Best Sump Pump Reviews 2019 – Comparison


A sump pump is a device used to remove water accumulated in the water collecting sump basin, frequently found in the basement of houses. Sump pumps are mainly manufactured in the US with the best of water flow rate per hour and vertical float switch which is tested to approximately 1 million cycles. The Best Sump Pump has a rugged design which increases its durability and prevents corrosion of the material. It is certified by CSA for reliability and safety. The submersible reinforced dual- sealed thermoplastic construction increases the durability of the pump. The superior quality pump displays a constant-duty and split capacity motor for the optimal results. Let’s have a look at some of the top models being sold in the US.

5 Top Rated Sump Pumps 2019 Comparison Chart

Flow Rate:
Superior Pump 92250 1/4 HP
30 GPM

77 GPM

Superior Pump 92330 1/3 HP
27 GPM

Wayne VIP50 1/2 HP
41 GPM

Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate
43 GPM

Best Portable Sump Pump Reviews

1. Superior Pump 92250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible

The Superior Thermoplastic Pump is submersible and designed for a steady and consistently best submersible pump for domestic use. It comes with ¼ Horsepower technology and moves away 30 gallons of water per minute from the swimming pools. The large 1-1.4 inches male iron pipe discharge thread is the good for high capacity pumping and the garden hose adapter makes it convenient to use. Read More

Top Features:

  • Rugged And Compact Design For Durability– Its constructed with durable thermoplastic which ensures that this submersible small sump pump can be used in continuity without corroding.
  • Product Warranty- This pump is UL/CUL listed with CSA certification for dependability and safety. This Superior Submersible Utility Pump comes with one year of limited warranty.
  • Corrosion Resistance feature saves the pump from rust and decay
  • Comes at highly affordable price
  • The Pump has Oil leak problem which is unusable in hot water tub

2. WAYNE CDU980E Submersible Stainless Steel Sump Pump

WAYNE CDU980E is a fully submersible water removal pump made of hard cast iron and stainless steel which prevents the pump from decaying and corrosion which increases its’ durability. Wayne Sump pump comes with 3/4 horsepower and the maximum water flow rate is 4600 gallons per hour. Read More

Top Feature:

  • Minimizes Air Locks – It’s a top suction pump designed to minimize the airlocks and clogg
  • ing from rubbish at the bottom of the sump pit.
  • Imported Pump – It is assembled in USA with domestic and foreign components for quality and durability. It is made for 11-inches diameter and even larger sump pits.
  • Comes with Easy to install feature and highly portable and easy to handle and carry from one place to another
  • The Wayne Sump Pump has 5 years of Manufacturer’s Warranty which ensures the quality of the product
  • Not Very Durable– Most of the Wayne CDU980E Submersible fails to operate within a few uses.

3. Superior Pump 92330 1/3 HP Electric Water Removal Pump

Superior Pump 92330 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Sump Pump is of high quality and has tethered float switch which allows the pump to be used as a utility pump by eliminating the float switch. It has a Split capacitor motor for continuous duty and is thermally protected. These pumps are stronger and durable, come at a highly affordable price and perform the best. Read More

Top Features:

  • Corrosion Resistant– It’s made of thermoplastic material and stainless steel to protect the pump from corrosion, rust, and decay. This non submersible sump pump comes with ‘Silver and Black finish’ which makes the pump look attractive and durable.
  • Split Capacitor– the Superior Pump 92330 has Split capacitor motor for continuous duty and is thermally protected for any kind of rust or damage.
  • The Superior pump comes at affordable price
  • It doesn’t require any battery as the motor operates automatically
  • Float Switch Problem– The float switch doesn’t function properly at times due to which, the pump doesn’t operate automatically

4. Wayne VIP50 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Portable Sump Pump

Wayne VIP50 electric water removal pump is portable in size and made of thermoplastic for durability and quality. These multi-purpose portable sump pumps are assembled in the USA with top quality material for reliability and durability. It ranges from daily use around your home to infrequent use. Usual applications include removing stagnant water off basement floors or construction sites, draining aquariums and water beds, etc. Read More

Top Features:

