AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer Review

When you are looking for the best quality and high-performance electric pressure washer, definitely you want fast and effective cleaning in your home or commercial place. AR Blue Clean AR 118 is very effective cleaning the stubborn stain from any surface quickly and easily. The product is designed with higher quality pressure pumps to provide the ultimate cleaning experience to its users. This electric pressure washer model is built with a superior induction motor, gun wand with an adjustable spray head, detergent tank to offer the best cleaning result. The pressure washer is durable and comes up with a safety valve and an automatic pressure shut-off option. The three axial piston wobble plate makes the pump more durable and robust in use.

Features Of AR Blue Clean AR118

  • Cleaning Power

When you desire for awesome power cleaning tool to remove dirt and grime from your home and surroundings, you can count on AR Blue 1500 PSI pressure washer. The device is built with a powerful motor and its water consumption capacity is 1500 PSI and 1.5 GPM. The three axial piston wobble plate pump runs the device faster without consuming more energy. The device is truly power efficient and saves energy comparable than other pressure washers. The pressure washer is very powerful than a conventional garden hose. You can easily use this electric washer pressure to clean up every dirty surface of the household for sure. You can consider it for different kinds of residential cleaning purposes without any doubt.

AR Blue Clean AR118

  • Compact And Handy

If you are dreaming for portable and easy to carry electric pressure washer for different household cleaning needs, then this pressure washer is your perfect surface dirt cleaning partner. You can clean dirt from the deck, furniture surface, pet cage, floor, and fence easily with this handy device. The device is portable, and you can use it anywhere in your house or commercial place without putting extra effort.

  • Water Storage Capacity

This pressure washer is built with high capacity water storage that users can serve their needs efficiently. Even the device is equipped with a large detergent tank that you can remove stubborn stains using detergent easily. Users can fill detergent into the device via detergent injector kit, and this feature makes this pressure washer more powerful.

  • Power Consumption

AR Blue 1500 PSI easy to carry pressure washer is very fast and dexterous removing dirt and stain from any surface. But it consumes less energy because of its 1.5 GPM feature. The device works faster in consuming less power and saves energy as well as electric power consumption for users.

  • Attachment And Features

AR Blue Clean 1.5 GPM and 1500 PSI pressure washer are very effective in cleaning dust and stain from the surface of outdoor home and household. The main feature of the pressure washer is that it can be carried easily by hands from one place to another. You can clean your fence, wooden furniture, household, concrete or marble surface with this device effectively. The device has come up with twenty feet hose, thirty feet electric cord, one detergent bottle, detergent injector kit, nozzle and TSS high standard features at best comparable budget. The adjustable spray head makes the device more work efficiently with powerful cleaning. Even three axial piston quiver plate pump, gun wand, and induction motor make the device faster in performance.

  • Provides flawless cleaning of a layer of dust and obstinate marks from the surface of your households, car, and outdoor area of the home and more places.
  • The pressure washer is manufactured with a safety valve that users can clean all the dirt around them without any misery.
  • The pressure washer is handy as you can move it around any place because of the portable feature.
  • The device is not appropriate for a big cleaning job. Even you need to attach a large detergent tank with the device to get a powerful cleaning result.


It can be said definitely that this handy and lightweight electric pressure washer is good for little cleaning purposes. Whether, individual needs to clean the surface of the fence, window, deck, wooden chair, pet cages, and little furniture, the device fits his or her need. The device is powerful for a tiny cleaning job at your home or commercial place.

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