Aluminium Ladder Vs Fiberglass Ladder

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In today’s era, while buying a safe and sturdy ladder, there is usually a toss between Aluminium and fiberglass ladder. Each comes with its own benefits and utility and has become the most preferred choice of the buyer. While distinguishing the style, strength, material, etc. of each ladder; it has come to the light that a fiberglass ladder is made up of strong and rigid material as compared to an Aluminium ladder. However, it is more pricey and heavier than the latter one.

Does a fiberglass ladder offer the full worth of the money spent? Aluminium ladders being light in weight can be used as extension ladders to reach heights. However, they are quite shaky. So, should you consider this ladder?

When to use a fiberglass ladder? What are the pros and cons attached to each type? Which ladder can easily fit your budget? Below we will be discussing the distinction between Aluminium and fiberglass ladder, their similarities, and utility too. Also, an apparent detail on their advantages and disadvantages will help you make a more informed decision.

Carrying out Comparison on the Basis of Varied Factors

Material Used

Fiberglass Ladder – As the name states, this ladder is made up of fiberglass which is considered a rigid and strong material. Ladders made up of this material are known to be tough and last for an extended period of time. It holds the property of being resistant to bending even when exposed to heat.

Aluminium Ladder – As the name suggests, this ladder is engineered using Aluminium. The material is not as tough and resilient as fiberglass. Therefore, they are not meant to last longer.


Fiberglass Ladder – They are utilized as step ladders. Being resistant to electricity, you can consider using it in every type of weather condition ranging from mild to harsh. Since they don’t bend or get weak, they can be used in severe heat.

They are the most preferred choice of electricians. They can also be used for indoor, outdoor, and office purposes.

Aluminium Ladder – They are often utilized as an extension or straight ladders. If you want to carry out the tasks that are on a height, the aluminium ladder is your best friend. However, being able to conduct electricity, precaution must be taken to avoid it using near electrical wires.

They are the most preferred choice of the homeowners and workers of painting, woodworking, packaging and movers.


Fiberglass Ladder – Since fiberglass ladders are manufactured using a high-quality material, therefore; they tend to be expensive. Probably this is the only disadvantage attached with the fiberglass ladder.

Aluminium Ladder – The price of the Aluminium ladder is much less than the Fiberglass ladder. Their affordability makes it easy to search in the local stores. Its budget-friendly nature makes it the best choice for household owners and small workshops.


Fiberglass Ladder – As discussed above, a fiberglass ladder is made up of rigid material. Therefore, they tend to be high in strength. Besides this, they are weatherproof and don’t even conduct electricity and heat; therefore the longevity of such a ladder is naturally restored. They assure you more years of service than Aluminium ladders.

Aluminium Ladder – They are weak in structure and even fail to resist heat and electricity. Therefore, you can’t expect the aluminium ladder to last longer.

Ease of Use

Fiberglass Ladder – These ladders are quite heavy, therefore they are not feasible to use for common routine tasks. They are arduous to carry; you would require the aid of at least two people to carry and install it.

Aluminium Ladder – Since they are extremely light in weight, therefore they are easy to move around and transport from one place to another. It can even be ported by a solo person.


Fiberglass Ladder – As compared to aluminium ladders, fiberglass ladders are considered a safer option owing to its electrical and heat resistance. You can skip the risk of getting electrocuted when working with electrical wires.

Aluminium Ladder – Being conductive to heat and electricity, it often considered a less safe option. However, nowadays, they come with rubber stand-offs that make them electrically resistant to some extent. There are also several other insulation methods that are employed to these ladders to expand their usability range.


Have a look at some of the additional advantages of both fiberglass and aluminium ladders.

Fiberglass Ladder

  • Reliable

  • Electricity and heat resistant

  • Weatherproof

  • Ideal for home use when you need to work on your roof or walls

Aluminium Ladder

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Affordable

  • Light in weight

  • Easy to transport

  • Can be extended to different heights with ease.


Have a quick look at the disadvantages of both the ladders

Fiberglass Ladder

  • Heavy

  • Arduous to transport

  • Expensive

Aluminium Ladder

  • Less durable and less safe than fiberglass ladder

  • Lacks electrical resistance and heat tolerance

  • Non-durable


Now, after getting familiarized with the differences between Fiberglass and Aluminium ladder, you should also know the similarities between them both.

  • Earlier only aluminium ladders were utilized as an extension or straight ladders. This infers that it was highly useful for carrying out the tasks that were on a height. However, now the extension versions of fiberglass ladders are also available. They can be adjusted to varying heights.

  • Earlier, while looking for the safest ladder; fiberglass ladder was highly preferred. But, now even aluminium ladders come with rubber stand-offs that make them electrically resistant. They even come equipped with insulation methods to expand their usability range. Looking at the safety aspect in mind, you can consider any of two ladders. Both have sturdy platforms and safety features to prevent injuries.

  • Both the ladders are designed to serve your multiple purposes. They come in varied sizes so that you choose the desired one as per your requirements and needs.