  • Horsepower – It has 1/2 horsepower, powerful in removing 2500 gallons of water per hour with a base suction which takes out water to within 8 inches of the surface.
  • Corrosion Resistant – It’s a glass reinforced thermoplastic for the housing, impeller and volute which prevents rust. It comes with the 3/4-inch adjustable discharge adapter which easily connects to garden hoses and an easy-access handle provides complete portability.
  • The WayneVIP50 is accumulated in the US with domestic and foreign components.
  • It has 1/2 Horse Power and is reinforced with Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump
  • Manual Switch Type– Wayne VIP50 has a manual switch type which requires the pump to be operated manually

5. Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump

Zoeller Submersible sump pumps are the solid pump which is very durable and rust proof. It’s a reliable pump and easy to maintain. The M53 model from Zoeller has a motor, a cast iron switch case and pump housing. It has a thermoplastic base and a wrangled plastic impeller with metal insert. Read More

Top Features:

  • Horsepower – The product comes with 1/3 horsepower motor for removing the high amount of water within less time.
  • Discharge Capacity – It comes with 1.5″ discharge capacity and generous space between the feet and the actual intake to the pump. It’s a good vertical float and when installed properly doesn’t get stuck on side of basin or wires.
  • The Zoeller M53 pump comes with 1/3 Horse Power motor
  • It has 1 to1/2 inch NPT Discharge which can pass up to 1/2 inch circular solids
  • Faulty Switch– After certain use, the switch gets stuck to the pump which forces the pump to run continuously. You may require changing the switch after a certain period of time.

Some Upcoming Sump Pump Models

Barracuda 1/2 HP Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pump

Barracuda Sump PumpDesigned using the latest technology, This barracuda sump pump comes equipped with 100% Cast Iron, an energy saving PSC motor and a vertical float switch to fit in. It can generate pressure to pump out up to 48 Gallons/minute. It efficiently removes water from your basement or sump without ay leakage making it a favorite among water restoration professionals. It consumes less electricity, generates ample amount of power. Read the detailed barracuda sump pumps reviews here.


Campbell Hausfeld 1/2 HP Cast Iron Small Sump Pump

Campbell Hausfeld Sump Pump

Manufactured in the US, Campbell Hausfeld sump pump ensures the finest quality parts that offer better suction and effective cleaning. This model by Campbell Hausfeld boasts of employing the latest technology and design for effortless cleaning operations. It comes with a Top Suction design which is easy to operate, reliable to use on hard surfaces such as Basements.

Equipped with a Split Capacitor Motor, it consumes lesser power yet generate sufficient suction power. Its Rugged Cast Iron Base makes it durable and noise free. Also, Epoxy-Coated Motor helps to keep it corrosion resistant. Read the detailed review here, Also check how much you can save, buying the 1/2  HP Pump 10” on Amazon >>>

Choosing Your Best Sump Pump

Features Of Sump Pump

Water may accumulate anywhere through the perimeter of the drainpipe, leakages in sealing methods into the sink or due to rain or natural flooding. If the basement is under the water table, installation normally takes around 30 minutes and can be done with tools available at home, however selection of an appropriate product is quite a task. Choosing between a Pedestal, Submersible or Sump/Effluent Sump Pump with different sizes & styles often leads to confusion.

To find the correct pump, start by analyzing your needs, measure the size and depth to ascertain an accurate fit. Features that are crucial to consider when shopping around for the best submersible sump pump are:

Performance: Existing user should select the pump with the same Horse Power which matches the model they currently have. If you need a pump that runs less, you should choose a model that offers more power. Pump with higher horsepower is more effective as they flush out more gallons of water within lesser time.

Float Switch Type: 
A tethered switch floats up to an angle as water goes into the basin to trigger the pump. Tethered Switch Pumps need a sump pump basin sizes with the minimum 14” diameter.

Vertical Switch Pumps can be utilized in the basins as minute as 10” in diameter. A vertical switch shifts straight up as water gets into the basin to start the pump.

Durability: The function of the sump pump is to remove water from the basin, basement, etc. for which the pump remains in frequent contact with water which may result into the decayed pump, corrosion, etc. To ensure that the pump lasts for a longer duration and you should select a model made with the superior materials and supported by a strong warranty.

Head Pressure: The head pressure of a sump pump illustrates the uppermost height that the pump will move water to. A sump pump with a 15 feet (4.6 m) shutoff (maximum) will lift water up 15 feet (4.6 m) before it totally loses flow.

Corrosion Resistant – You should be cautious while purchasing sump pump and should only buy the one which is made of non-corroding materials such as alloy, cast bronze, stainless steel or epoxy-coated cast iron which are durable and reliable.

