump that also has motor housing. The pump is non-submersible and 310 GPH at 10 ft. of discharge lift. The garden hose connections are ¾” at inlet and discharge.



  • This has a 12V max and a flow rate of 350 GPH (gallons per hour) and 10 ft. of discharge lift.

  • The Wayne has a chrome-plated bronze suction and can be easily connected to a garden hose of standard size.

  • This is portable and light in weight and can be transported anywhere.

  • The alligator clamps are used to establish connections and features an on/off switch.

  • A rugged metal pump with a water housing.

  • The pump has the capability to remove water down to 1/8 inch.


  • Product durability issues.

2. VIVOSUN 1600 GPH 20.3ft

The VIVOSUN 1600 is another heavy-duty pump that is constructed with material that is ultra-durable. This is a powerful pump that operates with a super low noise (30-40db) and uses less power of 100 W and has the ability to work at a higher output of 1600 GPH – 6200 LPH. The material used to make this is heavy-duty silicon carbide.

The blockage of any sort is prevented by detachable and cleanable cover and can be stuck anywhere with ease horizontally or vertically. This is equipped with a 20.3 ft long power cord that has the ability to meet varied demands. This is engineered for continuous use for 24 hours while the burnouts are prevented by a heat-overload sensor.

This is a solid construction with a shaft and drive ring piece to reduce any kind of attrition. The service life is increased with the IPX-8 degree. This comes with an easy installation feature and is energy saving built. This is a versatile submersible pump that can incorporate with varied applications in ponds, waterfalls, fountains, irrigation systems and more.



  • An ultra-quiet pump with a solid construction and made of silicon carbide material.

  • An energy saving with low noise with an output as high as 1600GPH/6200LPH.

  • The pump comes with an easy installation feature and has adjustable outlet direction.

  • This features a 20.3 ft. cord and a flexible tube.

  • A versatile pump that works great for a variety of applications in ponds, waterfalls, hydroponic and irrigation systems.


  • The GPH rates are less than required.

3. TRUPOW DC 12-Volt 1/10HP 330GPH

The Trupow as the name suggests is true to its quality and is mini portable electric utility water pump. This is a good option to go for as is light in weight, portable along with metal hose connectors that can be connected with a standard garden hose with ease. This serves perfectly for everyday household and the water transfer requirements are fulfilled greatly.

You can easily distribute water to your lawns or gardens making them look clean and green. Even the waterbeds, clogged sinks and aquariums can maintain a perfect condition with these pumps. The voltage used is 12V DC, with a flow rate of 330GPH and the maximum delivery height is 39 ft.

One thing to be kept in mind that is that before you plug-in the water should be filled in the pump head for best performance. The pump’s ability is unmatchable and can remove water down to 1/8” with a water suction attachment. This also includes a hose of 6’ that makes the work more convenient. This doesn’t come with carbon brushes due to its structure.



  • A pump that is made of durable material with a chrome-plated bronze hose.

  • Perfect for household and utility applications of draining water beds, clogged sinks and aquariums.

  • The pump has the ability to remove water down to 1/8” with a water suction attachment.

  • The equipment head should be filled with water before plugging in.

  • The pump has a flow rate of 330 GPH and the voltage of 12V DC.


  • Durability issues.

  • A noisy option.

4. 12-volt DC 1/10th HP 330 GPH

The 12-Volt DC is a portable Mini Water transfer utility pump that uses 12 Volt DC and the flow rate is 330 gallons per hour (GPH) and the discharge lift is 300GPH at 10 ft. This includes a hose of 6’ with a water suction attachment and an impeller replacement kit. Made of durable and chrome plated steel with a ¾ inch suction discharge for easy connection to a standard garden hose.

A pump that is light in weight and portable and can be carried or transported anywhere with ease. A quality pump made in the US and has alligator clamps that are powered by car or marine batteries. This works great for removing water from outdoor ponds, water pumps, swimming pools, basement water, flushing water lines, clogged sinks or rain barrels.

You can easily use it for watering lawns, gardens along with a conjunction with a cone tank that can supply water to a pressure water. This is a self-priming pump that can be connected to hoses and can plug-in and go. The product is backed up by a one-year warranty from the factory.



  • The pump is a 12 Volt DC battery operated with a flow rate of 330 gallons per hour (GPH).

  • Can manage a discharge lift of 10 ft. at a 300 GPH.

