Top 3 Snow Joe Pressure Washer Reviews 2019

Searching for a dependable brand of pressure washer that is justified regardless of your cash? Provided that this is true, then the Snow Joe/ Sun Joe Pressure Washer may be something you should think about purchasing. Discover all the more about this brand including the top of the line models and the key components of each.

In the event that what you search for is a moderate power washer that gives you the highest esteem for your cash, then here are the main three models of a pressure washer by this brand. Investigate all the more about the exceptional elements of these washers as displayed beneath.

Top 3 Sun Joe Pressure Washer Comparison Chart

  • Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI
  • 14.5-amp/1800-Watt Motor 
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.76
  • Item Weight - 31 Pounds
  • Sun Joe SPX2000 1740 PSI
  • 12.5-amp/1500-Watt Motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 13 x 10 x 31.5 inches
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.59
  • Item Weight - 17.4 pounds
  • Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI
  • 11.5 amp/1400 - Watt motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 12 x 9.8 x 19 inches
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.45
  • Item Weight - 11.7 pounds


Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Model SPX3000 With 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Review

When now is the right time to clean up your home, yard, or auto, then this pressure washer by Sun Joe is your most solid option. With this ever-dependable device, you can rapidly accomplish things and expect the finest expert results constantly.

  • An Overview Of The Product

This pressure washer offers a most extreme PSI rating of 2,030 and a yield that scope up to 1.76 GPM. Along these lines, on the off chance that you require an intense cleaning device that can without much of a stretch wash away oil, grime, and soil, then this item is for you.

You will likewise like how flexible this pressure washer is, because of its cleanser tank framework incorporated right with the unit. Along these lines, you can utilize cleanser for a more exhaustive cleaning, especially when you have to dispense with hardheaded soil and flotsam and jetsam at the briefest measure of time.

  • The Effectiveness 

Regardless of the possibility that you have never taken a stab at utilizing a pressure washer, you will like the astounding execution of this item. It is anything but difficult to utilize, and everything you need to set up everything that obliges cleaning, and you can have these things done in a snap.

As far as to the limit, this pressure washer is surely one of the best. Whether for private or business use, you can rely on this device to accomplish any cleaning occupation simply the way you need it.

  • Judgment

Generally, the SPX3000 is an amazing purchase that gives a value for the money. It accompanies a hand trigger that helps spare water and force in the meantime. Besides, it is furnished with 5 brisk interface shower spouts and cleanser for serious cleaning. Considering every one of these elements and advantages, you can make sure that this item will never baffle.


Snow Joe / Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX2000

Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX2000 Review

Need to complete your cleaning ventures the quickest way that is available? At that point, you require the SPX2000 for a snappy, proficient and bother free cleaning whenever! With various natural components and abilities, you can make sure that this item is fine speculation you ought to never leave behind.

  • An Overview Of The Product

The SPX2000 pressure washer by Sun Joe is outfitted with a radiant 12.5 amp engine with 1500 watts of immaculate force. It can likewise create a decent measure of the pressure at 1740 PSI rating, which is incredible for cleaning your auto, open-air furniture, yard, and carport. Moreover, this pressure washer has a 34-inch long augmentation wand, so can have an anxiety-free clean up with a more extended cleaning span. The customizable spout included in the bundle gives you a chance to move from extreme splash to a much gentler shower.

  • The Effectiveness 

When you have to include cleanser for intensive cleaning, then you can basically add your most loved cleaning specialists to the implicit cleanser tank in this unit. At that point, simply impact the earth of your watercraft, trailers, siding and open-air gear utilizing this pressure washer with 1740 PSI.

Well, being is likewise ensured with this pressure washer, with the lock-off trigger switch and propelled innovation for the force switch. In particular, this item is CSA-recorded for your significant serenity.

  • Judgment

Effortlessly of utilization, lightweight outline an effective engine of this pressure washer, you can make sure to get everything cleaned up only the way you need it. Concerning moderateness, common sense, and execution, consider this item that you will never lament purchasing.


Snow Joe/ Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Review

Disregard the way our forefathers would have done it of cleaning up with your standard patio nursery hose. This best power washer is exactly what you requirement for expert cleaning at the briefest measure of time. At its cost, this item is, in fact, an unquestionable requirement have on account of its broad elements and strength.

  • An Overview Of The Product

In the event that you have various light to medium cleaning employments all lined up, then you ought to consider having this item for your needs. You can utilize it to clean your vehicles, decks, carport and other outside things. Lightweight, utilitarian and sturdy, the SPX1000 is the finest instrument your requirement for any cleanup employments you have at the top of the priority list.

  • The Effectiveness 

This pressure washer accompanies an effective engine at 11.5 amps, which produces an incredible measure of the pressure at 1450 PSI. It even has a 33-inch wand and customizable spout shower that gives you a chance to pick the right pressure of water for more effective cleaning. Other top of the line components incorporate a greenery enclosure hose connector, trigger security lock, and 35-foot force rope that accompanies the GFCI insurance.

  • Judgment

With these components, you can hope to have the finest cleaning background at whatever point and wherever. From the strong unit to radiant usefulness of this pressure washer, you can make sure that this item is the thing that you requirement for any light to medium-obligation cleanup occupations. It is additionally outfitted with well-being parts that help spare power and water in the meantime.


Snow Joe, also popularly known Sun John, is a perfect brand for Electric pressure washers for homes, cars, buildings, cars, RV’s, trucks, decks, patios, driveways, boats, and whatnot. These top 3 Snow Joe/Sun Joe pressure washer models are among your excellent choices when you need good quality cleaning tools to meet your standards. You can pick any for effective cleaning depending on your needs done at record time. However, if you require a medium duty washer for more than just domestic use, Generac 3100 psi pressure washer could be a better choice for you.

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