Extra Protective Devices: Such as alarms and battery powered back up sump pumps can be purchased to offer you with peace of mind and added assurance against water damage in case of system failure.

Leak Detector With A Water Alarm: It’s very difficult and nearly impossible for taking too many precautions when it is about protecting your home from water. A water alarm is a tool which detects water leaks that can cause permanent damage. It identifies water on a surface with its two metal contacts. The device runs on a model 9v battery and can be put in any location where there is a risk of water seepage.

Automatic vs. Manual Operation: A manual sump pump requires turning the pump on and off manually as per need. An automatic sump pump consist of a switch cabled to the pump to turn it on or off at suitable water levels automatically. Automatic switches include a sump pump pressure switch, low-level pressure switch, float switch, and a firm state water sensor called field-effect.

Battery Backup Systems: In order to protect your home from massive flood damage you should definitely consider buying a sump pump. But it is equally important that you add an emergency battery back up to the sump pump systems.

A backup system ensures extra peace of mind, preventing your home against power fluctuation or outage, failure of the pump and heavy rains that can over flood your sump pump system.

Though it totally depends upon your discreet choice whether you choose submersible or pedestal sump pump, the submersible sump pump has several features which make it a better choice. It comes with a watertight motor completely sealed and submerged in oil which makes it fully functional under water. It is located at the base of a sump basin and fit below water level. Although it is a little costlier than the best pedestal sump pump, it has considerable benefits:

  • Quieter than the pedestal
  • Less maintenance required
  • Submerged in water
  • Can easily handle larger quantities of water
  • Less dangerous to children as it’s submerged in water

Types Of Sump Pumps

Even for the new buyer, the following criteria should be the decisive points for choosing the good quality sump pump.

Following Are The Types of Sump Pumps

There are usually two types of sump pumps – submersible and pedestal sump pump. IN case of pedestal pump the motor is mounted above the sump.

Pedestal  Vs Submersible Sump Pump

They are both very regular with the common performance but environment-friendly people should opt for the submersible pumps as they are quieter, highly durable, easier to manage and handle and totally hidden within the sump basin.

Types Of Sump PumpsEffluent pumps are specifically designed to manage solids up to ½” in diameter. These pumps are recommended for houses with sump basins that normally collect dirt and remains. If you want this type of pump, you should be sure to select the product that is clearly manifested as a “sump/effluent pump”.

Pedestal Sump PumpPedestal Sump Pump

These pumps stand upright, with the motor a few feet above so that it doesn’t get wet. It has a float-activated switch that automatically turns the pump on when the water achieves a certain level. Arguably the best sump pump for basements that require frequent water drainage, they usually are the least expensive but are noisier than the submersibles.


Submersible Sump Pump

These types of electrical pumps are put in the ground and are manufactured to work underwater. They have the same float-activated switch which is more expensive than the pedestal pumps but is quieter and have a longer life and elasticity because their sealed, oil-cooled motors are protected from moisture and dust.


Liberty PumpsPlastic vs. Cast Iron Pumps

Cast iron pumps are a better choice as they are long lasting and durable. Irrespective of the type, each sump pump should have a check valve which prevents water from flowing back into the sump when the pump turns off. It may cause the pump to be operated more frequently than necessary and shorten the life of the pump.


Liberty Pumps SJ10Water Powered Sump Pump

These pumps run off the water pressure from your home plumbing system and have the float-activated switch. They handle water at a comparable rate to the electric types but require no electricity to operate.


Zoeller-42-0007Floor Sucker Pumps

These pumps are used mainly in basements, cellars or edge spaces which do not have an actual sump pit. It is called a floor sucker pump as it eliminates water precisely down to within a 1/8″ of the floor. They are available in several flow rates operated either manually or automatically.


BurCam 300514WH Laundry Tub PumpAutomatic Switch Sump Pump

This is the best choice as it will start the operation if flooding occurs in your absence. The manual switch requires someone to turn on the switch to start water removal.



Manufactured by different brands with a range of models, some sump pump brands offer free installation while others install it at a small charge. However, it is suggested to have it installed by a trained mechanic to guarantee protection against flooding. Automatic sump pump gives you more peace of mind as it takes care of the water logging in your absence too. As you need vacuum cleaners, good pressure washers & other equipment for home cleaning, sump pump is a priority for the areas prone to flooding. It is important that you purchase a quality pump for fo effective water removal. The above-mentioned sump pump reviews are in line with top selling models in the market.

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