Fuel stabilizers are products that are added to your gasoline tank and not only make your engine run more efficiently but also allow the gas to run at its optimum level at all times. Fuel additive are inexpensive products that come in liquid form and are poured directly into the gas tank. Things such as air, varying temperatures, and moisture can break down the composition of your gasoline and make it less efficient but if you find the best fuel stabilizer, it can increase the efficiency, overall strength, and lifespan of the gas you use.

[Recommendations] Best Fuel System Cleaner Reviews 2019

1. STA-BIL 22214 Boat Fuel Stabilizer

STA-BIL 22214 Red Fuel Stabilizer (32 oz.), 32. Fluid_Ounces
  • Keeps fuel fresh for up to 24 months during storage
  • Eliminates need to drain fuel prior to storage
  • Ensures quick, easy starts after storage
  • Effective in all gasoline, including ethanol blends
  • For all gasoline engines, including 2-cycle

Designed specifically for vehicles that need to be stored, the STA-BIL 22214 fuel stabilizer is made for all gasoline engines, including the ones that take ethanol blends, and it is perfect for getting easy, quick starts on your vehicle. With this type of fuel stabilizer, you don’t have to drain the fuel prior to storage and it keeps your fuel fresh for up to 24 months during storage. It can be used in vehicles, boats, and lawnmowers and take away water so that carburetors and fuel injectors are cleansed and made resistant to corrosion.

A little bit of this fuel stabilizer goes a long way and since the bottles are inexpensive, it won’t cost you a lot of money to use. In fact, if you’ve had problems storing vehicles or lawnmowers in the past, it is likely because you didn’t first use something such as the STA-BIL 22214 fuel stabilizer.


  • It is very efficient to use on all gasoline-operated cars and devices.
  • It is incredibly long-lasting.
  • It offers a lot of value for the money.



  • Some users have complained about having to use it quickly once it’s opened.
  • Some users have complained about short expiration dates.
  • Some have complained about sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

2. Star-Tron Enzyme Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - Concentrated Formula 32 oz - Treats 512 Gallons
  • Cures and prevents ethanol fuel problems; helps prevent phase separation
  • For everyday use and seasonal storage; stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years and can help rejuvenate old, sub-spec fuel
  • Makes engines start easily and run smoothly; improves fuel economy and reduces emissions
  • Cleans valves and injectors of carbon deposits, gums and varnish for maximum performance, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Concentrated formula #930XX is economical to use in large and small applications; safe for use in all engines (including 2-cycle pre-mix)

This fuel treatment is concentrated and designed to stabilize and rejuvenate your old gasoline as well as reduce your emissions, increase your miles per gallon, and even increase your horsepower. One 16-ounce bottle treats over 250 gallons of gasoline and it can even help with any of your ethanol problems. With this product, your engine will start much more quickly and run a lot more smoothly. It is perfect for both every day and seasonal storage.

The product also cleans fuel injectors and valves to get rid of gums, varnish, and carbon deposits. Even old, sub-spec fuel can be rejuvenated with the Star-Tron enzyme treatment and you can use it to stabilize fuel for up to two years. It also has no harmful effects and will keep your engine purring like a kitten.


  • It is safe for all engines, including the 2-cycle pre-mix type.
  • It results in more uniform and complete combustion.
  • It is good for cars, inboard motors, ATVs, snowmobiles, and small engines.



  • There have been some complaints about difficult-to-read markings on and the overall quality of the bottle.
  • There have been some complaints about the product spilling when in use.
  • There have been some complaints about poor quality.

3. Briggs & Stratton 100119 Fuel Stabilizer

Briggs & Stratton 100119 Fuel Treatment Replaces 100119WEB, 100115, 100119A
  • Genuine Briggs & Stratton Part Number 100119
  • 16 Flu oz. Treats 80 Gallons
  • Triple Antioxidant Protection
  • Protects Both 2- and 4-Cycle Gasoline Engines
  • Replaces Old Briggs # 100119WEB, 100115, 100119

The Briggs & Stratton 100119 fuel stabilizer comes in a 16-ounce bottle and treats up to 80 gallons of gasoline. It offers triple oxidant protection and protects a variety of gasoline engines, including 2- and 4-cycle engines. This type of fuel stabilizer will prevent fuel from becoming stale for up to three years. As with most other fuel additive, the Briggs & Stratton 100119 fuel stabilizer needs to be applied to new gas and it can be used in a variety of applications, including cars, snowmobiles, and many others.

