Ariens 917011 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter Review

Ariens 917011 22 Ton Gas Log Splitter features a splitting force of 22 tons to split larger logs effectively. The product dimensions are 45.5 X 42.5 X 60 inches. The user will find the log splitter very easy to use. The controls are centrally located and open operating zone makes operating the machine from either side possible which consequently reduces tiredness of the operator. The engine of the product starts easily and is powerful as it gives the pump enough pressure to split logs. The design of the log splitter and handiness of operation make it a preferred product.

The product comes with three years of consumer warranty and 90 days commercial warranty, so the user can buy a useful product without giving it a second thought. Ariens 917011 22 Ton Gas Log Splitter has a maximum pulling speed of 45 MPH.  The product comes with 4.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid which is simply the right quantity in the reservoir.

 Ariens Company 917011 22 Ton Log Splitter

Best Features

  • The product has a splitting force of 22 tons and splits larger logs well.
  • The product dimensions are 45.5 X 42.5 X 60 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 400 pounds which is a moderate weight for a product like this.
  • The height of the product provides easy operation and it can split logs up to 25” in length. It adds to the handiness of the gas log splitter.
  • It takes only 13 seconds for the log splitter to reset for another splitting after one splitting is done. It can split logs for a longer duration without getting heated.
  • The log splitting operation can be carried out both horizontally and vertically by the operator. The gas log splitter can split logs effortlessly both vertically and horizontally.
  • It boasts 11 GPM Dual-Stage Hydraulic Pump and holds 4.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid.

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  • The log splitter starts easily and goes through the joints of the legs smoothly.
  • The vertical use of the splitter is very easy and splitting logs of 3 feet in diameter can be carried out effortlessly.
  • Three years consumer warranty and 90 days commercial warranty of the product is great.
  • It holds the right quantity of hydraulic fluid and motor oil.

  • The absence of anti-vibration mounts can result in the splitter vibrating a lot
  • The assembly is not very complicated, but a tutorial video would be helpful to simplify the process

Final Verdict

Out of the average customer reviews, 50 % of customers have rated the product with 5 stars and 50 % have rated it with 4 stars. The product has not been rated with 3, 2 or 1 star which means that the product is a wonderful one. I could observe that the users are pleased with the product as the engine of the product has the right quantity of motor oil and the reservoir has the correct amount of hydraulic fluid. The framework of the product has been given deep thought and the need of the user has been kept in mind. I would suggest this log splitter to those who are in need of a good one.

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