How To Pressure Wash Your Concrete Or Brick Driveway

Pressure wash is always a good thing when you think about cleaning a surface. However, they need to be used differently for different surfaces. There are many types of surfaces which can be cleaned by pressure washers, but we will talk about concrete and brick driveways. Of course if you have concrete patios you can use pressure washers too, alternatively you may want to cover it up with patio rugs.

How To Use Pressure Wash On Concrete?

Pressure Wash Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete cleaning needs hard-core pressure and care, so there are things you should follow.

  • Clear the concrete floor completely before using the pressure washer. That includes kids’ toys area, or area where your belongings are kept, vehicles or any other thing which you don’t want to get in a way for your cleaning.
  • Now attach the gardener hose and 25 degree nozzle to the cleaner and make sure it is ready to use. Turn it on and remove the delicate debris, dirt and other things with the nozzle, this will remove the soft-core dirt. You just have to wet the surface and wash along.
  • Plain water has done its work, now you have to use the detergent it makes it look perfectly dirt free. Attach the soaping nozzle to the hose and pour some detergent in the tank of your pressure washer. Be sure you read the manual of your concrete pressure washer to know how you should do it.
  • Spread the detergent and wait for some time (5-10 minutes) till it attaches itself to the dirt and ready to remove.
  • Detergent has now successfully removed the stains, dirt, and marks from the drive-away, all you need now is to wash it to have a cleaned surface. Now you should attach the surface cleaner attachment for better cleaning of the surface. These surface cleaners are very handy, cover the large area, and wash the detergent in an effective way. Further, they don’t damage the concrete because they’re not blasters.
  • If the stains are very stubborn, use a rotatory nozzle, which does the job effectively by pressuring water in circular motion.
  • It is clean driveway now, for the final rinse, use the 25 degree nozzle and your concrete drive-away is clean.

How To Use Pressure Wash On The Brick Way?

Pressure Wash Your Brick Driveway

  • Wet and soak the drive away with water. For that, use delicate spray nozzle you own, you just have to wet it, nothing more.
  • Apply the detergent with the help of a proper nozzle, so that you spread it all over the surface need to be cleaned. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes so that the detergent attaches to dirt and grim so that you can easily remove it from the bricks.
  • Use 25 degree spray nozzle to make sure you clean all the detergent, which would clean the dirt, grim, pebbles, gravels and debris. Don’t use very high pressure nozzle since it can damage the mortar.
  • You can also pressure was with once again with 25 degree nozzle if you feel like there is some dirt left.

All the above mentioned steps would help in cleaning the concrete and brick type drive-ways respectively. Click here to know the latest Pressure Washer.

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