This product eliminates any corrosion or rust issues and many users don’t even have to drain their fuel from season to season once they start using it. It is also concentrated so a little goes a long way. In addition, it can stabilize your gas for three years, which is a little longer than other brands of fuel stabilizers.


  • It consistently receives very high ratings.
  • It is perfect for older and smaller engines, thanks to its efficiency.
  • It starts quickly even if the engine is cold.



  • There have been some complaints about the bottle leaking.
  • The manufacturer claims that the product is not made for automobiles.
  • There have been some complaints about the messiness of the product.

4. PRI Engine Cleaning Additive For Generator

PRI CP123 G Gasoline Treatment - 16 oz.
  • Improves ignition quality
  • Provides engine and fuel system deposits
  • Protects against E-10 phase separation
  • Provides long-term fuel storage capability
  • Restores most degraded fuels to freshness

If you’re looking for a good overall fuel stabilizer for gasoline, the PRI fuel additive is one to consider. It works on both 2- and 4-stroke engines and it greatly improves your fuel efficiency. It is a clean product that has no alcohol in it and it prevents damaging deposits from building up inside of your engine. With PRI, your engine will provide you with greater power, and its 16-ounce bottle treats over 250 gallons of gasoline.

Made to keep gas fresh a lot longer, the PRI fuel stabilizer is highly concentrated so a little bit of it will go a long way. It also works on all gas-powered tools so it is a very versatile product. You can use this product to restore your fuel to a usable condition and whether you use it for an RV, boat, snowmobile, or weed-eater, among others, it will never let you down. You can find this product on Amazon.


  • Only a small amount is needed for any job.
  • It offers a great deal for the money.
  • It is a reliable, high-quality product.



  • There have been some complaints about gas going bad after using the product.
  • There have been some complaints about the product not working right.
  • There have been some complaints about engines not starting after installing the product.

5. Royal Purple Motorcycle Fuel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer 11722
  • 3-in-1 fuel additive keeps new engines clean and improves vehicle's performance
  • Improves fuel economy an average of 3.2 percent
  • Increases horsepower an average of 2.6 percent
  • Reduces hydrocarbon, NOx and CO emissions (on average 12, 13 and 18-percent respectively)
  • Prevents rough idle, hesitation and stalling

The Royal Purple fuel treatment system is a great cleaner and stabilizing system and it contains a 3-in-1 additive that enables the car to run better and the engine to stay cleaner much longer. It improves both fuel economy and horsepower, and it prevents stalling, idling, and hesitation on the part of your engine. It also reduces CO, NOx, and hydrocarbon emissions and it is great for ATVs, boats, motorcycles, scooters, and snowmobiles.

This is a state-of-the-art product that promises to reduce engine buildups and emissions from your tailpipe. Your engine will run both cleaner and more efficiently and you will get excellent reliability and performance every time. Royal Purple is EPA- and CARB-compliant and it will never harm any type of specialized emissions equipment. Best of all, the product works great on both standard vehicles and fleet vehicles, including those that get a lot of use year after year.


  • It eliminates pinging and knocking in your engine.
  • A 20-ounce can treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline.
  • It offers professional results at a reasonable price.



  • Some have complained that it burned out the motor on their lawnmower.
  • There have been some complaints about a lack of results.
  • Some have complained about lower mileage, not better mileage.

6. STA-BIL 22275 Best Fuel Stabilizer For Small Engines

STA-BIL 22275 32 Ounces Ethanol Treatment
  • America's #1 Ethanol Treatment - Helps prevent Ethanol fuel related damage in vehicles and small engines
  • Prevents corrosion caused by ethanol blended fuels
  • Increases engine power and efficiency
  • Effective in ethanol and non-ethanol blended fuels
  • Keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months

One of the biggest advantages of using the STA-BIL 22275 treatment is that it can prevent ethanol-related damage in everything from vehicles to small engines. It stabilizes your fuel so that it can stay fresh during storage and it can thoroughly clean your fuel system so that you get expert in-season performance. It also removes water and helps prevent corrosion, keeping your engine more functional and efficient year after year.