Top Picks: Aluminium Ladders

No matter if you have decided to purchase a fiberglass ladder or aluminium ladder, you need to be well acquainted with top models. Let us take you on a tour of top ladder products available in the markets each with its unique height, features and price.

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Werner D1224-2 225 Pound duty rating Aluminum Flat D-Rung extension Ladder, 24 Foot

  • It is a 24-foot ladder that extends a working height of 21 feet

  • Being light in weight, it is easy to transport from one place to another.

  • It comes equipped with strongly modified interlocking I beam rails

  • Its rungs are made from durable aluminium

  • Its twisting is prevented by Alflo rung joint connection

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Louisville Ladder 300 lbs rating Aluminum Step ladder, 8 Foot

  • It vests in itself the capability of supporting 300 lbs

  • Its aluminium sides trails are heavy duty and come with full channel extrusions which add rigidity to front and back legs when climbing.

  • It is light in weight and serves as a pinch-resistant spreader

  • It encompasses paint can holder, hardware tray, handy man’s tool slot and a convenient magnet to secure small steel parts

Top Picks: Fiberglass Ladders

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Dewalt DXL3010-10 10-feet Fiberglass Step Ladder

  • This is an extra heavy-duty ladder that comes with a major step along 25 percent more standing space.

  • It comes with 300 pound capacity

  • The top of the ladder encompasses magnet tray, hardware tray, paint bucket holder, drill and tools slot.

  • Its nonconductive full channel rails are covered with a polyester veil for years of service

  • It houses pinch-resistant spreader braces that provide stability.

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Lyte Fibreglass Combination ladders

  • It is a perfect amalgamation of a step ladder and an extension ladder.

  • It has a GRP Fibreglass frame with aluminium rungs and a nylon support strap.

  • It is tested to EN131 with a permissible load of 150 kg.

  • They are specifically meant for multiple domestic uses.

  • Its sliding feature makes conversion between all three ways easy.

  • It has a wide base and heavy-duty feet to provide added stability and grip.

Things to Consider while Buying Fiberglass or Aluminium ladder

Want to buy a fiberglass ladder or an aluminium one, you need to take into account a number of aspects. If you want a fiberglass ladder, you can choose from a fiberglass stepwise ladder and an extension type fiberglass ladder.

In case of the aluminium ladder, you will get an option between the aluminium stepwise ladder and an aluminium extension ladder. Below are some of the more factors that need to be considered.

Type of Ladder

Which type of ladder you are in need of? If you want a ladder of a fixed length for a free-standing use for a variety of jobs, a step ladder is the best choice. On the other hand, if you need the flexibility of adjusting the height, an extension ladder is the preferred option. Fiberglass ladder is a step ladder while aluminium one is an extension ladder.


If you are a homeowner and need a ladder for everyday purposes, then you must choose a lightweight ladder. The aluminium ladder is one such ladder. Professionals, in contrast, need to opt a heavy-duty construction ladder so that it can support them and their tools in outdoor surroundings. Fiberglass ladder falls in this category.


Considering the cost is a crucial factor while buying any ladder. If you have a large budget and doesn’t mind spending a fortune, then nothing can beat the option of fiberglass ladder. In case, you are low on a budget and are looking for some affordable option, you can buy an aluminium ladder.


Money spent must offer the full worth to the buyer. The same applies in case of the ladder too. Fiberglass ladders being made up of rigid and strong material are known to last for a long span of time. Whereas, aluminium ladders are not as tough and resilient as fiberglass ones. Therefore, they don’t guarantee durability.


When deciding which ladder to pick for your varied purposes; you should weigh the pros and cons of each type. While Fiberglass ladders come with a plethora of standout features that make it better than aluminium ladders. Being electrical and heat resistant, it is worth considering for the outdoor tasks.

The only two aspects where aluminium ladders outweigh fiberglass ladders are the affordable pricing and lightweight. If your work requires you to arrive at a height, consider aluminium ladders. However, they might be an unsafe option in case of harsh weather conditions.

For durability and outdoor conditions, prefer fiberglass ladders. Many times, the heavier structure of the fiberglass ladder makes it difficult to be carried off from one place to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is A Fiberglass Ladder Better Than The Aluminium One?

Ans1. Yes, a fiberglass ladder is way too better than the aluminium one. The former is non-conductive, highly safer to use, lasts for a longer time, and offers increased stability. The aluminium ladder lacks all these features.

Q2. Can Aluminium Ladders Be Stored Outdoors?

Ans2. Being conductive to electricity aluminium ladders should not be placed near power lines or electrical wiring. Therefore, they must not be stored outdoors for a long time.

Q3. What Are The Common Types Of Ladders?

Ans3. Some common types of ladders are- step ladders, extension ladders, platform ladders, and leaning step ladders.

Q4. What Are The Two Reasons For Choosing Aluminium Ladder Over Fiberglass Ladder?

Ans4. The only two aspects where aluminium ladder outperforms fiberglass one is the affordability and lightweight. Rest, in every aspect a fiberglass ladder is better.