Everything You Need To Know About Selling An Ugly House

You may be wondering what to do in order to sell your ugly house without doing it for cheap. Any house that is livable will find the right buyer. There is a buyer for every home regardless of the status unless it has major issues with the foundation. You can reach out to Houston RE House Buyers if you’re looking for someone who buys ugly houses. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re selling an ugly house or one that is deplorable conditions.

6 Tricks To Prevent Undervaluation Of Your Property

Smart Pricing

Pricing is everything when it comes to selling a house. It doesn’t matter if it is in precinct condition or an ugly one. Listing your ugly house in a top dollar market might not yield the desired results that you hope for. You should be realistic with the price and the potential customer base. Depending on the state of the house, the new buyers might need to spend a lot on repairs and fixes before the house can become presentable. It is important that you carry out a realistic evaluation of the price of the property so as to know what potential buyers could offer before you put it on the market.

Highlight The Positives

A potential home buyer will have a list of the key components to look in a house. While your house could be in a bad condition, there are still some positives that you can highlight to potential buyers. First impressions matter and could play a big role in determining the price that you get for the house. Think about the beautiful details that can be used as a selling point. The ugly will already be visible for anyone to see. Even if you’re taking photos, the good features should be prominent in the online listings.

Don’t Hide The Flaws

Even as you try to highlight the best features, the flaws should not be hidden. There is a difference between highlighting the good features and hiding the flaws. Potential buyers will appreciate your honesty and it is important that you’re transparent about all the problems with the house. Photos of the problems should also be included in the listing so that the potential buyer is able to make a conclusive decision based on the true state of the house. Being transparent will avoid delays when surprise inspections are done.


Not everyone will be interested in buying an ugly house. Such houses are not always in demand because they will require a lot of work and resources before they become presentable. Your target audience will be mostly flippers and real estate companies looking to buy the property. You can check them out in your locality and should be the first people to contact. This kind of buyers will purchase the home as it is without asking a lot of questions provided the price is right. Don’t be afraid to negotiate even if the house is in bad condition.

Give It A Facelift

Giving the house a facelift could increase the value when you’re selling it. You don’t have to do expensive upgrades. The key is to make the house presentable. You can hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean of both the interior and the exterior. If you have the budget, you could consider replacing the siding so that you can fetch more when you sell. The smaller details can make the house stand out. Painting the interior will neutral colors will make it feel warm and spacious. You can also replace the lighting fixtures to make the interior more aesthetically appealing. A faucet polish in the bathroom can improve the appearance as it will make it look new.

Transforming The Porch

You need to think about the exterior when trying to do a facelift for an ugly house. You can try decorating the entryway as it is the little details that matter when trying to make a first impression. If upgrading the porch is not an option, you can look at ways of improving the landscape. The lawn might need to be mowed and trees to be trimmed. Hiring a professional landscaper is not that expensive and you are guaranteed they will do a great job in improving the curb appeal of the home. Don’t commit too much financially especially if the house is in a bad state. It is good to be realistic with what you can expect so that you’re not disappointed.

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