Your search for the best fuel treatment gets a lot easier when you find the STA-BIL 22275 treatment because the product emits a second-to-none vapor technology that protects your engine above the fuel line even better than many other products made before it. Great for gasoline sport vehicles, cars and trucks, lawn mowers and even smaller engines, it is an alcohol-free product that you can rely on to do its job every time that you use it.


  • The company provides excellent customer service when needed.
  • It is perfect for emergency generators.
  • It is great for older vehicles.



  • There have been some complaints about it not improving MPG or performance.
  • There have been some complaints about lawnmowers running a little rough and even losing power.
  • There have been some complaints about the bottle leaking all over everything.

7. Lucas 10001 Best Fuel Additives For Diesel Engines

Lucas Oil 10001 32 Ounce Oil Stabilizer
  • The product is 32OZ HD Oil Stabilizer
  • Easy to use, Increases power and miles per gallon
  • Made in USA, increase oil life at least 50 percent longer
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Eliminates dry starts, Raises oil pressure

Available in different sizes, the Lucas 10001 fuel stabilizer is very simple to use and increases both the power of the engine and the MPG. In fact, the manufacturer of this product promises that it will improve the lifespan of your engine by 50 percent or more. You’ll use less oil when you use the product and it eliminates all types of dry starts. It also reduces friction and wears and tear on your engine. It even stabilizes the temperature of your oil for better performance.

Because the Lucas 10001 stabilizer is pure petroleum, you can blend it safely with many other lubricants including synthetics, ATF, and mineral oil. It stops leaks and reduces operating temperature in your vehicle and it helps the vehicle both run and sound a lot better.


  • It is a high-quality product that works reliably and safely.
  • It gets rid of knocking and other noises in the engine.
  • It works great even when it’s cold outside.



  • Some have complained that it ruined their engines.
  • It is not recommended for vehicles that use SW30 or lighter oil.
  • It doesn’t always do well in newer cars.

8. Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner For Cars

Yamaha ACC-FSTAB-PL-32 Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner
43 Reviews
Yamaha ACC-FSTAB-PL-32 Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner
  • Genuine OEM Yamaha Part
  • No Other Formula Provides This Level Of Ethanol Fuel Corrosion Protection For Metals And Aluminum Fuel System Components
  • An Alcohol-Free Formula That Helps To Prevent Fuel Oxidation, Phase Separation, Gum And Varnish Build Up

Made by a reliable company and designed for all types of engines, the Yamaha fuel treatment and conditioner comes in a 32-ounce bottle and works wonders on cars, snowblowers, lawn mowers, and generators. For fuel system components such as metal and aluminum, this stabilizer protects your system from ethanol fuel corrosion, which is a serious problem in many engines. The formula is also alcohol-free and it prevents phase separation, the buildup of varnish and gum, and even fuel oxidation.

The Yamaha fuel stabilizer and conditioner delivers great performance and efficiency. If you’re interested in a product that you can use before storing your vehicle or other device, this one should work perfectly every time. For best results, most people use it consistently and do not use any other products. It keeps your engine quiet and running smoothly. It is a little higher priced than other stabilizers but well worth the price because when it comes to fuel conditioners, you truly get what you pay for.


  • It is good for many different engine types.
  • It seems to work better the longer you use it.
  • It offers a lot of value for the money.


  • There have been some complaints about the price.
  • There have been some complaints about not noticing a difference in engine performance.
  • There have been some complaints about the overall quality of the product.

9. Sentry Fuel Addictive For Lawn Mower

Sentry New Technology Fuel Treatment (Gas Plus Marine/SD Formula) Stabilizes & Eliminates Water in...
  • Gasoline Fuel Treatment, Eliminates Water in Fuel, Inhibits Ethanol Phase Separation
  • All Grades and 2 Stroke Compatible, Increases Lubrication,
  • Eliminates Fuel/Water Problems, Boost Power and Reduces Smoke,Stabilizes and Restores Fuel
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors, Increases Mileage, Inhibits Fuel Line Freezing
  • Maximum Stabilizer

The Sentry New Technology fuel treatment does a great job of preventing ethanol phase separation, eliminating the water in your fuel, and increasing lubrication. It is compatible with all grades and can stabilize and restore your fuel, boost the amount of power your engine has, eliminate all types of fuel and water problems, and even reduce the amount of smoke you experience. It can increase your gas mileage, enable the fuel line to go for a long time without freezing up, and even clean fuel injectors. If you want your engine to be more efficient and run more smoothly and quietly, this is the product that you need.

