Best Pressure Washer Reviews 2016 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the Best Pressure Washer for your home? One of the most effective ways of removing the hard stains, dirt from floors, vehicles or machinery is by using the professional pressure washers. The most interesting part about using the electric power washer, is that they provide the user with the opportunity to get rid of the dirt or any other removable stain even on concrete surfaces something which is usually a hard task to do manually with the normal bucket water and soap. Through the detailed insight into some of the top selling electric pressure washers, one will be in a possible to understand what type of washers one can buy as well as the benefits they stand to get by choosing to use the electric power washers as their stain removing machines. You should no longer have to struggle removing your stains when there is a much easier and effective way of achieving the same end result.

Top 5 Electric Pressure Washers 2016 Comparison Chart

  • Sun Joe SPX3000
  • 14.5 Amp 1800 Watt Motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.76
  • Weight - 31 Lbs
  • AR Blue Clean AR383
  • 14 Amp 1900 Watt Motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.5
  • Weight - 27 Lbs
  • AR Blue Clean AR118
  • 1500 Watt Motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 9 x 14.5 x 10
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.5
  • Weight - 11.7 Lbs
  • Karcher K 5.540 X-Series
  • 2000 Watt Motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 23 x 16.5 x 15.5
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.4
  • Weight - 31 Lbs
  • AR Blue Clean AR383S
  • 1800 Watt Motor
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 15.4 x 34.3 x 14.2
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 1.4
  • Weight - 31.2 Lbs

Top 5 Gas Power Washer Reviews 2016 Comparison Chart

  • Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot
  • Engine 187CC, 4 Stroke
  • Dimesions (Inches) - 34.8 x 21 x 23.2
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 2.5
  • Weight - 65 Lbs
  • Generac 6922
  • Engine 196cc, 2800 PSI
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 23.3x 16 x 40.3
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 2.4
  • Weight - 70 Lbs
  • Simpson PS3228-S Powershot
  • Engine 196cc, 4 Stroke, 3200 PSI
  • Dimensions (Inches) - 34 x 20 x 25
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 2.8
  • Weight - 83.2 Lbs
  • Briggs & Stratton 20593
  • Engine 140cc, 2200 PSI
  • Dimensions (Inches) - 25 x 22 x 23
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 2.3
  • Weight - 50 Lbs
  • Karcher G3200OC
  • Engine 196cc, 3200 PSI
  • Product Dimensions (Inches) - 22 x 35 x 23
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) - 2.5
  • Weight - 66.1 Lbs

Out of the many Pressure Washers available in the market, the below mentioned products have to be the best among all based on the customer feedback, reviews and ratings. Also their durability and easy to operate functionality along with the portability factor add feathers to these mean machines. Have a look at a detailed review of all these top 5 best pressure washers.

Top 5 Best Pressure Washer Reviews

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Review

Talk about performance and versatility and you cannot fail to mention this pressure washer. It has been built with capabilities of performing cleaning services on homes, cars, concrete surfaces, boats, driveways as well as any other surface that might need removal of tough stains. The washer measures 15.6 by 13.5 by 33.9 inches and with a weight of 31 pounds, it is certainly suitable for anyone wishing to buy a pressure washer. Some of the features that make this electric pressure washer outstanding are that it has a detergent selection dial feature which makes it easier for the user to use the appropriate detergent for their respective cleaning services. It is built with a powerful motor of 14.5 Amp and 1800 Watts. Its spray gun has a wand holder which makes the holding process of the washer much comfortable as compared to those washers without well designed holders. It also has two wheels which makes it easy to move it from one place to another so as to clean surfaces that would have been impossible to clean using the common washers. It has a 20 foot high pressure hose which makes it easier for the user to reach even to the corners and high walls. Click here to check out other Sun Joe Pressure washer reviews.


AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review

This is the best Power Cleaner in cold water washer category which gives you an idea of which stains it can be used to clean. It comes with a complete accessory kit which comprises of an adjustable jet nozzle, high pressure hose, a lance with foam dispenser and a gun. It has a two wheel trolley mounted on it which makes its transportation easier as well as cleaning of areas which are hard to reach. To ensure that you are able to safely and comfortably use the washer, it comes with a safety valve that is capable of shutting off any pressure at the pump head should the pressure be too much. Its hose is 20 foot which is ideal for cleaning large surfaces. With the trigger gun, the user is provided with an opportunity to be in control of the washer where one can stop the washer should the pressure be too much or even reduce the pressure. With a one-year warranty, you will be in a position to use the washer for the first year where any technical problems will be solved by the manufacturer at no extra cost. To check out other AR Blue Clean Power reviews, click here.


AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

It measures 9 by 14.5 by 10 inches and has an approximate weight of 11.7 pounds. With this kind of measurements and weight, you can clearly state that it is quite a convenient pressure washer which can easily be carried from one place to another. Although it has no wheels, its size and weight can easily be managed. It is developed with an automatic safety valve that is capable of shutting off pressure at the pump head. This feature guarantees safety to the users of this washer. It has three stainless steel plungers which makes it last longer. With a 30 foot power and 20 foot hose, it is able to perform the needed cleaning services without the user having to strain a lot in reaching the rather unreachable places such as corners. As compared to other electric pressure washers, it is relatively smaller making it more convenient since it easier for one to transport or carry around while performing the intended cleaning services.  The long-lasting induction motor, gun and detergent injection kit all make the usage of this washer easier.


Karcher K 5.540 X-Series Electric Power Washer

It is of the average size of a pressure washer where it measures 16.5 by 15.5 by 23 inches and weighs 31 pounds. This Karcher Power Washer has been developed with a unique water-cooled induction motor that ensures that the washer performance levels are as expected and that the washer is also able to last longer. It has two spray pressure wands included which ensures that the washer is able to completely remove any stains in any of the surfaces it is used on in your home. It is the best home pressure washer as it cleans the home surface very easily and without much effort. Just in case your surface has some tough stains that give you a hard time cleaning, you will also have an opportunity to easily remove those stains by simply using the dirtblaster spray wand which comes with the purchase of this washer. This wand is helpful especially since it is able to increase the water pressure by 50 percent. By purchasing this product, you will have an opportunity to access the accessories that come with it. Some of the accessories you will find in the entire package include the 25 foot high pressure hose, a trigger gun that is quick to connect, pressurized hose reel, an integrated accessory storage and an onboard detergent tank among others. To make the usage of this washer easier, it has a feature which enables quick switch from detergent to high pressure spray with the included vario power wand. This particular electric pressure washer guarantees you an opportunity to thoroughly and quickly clean the dirty surfaces you have in mind. Click the link to go to other detailed Karcher Pressure washer reviews.


AR Blue Clean AR383S Cold Water Electric Power Washer

This one too is of the average size of an electric power washer with measurements of 15.4 by 34.3 by 14.2 inches and with a weight of 24.5 pounds. It has capabilities of generating 1800PSI which is estimated to be 40 times that of the common garden hose. It is also known as high power pressure washer as with such high pressures, it is able to clean surfaces you thought wouldn’t be clean ever. Some of the features you expect with the purchase of this washer includes the 20 foot high pressure hose, static hose reel, variable spray and rotary nozzle, a removable inbuilt detergent tank, a quick connect garden hose adaptor and on board storage among others. The hose reel makes it easier for someone to store the washer without having to worry about the washer taking much of the storage space. The onboard storage on the other is helpful in keeping the accessories that come with the washer well. It has an on/off dial on the front which makes it easier for someone to start and shut down the washer without even been required to have any technical skills concerning the use of these electric pressure washers.

Tips On Choosing The Good Pressure Washer On The Market

Just like any other machine which you need in your house, you cannot just walk into an electric shop and pick any of the available machines. That would be catastrophic since you might end up picking a machine which does not your intended needs. This is precisely why you need to make sure that you keep certain factors in mind while choosing the best electric power washer to buy. The factors below should be among those, you must consider the next time you go out shopping for a power washer.

Consider What You Intend to be Cleaning with the Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers are mainly categorized into two; those that use hot water and those that use cold water. Hot water pressure washers are recommended for the cleaning of gadgets and surfaces that are regularly applied grease or oil. Surfaces such as engines and automotive parts should be cleaned using pressure washers that use hot water. The hot water is able to thoroughly remove the grease and oil on the surface been cleaned leaving the surface super clean. Combining it with the surface cleaners can enhance the results too. Cold water pressures washers on the other hand are to be used on the normal removal of stains and dirt on the regular surfaces such as floors. Using a cold water pressure washer and the appropriate detergents will guarantee you a clean surface regardless of the stain, provided it is not a grease or oil stain. It is also important to note that the cold water washers form the large number of the available pressure washers.

Considering Where You Will Be Washing

This might seem obvious but you need to put into consideration where you will be using the pressure washer. You need to figure out whether you will be using the washer to clean outdoor surfaces or indoor surfaces. By highlighting such factors, you will be in a position to determine whether you need a washer that wheels to make it easier for its movement or a washer with no wheels, if you need accessories like good pressure washer wands. If you intend to be using the washer on outdoor surfaces, you will need to take into consideration how you will connect your washer to gain the needed electricity energy and therefore you need one with an extensive extension cable as well as a pressure washer hose to connect with your washers.

The Duration Of Time You Intend To Use The Washer

The duration of time you intend to use the electric power washer goes hand in hand with the quality of the washer. If you are thinking of using the washer for a relatively long period of time, you will be required to seek the high quality washers since they are the ones with the capabilities of lasting long. However, if you are buying a washer which you intend to only use for quite some time or rather for washing a surface like one time, you might find it useful to buy washers that do not last long and they will surely give you value for the money you spend on the washer you decide to buy. The quality also relates with the price. High quality washers will tend to cost more as compared to those of relatively low quality.

