Best Tile Saw Reviews in 2019 – Money Saving Guide

Technology is, virtually & constantly, changing the way we work, spreading its wings in all walks of life.

Masons & handymen are no exception, modern-day tile cutter boards & handheld nippers fair far better in power & sophistication compared to traditional methods. The overwhelming number of Brands & Models often pose a problem for them to choose the best tile saw for their needs.

This should be a genuine resource to help them make an informed decision in their quest for a multifunction glass or a tile cutter. Read on the best tile saw reviews but don’t miss on reading the buying guide down the page,

5 Top Rated Tile Saws in 2019 – Comparison Chart

Dewalt D24000 1.5 Wet Tile Saw
Weight: 11.22 lbs
Blade Size: 10"
Power Source: Corded-Electric

SKIL 3550-02
SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw
Weight: 19.75 lbs
Blade Size: 7"
Power Source: Corded-Electric

QEP 22650Q 650XT
QEP 22650Q 650XT 34 HP 120-volt Tile Saw
Weight: 15.6 lbs
Blade Size: 7"
Power Source: Corded-Electric

2.5 Horsepower
2.5 Horsepower 10” Industrial TileBrick Saw
Weight: 100.3 lbs
Blade Size: 10"
Power Source: Corded-Electric

Weight: 32 lbs
Blade Size: 10"
Power Source: Corded-Electric

The Best Tile Saws for Professionals with Reviews


2.5 Horsepower 10” Industrial Tile/Brick Saw

2.5 Horsepower 10” Industrial TileBrick SawFeatures

  • Brand: Harness the features of an industrial grade tile cutter for your domestic use. The powerful 2.5 horsepower Industrial Tile/Brick Saw from Chicago Electric Professional is the tool. It possesses the greatest power for the tile saw in its class.
  • Worktop: Touting a large working table with smooth operations, this table has the capacity to provide pristine cuts for even the toughest materials.
  • Console: The high-performance motor is equipped with double capacitors with seal bearings for smooth and silent runs. Further, it has a thermal overload protection mechanism for auto power shutdown in case of excess loading.
  • Blade: The bright yellow and black tool 10” adjustable cutting head can be maneuvered to 22.50 and 450 for great bevel incisions. The flexible head tackles a 3-1/2” thick material cutting at a 24” long continuous run. The entire tool is lightweight facilitating movements to the cutting site and hence eliminating material transportation.
  • Construction: In spite of its welterweight, the construction is strong and sturdy. By applying composite and aluminum materials for construction, Chicago tile saws is rugged enough to perform all wet style tile cutting. The high powered 15 amp motor ensures all the Chicago Electric saw’s brick cutting assignments are completed.

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Reason To Choose

Top rated motor with 2.5 HP and a total machine weight of 100 lbs approx. The highly flexible table performs tilts ranging from 00 to 450 for bevel cutting projects. The large-button insulated power switch offers 15 amp power to the tool.


Dewalt D24000 1.5 Wet Tile Saw

Dewalt D24000 1.5 Wet Tile SawFeatures

  • Brand: The high-performance integral DEWALT D24000 wet tile saw can handle any action anytime.
  • Blade: Equipped with a 10”, diamond tip blade with a multi-tilt application, the tile cutting exercises are turned into adventures.
  • Motor: It’s heavy duty 1.5 HP motor makes tough jobs easy. From glass tiles, ceramic tiles, sandstones, stone tiles, and wooden parquet; all materials are cut precisely and neatly, even when rerun.
  • Color: The yellow colored and rugged constructed equipment are what your tile cutting needs.
  • Robust Construction: Its toughness starts with rubber tipped legs with absorbs vibration as well as enhance the saw frame stability.
  • Tray: The top tray is a large black with aluminum set plate providing durable and reliable service. The sturdy handle makes setting and cutting easy.
  • Cutting Mechanism: The cantilever rail/cart system allows for 24” rip and 18” diagonal slices at 22.50 and 450
  • Weight: Further its light weight makes it portable and allows for single person transportation.
  • Wet Tile Cutting Style: The advanced wet cutting system is what’s at heart of this tile cutter. The large 5-gallon water pan allows for continuous water spray during the cutting process. The adjustable two water nozzles ensure all the work areas are systematically sprayed. The rear and side water attachment ensure that any over sprayed water is contained, leaving you with a neat worktop as a clear view of the cutting line.

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Reason To Choose

The combination of steel, aluminum, and rubber components make the tool tough, durable, and corrosion resistant.  The machine allows for the tilting of 00, 22.50 and 450 on the left side providing bevel cuts ability. The cast iron base with rubberized footings for more stability.  The tool weighs 69lbs and is priced at $799.99.