The 32-ounce bottle of Sentry New Technology fuel treatment treats up to 80 gallons of gasoline. Perfect for storage and marine applications, the product staves off microbial growth and won’t allow any fuel line parts to experience rust or corrosion. It is also a product that is recommended by many professionals so you can count on it to work properly time after time.


  • It is great for cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, generators, and more.
  • It is a very high-quality product that is also very reliable and consistent.
  • It has the ability to solve a number of engine problems.


  • There have been some complaints about the price.
  • There have been some complaints about overall quality.
  • There have been some complaints about it taking a while to work.

Factors to Consider Before Buying High Quality Gas Stabilizer

Ease of Use

Most fuel stabilizers have specialized containers that make it extremely easy to use them and this is definitely one of the things that you’ll want to check out before buying the product. Some of the products are awkward and even difficult to put inside of your gas tank. The more complex they are to use, the more you’ll want to stay away from them. Make sure that you choose a fuel treatment with an easy-to-use design so it’s convenient for you every time you use it.


Although most fuel stabilizers are designed for use in a variety of engine types, there are some that do not have this characteristic. For instance, some of them are not recommended for use in brand-new vehicles while others are not recommended for engines that use a lower grade of oil. Problems are easy to avoid, however, because all you have to do is research the product and, most importantly, read the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging thoroughly so you’ll know if the product will suit your needs.


The prices of fuel stabilizers will vary but this doesn’t mean that the best ones will always cost a lot of money or that the cheaper ones aren’t high in quality. Price can be one of the things you consider when you research this product but it shouldn’t be the only thing or the most important. Fortunately, most fuel stabilizers cost no more than around $25 and considering how long they last, that is a great deal.


When you’re researching these products because you’re trying to find the best fuel stabilizer on the market, you’re likely to come across the same brand names over and over again. This is good because it means that those are clearly some of the best brands on the market. Researching the brands is also a good idea but if you see the same name mentioned many times during your research, it’s a good indication that the brand is a good one.


Of all the ways to discover the best fuel stabilizers, checking online reviews is one of the most efficient ones. Real reviews by real customers go a long way in giving you the practical information that you need to make the right decision so as with any other product, finding the best fuel conditioners and stabilizers is a lot easier when you check reviews from real customers.

Benefits of Ethanol Fuel Treatment

Saves Fuel

Because a fuel stabilizer keeps your engine clean and increases the number of miles that you get for each gallon of gas you use, you can save a lot of fuel over the long run. In fact, you’ll likely notice this benefit with your very first application of the stabilizer and it can save you a lot of money year after year.

Eliminates Cold Starts

Fuel stabilizers cause a constant temperature to occur within your engine and because of this, your engine will be consistent throughout its lifetime. This means that every time you start your engine, it does a better and more efficient job of starting up immediately, eliminating cold or difficult starts even in the cold winter months.

Cleans Your Fuel System

Cleaning your engine is one of a fuel stabilizer’s most important functions. Every time you use the product, the engine becomes cleaner. Because you use it regularly, a fuel stabilizer prevents the engine from getting dirty in the first place; in other words, with regular use of a stabilizer, your engine simply won’t have the opportunity to get dirty or sticky.


Overall performance is always greatly increased when you use a fuel stabilizer regularly because it keeps the engine clean and free of gums and varnish, not to mention other items that are simply unsafe for your engine. Because you’ll have a clean engine, it is going to run more smoothly and quietly as long as you’re using the product. Its performance will be consistent and your engine will purr like a kitten.

