AR Blue Clean AR383S Cold Water Electric Power Washer Review

Finding and choosing an electric pressure washer is not a daunting task, but choosing the best one can be a difficult task if you do not know the product features. Moreover, importantly you need to read a review of an electric pressure washer so that you can choose or buy the best one. This product AR Blue Clean 1800 PSI is one of the best electric pressure washers that you have ever purchased. AR Blue Clean AR 383S is highly efficient to deal with all kind of dirt and dust that covered the surface of your household as well as the outdoor surface of home and car. This electric pressure washer is environment-friendly and it saves up to 80% water and 40% energy during the cleaning job.

Features Of AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

Cleaning Power

The cleaning power of this device is just awesome. It is built with a tri-axial pressure washer pump which delivers 1,800 PSI at 1.3 GPM. The device is durable as well as a reliable electric pressure washer, and you can wipe out dirt, moss, mold, and grime quickly without putting tiresome effort. The cleaning power of AR Blue is just excellent. It is a powerful pressure washer for outdoor cleaning. You can quickly clean decks, patios, siding, driveways, outdoor furniture, any size trucks or cars, RVs, ATVs and more you need with this powerful electric pressure washer. You can use it for domestic or commercial use. It is highly powerful than that of a gasoline pressure washer.

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

User Comfort

This machine is very comfortable to use for anyone; anybody can use it domestic or for commercial use. Enough lengthy power cord can give you the flexibility to use for far distance covered area at ease. It is environment-friendly, easy to assemble and easy to clean, so it is easy to use.

Water Storage Capacity

When it comes to buying an electric pressure washer, you might see the water holding capacity for sure. This AR Blue Clean 1800 PSI pressure washer is good for that for sure. It can hold enough water that is good for using domestic and semi-commercial type use for various needs.

Power Consumption

While buying an electric pressure you might see the power consumption and AR Blue Clean 1800 is perfect for that reason. It consumes very low electricity compared to other similar features and ranges of other products in the market. It converses water 80 percent less and electricity 40 percent less than others.

Attachment And Features

You do not need to attach any extra things, but if you need you can do, though the machine is good for domestic and commercial use. It is easy to assemble and featured product. You can assemble, and de-assembles it, whenever you need. You can add some extra cord to make it long. This machine is a mini but robust one. A professional high-pressure washer gun for multiple uses with a 20-foot high-pressure hose has three prolong outlet with a ground.  You will have on-board nice storage to keep the essential things that may not be misplaced.


  • It has outdoor cleaning power, a professional style high-quality washer gun.
  • A nice detergent tank with two high-pressure quick change wands, high standard pressure water turbo with viable nozzles make the device highly efficient for all cleaning job.
  • Easy to detach and assemble as per the requirement.
  • This machine has hose storage for the easy reel. It has the 20-foot high pressure for long and ease of domestic as well as commercial use.


  • This machine is not good for an instant soak; you need to allow at least two to three minutes for soaking the floor because it snoozes the maximum water.


When you are decided to buy an electric pressure washer, try to buy a washer that can give you excellent features, outstanding specifications and reduce your electric consumption so that you can have more work and consuming less energy. This machine is made for all types of domestic and commercial purpose of washing.

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