4 Important Tips To Paint The Outdoors Of Your House (Choosing An Airless Sprayer)

The outdoors of your home is surely one of the impression forming things and painting the exteriors of your house is a big responsibility. You can always enhance the value of your home by putting in little more efforts and investments in accumulating the desired tools and products. This will save a hefty amount of money as well as increase the life of your exterior settings.

It is important to carefully prepare before you start working on your home and for this, you need to contribute your precious time, let’s say the entire season for preparation and painting your house. So, be confident and determined to paint your house with a well-planned strategy to give your house a highly durable and professional finishing looks. We have come up with wonderful guiding tips that you may follow in order to apply the paint using an airless sprayer and give your house an astonishing look!! Some of the tips regarding the same are mentioned below:

exterior house painting tips

1. Setting Up The Sprayer Apparatus Using Cans And Buckets

Every airless sprayer that is used for painting purposes is quite unique and some of the general steps that you can follow to place the different tubes into buckets are as following:

  • Use the siphon which is a huge tube along with a wire screen is attached at the end portion. You can place this siphon tube directly into the can- containing paint in such a way that the screened end comes at the bottom side.
  • The drain tube is supposed to be placed in the bucket containing waste materials.
  • Then the sprayer should be plugged in to make it work.

2. Priming Of The Sprayer Should Be Done In Order To Move The Paint Throughout The System

There is simply just one switch that allows you to choose between the two modes given- one is “paint” and the other is “prime” mode. You have to switch to the “prime” mode. Then you have to power on the sprayer and the trigger of the sprayer has to be held in such a way so that you can control it.

3. Moving The Drain Tube Inside Paint Can

The average time is 30 seconds for the pump to work. The paint will start pumping out of the can via the spraying machine and the draining tube is already there in the buckets for waste material. So, your paint is traveling in a one-way direction.

Now, you may switch the position of the drain tube thereby placing in the can towards the downside. There could be clips available to hold the siphon tubes and the drain tube together so that the paint can be moved in a continuous fashion. In order to increase the speed of working, you should keep the buckets alongside.

4. Your Protection Is Utmost Important

You can switch off the machine and then put up your protection clothes but make sure that you do not put in many clothes rather you have to cover yourself in such a way that you can protect your body parts such as skin, eyes, hairs and the clothes. For this matter, you can use the following items:

  • Full body cover: you should purchase the one in which the boots are attached. In case you couldn’t find one, you can buy the shoe covers separately or use the spare shoes which are unimportant to you.
  • Wear Goggles so as to provide full protection to your eyes when you spray that paintA HEPA respirator should be used rather than using a simple paper mask.
  • A spray sock can also be used which will help in providing protection to your face. It resembles a face mask.
  • Also, the gloves are very important to use because of the safety of hands. You can use your older pair of gloves; otherwise, gloves made up of latex should be used.


Using an airless sprayer to provide finishing to your house is quite easy and a convenient option. It is very effective to go for spraying paint while setting up the outdoors of your house and especially for those surfaces that are not entirely flat rather have certain problems like wiring, pipes, and boards and so on.

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