Skil 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw With Hydro Lock Water Containment System

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile SawFeatures

  • Brand: The all-new improved and upgraded SKIL 3550-02 Tile Saw is a beacon of convenience in tile cutting.
  • Hydro-Lock system: Featuring the patent-waiting Hydro Lock mechanism, this device makes a clean cut of a variety of materials with ease. Hydro-Lock containment system restricts the sprayed water around the blade head, drastically reducing splashes and chippings from spreading all over. This leaves the worktop neat, besides reducing the time taken in cleaning up the tool after usage.
  • Color: The bright red colored cutter has a black extendable worktop.
  • Work Top: The stainless steel side elongating rods provide a large 18”x18” tile support. The aluminum worktop provides a rust-resistant surface which extends the lifespan of the equipment. The work table pivots well for both 22.50 and 450 bevel cuts.
  • Controls: The knobs and switches are well set for easy access and insulated for safety. The power switch is recessed to prevent accidental contact. It relays a 120v 60Hz power feed the highly effective 5-amps powerful motor. The reliable motor makes the cutter apt for all materials including clay, glass, porcelain, sandstone, and stone tile works.
  • Blade: The 7” diameter black diamond blade is nimble enough to fit into tight materials while strong enough to cut through the tough materials.

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Reason To Choose

Wet Tile Saw comprises of 7” diamond blade, side extension, miter gauge, blade guard and blade wrench, blade worktop support withstand. The motor is 5-amps heavy-duty motor with overload cut – off the system. Comes with three optional tilt positions – 00, 22.50 and 450 for various bevel cuts. The tool weights 24lbs and priced at $154.99.


Porter- Cable PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile SawFeatures

  • Brand: The PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile and Stone Saw is a splendid tool suitable for all stone cuts.
  • Worktop: It features a large work table with a capacity to hold up to 24” block. The rubber-cladded table offers a conducive surface for dirt collection, facilitating orderly debris containment. There is an aluminum miter rule well-placed on the side of the worktop to take measurements of tiles before cutting.
  • Weight: It’s reasonable to weigh of 75lbs guarantees its capability to handle heavy duty cutting assignment and withstand vibration. The rubber-encased wide surface stand provides greater stability.
  • Durability: It has a resilient aluminum base which is resistant to rust and corrosion, providing long service.
  • Motor: It’s powered by 120v electric cord delivering sufficient electricity to its 1.4 horsepower motor with 4,200 rpm breezes through tough materials.
  • Consoles: The handle is large and offers a rubber padded grip to secure handling. All the knobs and levers are well set and large for quick access.

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Reason To Choose

Wet tile and stone saw large blade is a highly effective 10” blade which cuts through all materials. It has a motor speed of 1.4 horsepower with 2,750 spines per minute makes this product apt for all works. It is designed to operate within the OSHA and complies with the CSA and UL approved specifications. The tool measures 75lbs and priced at $194.99.


QEP 22650q 650xt ¾ Hp 120-Volts Tile Saw

QEP 22650Q 650XT 34 HP 120-volt Tile Saw


  • Brand: The nimbly 075 Horsepower QEP 22650Q 650XT Saw is what your small home improvement projects deserve.
  • Powered by a 0.75 HP 3,600 rpm motor, this wet tile, and porcelain cutter converts the chores of sizing ceramics, marble, granite, porcelain and stone objects into a recreational pastime.
  • Top: The large and extendable 8” work table and provide spacious support for extra-large tile saw. The stability of the work area together with the reduction of vibration is increased by the wid
  • e rubber toes for the support stand. Measurement is swift and precise, thanks to the well-indicated miter set along the worktop.
  • Rugged yet lightly constructed: The composition of the table is designed to provide long and reliable service with the stainless steel construction. Further, the light weight of the entire equipment allows for the mobility of the tool around the working site. The 7” blade has a cut depth of 1.25” convenient for amateur homemakers.
  • Coolant: Reliable water spray system is made possible with the powerful water pump and an intricate water reticulation system which facilitates proper cutting blade lubrication.

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Reason To Choose

HP 120-volts tile saw comes with one year against manufacturing defects and a 90-day return for a full refund. The cutting width of the products is up to 1.25”.The blade has the ability to make a tilt at 22.50 and 450. The product weights 15.6lbs and priced at $87.99.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Wet Tile Saw

There are certain factors you need to evaluate before arriving at your ideal wet tile cutter. By knowing the size of the tiles you want to cut, you are able to decide on the dimension of the support table as well as the blade diameter. If you are a homemaker, chances are that you do not need a heavy duty high capacity tile saw, so don’t overspend on this item which will lay idle most of the time. Perhaps, you need to consider the weight of the tile you require. Heavy tile cutters are a drain on energy as well as risky to new beginners. Different materials require special blades, so when cutting stone tile, you may utilize a tougher blade than when slicing a wood parquet.