Types of Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer


One of two main types of fuel stabilizers, the type used for storing your vehicle is usually used for devices such as lawnmowers and snowblowers that you use only parts of the year and store away the rest of the year. Most people drain these devices of all of the gas before storing the device somewhere. The fuel stabilizers used in these cases are specially made so that the engine doesn’t rust or corrode before it is time to use it again.
Fuel injector cleaner used for storage contain certain materials that are specifically designed for machines and engines that are not in use for long periods of time so you can trust that the devices will work properly months from now when you’re ready to use them again.


Fuel stabilizers designed for expert performance are used to make sure that your engine’s performance is top-notch month after month, year after year. They are made so that your engine runs perfectly over time, for a very long time and they are not made for devices or engines that you are planning to store away for long periods of time.

Key Features

Ease of Use

If a fuel injector cleaner isn’t easy to use, you simply won’t use it as often as you should, which defeats its purpose. Fuel stabilizers are only a smart idea when they are used regularly so make sure that your fuel stabilizer has an easy-to-use design that makes it simple and fast to get the product into the gas tank.

Other Considerations

Winter Formula

There are special types of fuel injector cleaner that are made for the bitterly cold months of winter. If you live far up north or in countries where the temperatures get especially low in the wintertime, it is good to use one of these types because it does a better job of protecting your engine than standard types of fuel stabilizers. They keep your gas and oil from clogging up due to the weather, allowing the engine to run efficiently all year long.

Length of Time

When you purchase your fuel stabilizer, it is likely going to recommend how often you should use it and you should definitely heed these instructions. In most cases, you’ll be pouring the stabilizer into your gas tank every time you fill it up but if the directions say otherwise, you need to follow those directions. In some cases, the stabilizer can only remain in the tank for a certain period of time so make sure that all manufacturers’ directions are followed exactly as recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Stabilizer

Q1. What Is a Fuel Stabilizer?

Fuel stabilizers are usually in liquid form and they are specially made to keep your engine clean and gunk-free so that it runs more smoothly and efficiently, saving you a lot of money year after year. You insert some of the stabilizer each time that you fill up your tank with gas and it works to keep your engine clean and quiet.

Q2. How Do Fuel Stabilizers Work?

Fuel stabilizers are usually made with petroleum and they bond with the gasoline in your vehicle or another device so that evaporation doesn’t occur. They repel water, limit evaporation, and prevent fuel from forming certain residues that are sticky and can clog up an engine.

Q3. How Long Will Fuel Stabilizers Keep Gas Fresh?

Reading the manufacturers’ product descriptions is important because each of them keeps your gas fresh for a different period of time with much of that time depending on whether your car or other device will be stored or run continuously. Most products promise from one to three years of keeping your gas fresh.

Q4. Can a Fuel Stabilizer Reverse Bad Fuel?

Although it usually doesn’t reverse bad fuel — which is one of the reasons why it is usually recommended for use only on fresh gas — it can clean your gas and oil over time, meaning that the items under your hood will be cleaner and will run much more efficiently.

Q5. Should I Use a Fuel Stabilizer?

The short answer is yes, everyone should use a fuel stabilizer. After all, when you consider the low cost of using a fuel stabilizer on a regular basis and everything that it can do for your engine, it is difficult to imagine why anyone would not want to use this product regularly.

Q6. Can a Fuel Stabilizer Fix Old Gasoline?

Fuel stabilizers are generally recommended for use with new or fresh gas; i.e., when you first fill up your tank with gas. These stabilizers won’t make old gasoline brand-new again, although they can clean it up just a little, so using them only with fresh gas is usually recommended.

Q7. How Long Does Fuel Stabilizer Stay Good?

It’s important to pay attention to expiration dates when you first purchase your fuel stabilizer even though most of them have long expiration dates and shouldn’t expire soon. However, this is yet another reason to thoroughly read all of the manufacturer’s recommendations because many of these fuel stabilizers have to be used in a very short period of time once the bottles are opened.


Fuel stabilizers are great products that save you both time and money but most importantly, they allow your engine to run more efficiently and give you better gas mileage. In addition, they can be used in vehicles, lawn mowers, snowblowers, generators, boats, and many other items. They save money on maintenance costs because they take great care of your engine, and if used regularly, your engine will run more quietly, more smoothly, and with a better kick than it ever did in the past.

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