Best Electric Pressure Washer Under $200

Everyone wants to live in a clean environment regardless of their surroundings. There are some certain stains that usually give someone a hard time cleaning. If you have been experiencing such situations in your cleaning activities, worry not since you now have an opportunity to keep your environment clean using the available electric pressure washers. You even now have the opportunity to access electric washers that are under $200 making them more pocket-friendly for anyone seeking to keep their environments clean. Through the reviews provided below, you should be in a position to determine the best electric washer to purchase for your cleaning needs.

Top 3 Electric Pressure Washers under $200


Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Review

This washer measures 15.6 by 13.5 by 33.9 inches and weighs 31 pounds. With this kind of measurements and weight, it is easy to carry this pressure washer around. If you are looking for a washer that has excellent power and performance features, you need to make sure that you start your search with this particular washer. It has the capabilities of generating water pressure of up to 2030PSI and water flow of up to 1.76 GPM. With such water pressure and water flow, the machine is able to remove any oil or grease stains on concrete surfaces and mud on any surface. It comes with a dual detergent tank system that has the capabilities of storing two types of detergents which ensure that the user is able to use them simultaneously for effective cleaning exercises. The extension spray is 34 inches long which makes it ideal when cleaning walls and surfaces which one cannot easily reach.

It is built with two rear wheels which make the machine more mobile since you only have to push it around whenever you are performing your cleaning services at an extensive surface. While purchasing this electric pressure washer, it is important that you note the features to expect in the entire washer package. Among the features to look out for include; 20-foot high-pressure hose and a 35-foot power cord. Moreover, it has a trigger that is able to automatically turn off the pump if it is disengaged in any way preventing any accidents from occurring. Since everyone wants to purchase a machine that has a warranty, it is important to also note that anyone who buys this electric pressure washer will be entitled to a 2-year warranty.


AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer Review

Measuring 11.2 by 12.2 by 28.5 inches with a weight of 27 pounds, this machine is ideal for anyone seeking to have an easy to move around pressure washer. With features such as being a cold water pressure washer, constructed of copper and aluminum, this washer guarantees to offer the user an opportunity to experience the great cleaning experience offered by the machine. It comes with a complete accessory comprising of an adjustable jet nozzle, high-pressure hose, a trigger gun and a lance with a foam dispenser. There are two rear wheels mounted on the pressure which makes it easy for someone to push it around the surface being cleaned. Through the automatic safety valve, the user is prevented from any accidents since the valve has the capabilities of shutting off the pump head just in case the pressure exceeds or there is a disconnection of the hose. It has a total stop system incorporated into the system where the machine is able to automatically start and stop thereby increasing the convenience levels of the machine. The machine also comes with an attachable soap bottle that ensures that you are able to clean the dirty surface with the required detergent and increase the chances of leaving the dirty surface sparkling clean. Built with a long lasting induction motor, the machine is able to last long while at the same time maintaining its high-efficiency levels. Its outstanding features are however having a hose reel with a hand crank to keep the hose out of the way of the person using it to clean the dirty surface. With a hose of 20 foot and a power cord of 30 foot, it is able to provide the user with the opportunity to thorough cleaning on the dirty surface in question.


AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

It measures 9 by 14.5 by 10 inches and has an approximate weight of 11.7 pounds. With this kind of measurements and weight, you can clearly state that it is quite a convenient electric washer which can easily be carried from one place to another. Although it has no wheels, its size and weight can easily be managed. It is developed with an automatic safety valve that is capable of shutting off pressure at the pump head. This feature guarantees safety to the users of this washer. It has three stainless steel plungers which makes it last longer. With a 30 foot power and 20-foot hose, it is able to perform the needed cleaning services without the user having to strain a lot in reaching the rather unreachable places such as corners. As compared to other electric pressure washers, it is relatively smaller making it more convenient since it easier for one to transport or carry around while performing the intended cleaning services.  The long-lasting induction motor, gun, and detergent injection kit all make the usage of this washer easier. It guarantees to offer you an opportunity to keep your dirty surfaces clean always. Although the machine has no wheels its size and weight make it easier for someone to carry around while performing the required cleaning services. With a 1-year guarantee, the users of this machine are provided with an opportunity to use this pressure washer for a period of one year and just in case it breaks down you will have it repaired without incurring any additional costs. For more details on the best electric pressure washer, click the link.


People have always had issues with the removal of tough stains that might be on home surfaces, cars or even boats. Those who have been having such issues, now have a reason to smile reason being that they can perform their cleaning services effectively and quickly through the available electric power washers. Through the above list of the reviews of some of the best pressure washers, you now have an opportunity to learn about the best washers in the market which you can comfortably use for your entire cleaning services. You should, therefore, use the above information whenever you need to purchase an electric power washer and you will be guaranteed never going wrong with your cleaning services. Experts also recommended Generac power washer to you as it is pocket-friendly too. The factors to consider when choosing an electric pressure washer is also another part which you must always follow if you are to be successful in buying an electric washer that will serve the purpose you intend. You no longer have to endure dirty floors or dirty boat and car surfaces simply because you do not have the abilities to remove the stains on them through the normal cleaning methods of using the garden hose. Get the best electric power washer for your home today and start enjoying the benefits that come with the usage of these machines.

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