  • Powered by car or marine batteries the pump works efficiently and effectively.

  • The pump works great for removing water from aquariums, rain barrel, clogged sinks, flushing water lines and more.

  • A self-priming pump that is connected to hoses and just after plugging is ready to use.


  • The impeller doesn’t last long.

  • Other things required to make the pump useful.

5. GOPLUS 120V 330GPH

The Goplus water transfer pump speaks volumes of utility and durability. This is manufactured heavy-duty metal and has a motor of cooper wire along with water housing. The water transfer pump is always ready to bear any kind of heavy use and the mini transfer pump can withstand any thing. A strong pump that has stainless pump connectors and cooper hose connectors and has black powder coated motor shell that ensures a long-life span along with honest service.

The mini pump is ETL listed and is compact in size but has a high lifting capacity that can transfer water up to 330 gallons per hour. The maximum lift of the pump can be up to 39 ft. A water transfer pump of great utility with a garden hose of ¾” (standard design) thread connection at discharge and inlet.

The professional grade pump from which the particle size of 5 mm max. can pass through the filter. The suction hose has the capacity to allow easy monitoring of the pump dry-run and can be put to multi-use for removing water from clogged sinks, flooded basements, water-beds, blocked sinks, water tanks and list goes. The Goplus is a patented design that has a fixed impeller and a water transfer pump and is ultra-light that can be transported with ease.



  • A sturdy and durable pump.

  • A professional grade pump that is ETL listed.

  • A portable, compact size pump that works effectively.

  • Can be use for multiple functions for waterbeds, water heaters, tanks, flooded basements, blocked sinks etc.

  • A pump that is of great utility with a standard ¾” garden hose thread connection.


  • Durability issues.

Best User’s Guide For Battery Operated Water Pump

Before choosing the best water pump that is powered by battery some very useful factors should be considered before making a decision to buy.

The Size

There are a variety of pumps that are available possessing different features, size and utility. The back-up has to match your existing equipment for delivering the optimum performance. As every backup pump won’t be able to match the other brands. They should be matched and positioned correctly as the unit remains safe and secure this way. The space you install should be enough for the set-up to avoid excess heating or electrical shocks or damage.

The Power And Capacity

As we are talking about the pumps that are powered by battery and make use of marine batteries for running them. The voltage should be considered and the capacity of the pump to take the water to heights should be considered. For example, a good quality pump can manage discharge lift of 10 ft. at a 300 GPH. They should run for providing the best outcomes for a longer time. The battery will work properly till the task is complete and can protect your basement from flooding and go for a robust option.

The capacity of the pump should be great to give you endless hours of service and be able to manage water transfer of 330 gallons per hour (GPH).

The Material

The material used for the construction of the pump should be of supreme quality. The materials such as cooper, silicon carbide, bronze plated suction should be a part of your water pump. It is a must have for these pumps to be rust resistant. In case of drawing or transferring water, the pump has to work with ease and that supports you perfectly to perform your task. Go for a pump that can be used for multi-use for removing water from clogged sinks, flooded basements, waterbeds, blocked sinks, water tanks and more. The back-up solution should be chosen wisely by you that works like a close friend and helps you in the time of need.

The Noise Factor

Any of the pumps that have a noisy operation is not preferred by any. Go for a pump that operates quietly and gives you peace of mind.

The Budget

Get a pump that suits your budget and is not heavy on your pocket. But, go for a good brand that serves you in emergencies or crisis and performs at its peak. Check out the best features and reviews in order to choose right that fulfils all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. What is the cost of a battery powered back-up pump?

A good quality pump that is powered by battery may cost you around 1000 dollars to 4500 dollars. Invest in a pump that suits your pocket and don’t forget to consider the other factors too.

Q2. Is it worth to invest in a water powered back up pump?

Yes, this water powered back-up pumps prove of great value and help in the time of crisis or emergencies. The water transfer is done with great ease and convenience with these water pumps.

Q3. Are these water back-up pumps durable?

These pumps are usually installed above and work on the water supply. They are certainly durable, long-lasting and serve you for years. These don’t run out of power, till the water is supplied and work with efficiency.

Q4. If, the pump runs constantly does it affect anything?

A reasonable time period while the pump runs is fine, but if they run for a very long time then they may damage or it may affect their wear and tear. Due to some leakage in the suction this may happen, so keep monitoring and be particular while switching it on or off.