Types Of Tile Saws

  • Wet Tiles Saws

A wet tile saw is a specialized cutter with a well-designed water spraying system to cool the diamond blade usually used in cutting hard form tiles. It has a powerful motor to undertake continuous cutting and is normally preferred by professional floor contractors. They rake different blade sizes and have fence adjustments (tilts) to make bevel cuts.

  • Hand Held Tile Saws

A handheld tile saw is a portable form of tile cutter for light duty cuts. Being hand left make them portable and light in weight. However, they cannot perform heavy duty cut even with diamond heads due to the low capacity motors. Small tile saw or handheld tile saws is apt for small repair works.

  • Tile Grinder

A tile grinder is a simple hand-held power tool fitted with a blade for cutting tiles. It allows for both dry and wet cuts. This implies that the grinder can cut the tile without any form of water being sprinkled on the cutting surface. It performs various cutting functions such as L-shaped and circular cuts as well as drilling holes in the tile.

Best Brands

The best brands of tile saw are the ones that have been in the market for a considerable time. Besides, their performance, reliability, and after-sales service have a high reputation. It’s noteworthy to remember that not all large manufacturers consistently produce reliable tile cutter tools. Some have made brands that have failed to impress the users.

Best brands include Dewalt d24000s wet tile saw, Raimondi Gladiator Advance Rail Saw, Imer Combicut, SKIL Saw, MK Diamond Saws, Gemini Saws, and Husqvarna.

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What Qualities To Look For In An Electric Tile Cutter

  • Fence/Miter gauge: This feature is important for establishing the accuracy of the tiles to be cut. The units have even been further refined to give more details, including decimals.
  • Motor: There are two motor types in use for the tile saw. The chain driven motor is more stable in that in the case of an overload, the motor is not adversely affected. The direct drive has better contact with the blade so the cut is more precise. However, it is handicapped since the motor blows out when this event happens. The new machines have an auto power shutdown to protect motors in case of overload, eliminating this adversity.
  • Water containment: The water supply for cooling the blade is critical in cuts. However, this water is haphazardly splashed leading to a dirty workplace. The new system of water containment leaves the worktop tidy and controls the water consumption by targeted spraying to the exact cutting edges.
  • Bevel: The new tilting base and blades allow for the sprucing of tiles into angles not possible before. The new tools have 22.50and 450 cut configurations, making them produce better tiling patterns.
  • Wide applicability: They should allow application on many kinds of materials including stones, porcelain, wood, sandstone, and glass.
  • Water Source: Water is essential for the cooling of the diamond blade as well as the reduction in the splitters of tiny chips from the material being cut. As such, it must be available throughout the cutting process. Besides, it should be sprinkled at the precise points to lubricate the cutting activity. Reliable water pumps supplying water from a large capacity tank is fundamental for heavy-duty cuts.
  • Blade Size: The diameter of the wet saw blade determines the depth of the slicing as well as the speed of the cut. Large blades say of 12” cut through a 4” thick tiles well as opposed to a 5” diameter blade which s suitable for a 1” thick soft materials.
  • Blade capacity and Adjustment: The blade capacity refers to the materials composition of the blade. A blade made of stainless steel is most likely to wear off faster than a diamond head blade. Blade adjustment provides the ability of the blade to tilt at a certain angle to provide cuts of a different angle. The cover tiles require bevel cuts that are possible only through the blade adjustment.
  • Price: The cost of the tile saw blade is an important consideration. Big power tool manufacturers are always expensive in comparison to other small timers. It, however, does not mean that their tile saws have better performance. It is, therefore, prudent to check and compare features alongside the price to get a good value for the money spent.
  • Warranty: Nobody wants to purchase a tool without any warranty. These equipment are meant for lengthy usage. Besides, they are expensive to acquire and maintain. Look for a electric tile cutter with a warranty good warranty especially capturing manufacturing defects as well as the possibility of money back it in case you find it below your expectation.


Getting hold of a suitable portable tile saw is a sure way to enhance your DIY activities. Before you settle for an ideal gadget, look beyond want you need now.  There are many tile cutters in the market. By perusing the comments from past users as well as reviewing their expenses, you can make an informed choice.

You do not necessarily want to spend cheaply. The gist is to ensure you derive a good value for the price paid for the tile saw.

To enjoy your home improvement chores, ensure you uphold the highest safety standards. Keeping yourself safe and your equipment clean will ensure you get a long hassle free service even as you improve your sweet home.

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