Different Types of Pressure Washers

These washers runs on electricity and are very popular used for household purposes. They are more than potent for cleaning smaller and tough-to-reach places which make it invaluable for any household. These are the pressure washers that people use to clean boats and cars among other things. The functioning of an electric pressure washer is pretty straightforward and hence they are easy to operate. Moreover, you will find that most of the electric pressure washers are in fact portable which is an advantage. You can simply fit it in the trunk of your sedan and can take it anywhere you feel like. One more benefit of this product is that it is extremely lightweight which allows the customers to maneuver it better around the house. In fact, almost every light duty pressure washer in the market is an electric pressure washer. If you are looking for a machine for small jobs than electric pressure washers are perfect for you. They cost less and are more known for their quick action as they can clean dirt with ferocious speed.

These pressure washers are used if you are engaged in doing some of the large scales, regular and thorough cleaning jobs. This is the reason you will see that most of the medium and heavy duty pressure washers are in fact gas washer pressures. The one feature that sets these types of pressure washers apart is the engine of the machine. The engine of a gas pressure washer will be able to provide more torque than an electric pressure washer, and it is a fact. In the case of gas pressure washers, they use gasoline as their fuel. The advantage this particular feature gives to the machine is that they will be able to work in places that do not have electricity. The pressure that gas pressure washer can usually discharge will be in the range of 2000 to 3000 PSI and can even go as high as 4000 PSI in some washers. They are good for multipurpose jobs including commercial and household uses which are one of the many reasons they are popular among customers. They are ideal for cleaning entire buildings and houses as well as decks and driveways. They are apt for some of the toughest cleaning jobs which include paint stripping.

Benefits Of Using The Good Quality Power Washer

When it comes to cleaning, it can be one very stressful and frustrating task. If you want to get the job done fast and efficiently, pressure washer machine will help you do it. You will see that cleaning can be very fun. There are some benefits of using these machines, and those benefits are:

Environment Friendly

One of the greatest things about these machines is the fact they are friends of your surroundings. If you use mild cleaners with no chemicals in it, you will be able to clean safely and responsibly. Using poisonous chemicals may be very dangerous whatsoever, which is why you certainly should avoid them, especially when it comes to cleaning. If you do use them, they will travel from your drains straight to the ocean, and you definitely want to avoid that.

Speed Clean

Speed clean does not necessarily require a heavy duty pressure washer. The speed of the pressure washer plays an integral part in cleaning the dirt comprehensively, and that is the reason you need to see how much water volume the machine is discharging. The higher the GPM, the higher will be the PSI, which in turn make the job easy and faster to clean any sort of surface or dirt and that’s why power washer are used.

Easy Clean

There are many ways to assure that the process of cleaning your house is done perfectly but what people look for is the easiest way to do so. The initial thing you need to make sure here is that the pressure washer that you choose must be easy to operate so that you can clean easily. Moreover, you need to search for products that have equipment and parts that are easy to assemble, so that you don’t waste unnecessary time behind it. You can choose between a gas or an electric pressure washer but should make sure that you are comfortable using them.

Deep Clean

Another parameter that you need to check in your pressure washer is how deep is the cleaning that the product can provide. One thing that is very crucial in giving deep cleaning is how much pressure that product can discharge at a given point of time. The more the pressure, the deeper is the cleaning ability. You should be very particular about what you need to clean. This helps you to decide how much pressure or PSI you would need. If you look at the pressure range then you will find machines with 1200PSI as well as machines with 4000PSI, so be sure of the one you require. After all, it is always advised that you choose wisely.

Water Saving

Another aspect that is very important for any good pressure washer is that it conserves water and help in optimum usage of water without compromising with performance. You need to remember that you maneuver the washer in such a way that you can clean the dirt but at the same time don’t waste water. For this, you need a quick cleaning solution, and you will get it if your machine has a higher PSI and GPM.

Most Amazing Cleaning Results

You already know how annoying can be when you scrub one area all day long, and no matter how hard you try, the dirt is still there. When you clean that same area with pressure washer machine, you will be more than thrilled. This machine is so powerful, that there is no chance that any of the dirt cannot be removed. That is exactly the reason why people all around the world consider the pressure washing machine as one of the greatest cleaning options of all time.


People have always had issues with the removal of tough stains that might be on the home surfaces, cars or even boats. Those who have been having such issues, now have a reason to smile reason being that they can perform their cleaning services effectively and quickly through the available electric power washers. Through the above list of the reviews of some of the best pressure washers, you now have an opportunity to learn about the best washers in the market which you can comfortably use for your entire cleaning services. You should therefore use the above information whenever you need to purchase an electric power washer and you will be guaranteed never going wrong with your cleaning services. The factors to consider when choosing an electric pressure washer is also another part which you must always follow if you are to be successful in buying an electric washer that will serve the purpose you intend. You no longer have to endure dirty floors or dirty boat and car surfaces simply because you do not have the abilities to remove the stains on them through the normal cleaning methods of using the garden hose. Get the best electric power washer for your home today and start enjoying the benefits that come with the usage of these machines.

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